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Wheely World

A topic by Cloudland Studios created Feb 02, 2020 Views: 120 Replies: 1
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Hi everyone,

Wheely World is the first game released by Cloudland Studios, a two man studio fulfilling a high school dream of releasing some games together in our spare time around jobs and families :)

Given our limited time to build our first game we chose to tackle a genre we might not usually play and try to put our own spin on it to create something new that we would enjoy ourselves.

Wheely World is an endless runner at it's heart, however we recently added a battle royale mode to the mix.
It plays out on a revolving 3D cylindrical world with procedurally generated hills and objects which build up over time to make the gameplay get wilder the longer you commit to the world.
Hills and objects have persistent locations on the world so you can learn the current world and plan your path around it.
Deciding when to reset the world and when to continue can be a key part of your strategy!

Wheely World was very bare bones when it launched on the Apple and Google play stores but it has built up over time into a much more full gaming experience which is why we haven't brought it over to platforms like itch until now.

We hope you enjoy the jumps, flips and carnage :D

Just thought I'd let anyone reading this know that today we have released a lite version of Wheely World today which allows people to try out the core game play of Wheely World for free.

We released the lite version for all platforms, Android, Win, Mac, Linux.

Enjoy :)

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