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Wheely World: Free Promotion

A topic by Cloudland Studios created Feb 19, 2020 Views: 56
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Hi everyone,

We have been really enjoying our experience with Itch since launching Wheely World and wanted to do something to support the people supporting Itch, so we've decided to give away some free copies!

Wheely World is crazy endless driving, high score chasing (also with battle mode) game set on a continually changing cylinder inside an arcade machine.  In fact it was heavily inspired by the old mechanical arcade machines with similar gameplay.
We have builds for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Head over the the main page to claim your reward!

All feedback is more than welcome, so let us know what you think :)

I apologise if "Release Announcements" is the wrong forum to be posting in but I didn't see anything more appropriate.

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