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It wouldn't be too much of a problem if it were the case. But you can in fact blow the wall up with bombs as someone pointed out! Bombs however only appear near the back-end of the game as loot from chests and rare drops.

To which end I wonder if anyone found or fought the hidden boss yet.

Most likely your corruption value or your friendship value with Malayna! As far as I could tell the bug couldn't occur unless you were in angelic form. And also shouldn't be able to occur if you were locked into a relationship with Malayna.

That said though it's been so long since I made all this it's hard to tell for sure now. Looking back on scripting I did 5+ years ago is a mess. Wahaha.

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I found the issue! It seems that in certain cases the second Gaia scene can be ended before it sets the flag. I will patch it right away! thanks for spotting it!



Wahaha. Don't sell yourself so low. anything made by one person will seem 'sloppy' to the creator!

As for Riliane, there is in fact more to her but that's hidden behind an Easter egg (As that whole hidden quest-line is pretty much fanfiction and I was a little embarrassed to make it easy to find) You will have to have conquered the town of Arowar and found a certain key in the nearby graveyard to open a very specific door in the city.

The blue and red balls are merely symbolism. Referring to the duality of Angels and Demons. And how they are much the same.

Thanks again for playing! I hope I managed to fix the most outrageous of errors by now!

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Thank you for those still playing my game! Seeing as the project hasn't been forgotten yet I made some more fixes, they are as follows:

  • The scene before the battle of Grunwal should no longer loop if Major Alphonse is the only remaining ally.
  • Player should no longer remain invisible after razing the city and leaving to the south.
  • Candy Cane supreme (Christmas event weapon) should no longer force the wearer into unarmed stance.
  • Equipping a normal weapon after having had candy canes equipped should revert all characters back to normal.

Any bugs that remain I wasn't able to find and/or replicate. My apologies.


Thank you all for 2021 downloads!

That... Thing with the blue shrines is odd indeed. There's not supposed to be item interactions with them at all.

This is very confusing indeed. sorry, still going through all this! there's a lot to take in.

Ehehe, To answer your question, Malayna could technically be jealous of Gaia. But Gaia knows Mala too well to risk flirting with you knowing the fiery one has her eyes on you! Unless you're going 100% for Gaia. The succubus will stand back and avoid drama!

Thank you for going through the trouble of writing a Wiki, I'd contribute but unfortunately the link seems to have died in the past 7 days Or it just doesn't work for me!

the effort is so very appreciated!

My apologies everyone. It seems that in the time I was gone a lot has happened. I had intended to leave the game into the care of a friend but it seems she got overwhelmed quite early on.

I am far from recovered but I'll see what I can do.

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Sorry for not getting back to this sooner. I asked a friend to handle the page while I was away but it was all a bit much for her. My programming is too much of a mess for anyone but me to read!

To break that wall you actually have to trick one of the exploding slimes to slam into it, it's pretty hard but doable!

And oh, My bad, someone else already said this. Wahaha

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I will have to go through this once again, Sadly there's so many branches and dialogue options that it is hard to see where it went wrong. But it's serious enough to that I feel I have to fix it. Thanks for pointing it out!

Sorry, I really needed a break for the last few weeks. Hopefully I can patch this soon. Testing every dialogue option takes hours of work and small changes in choices can lead to entirely different results.

I can see now why telltale games have choices that don't matter, this is hell~!

Ah, Oh wow, A lot has happened here in the time I was away, sorry a friend offered to take care of my project for me while I recovered but it appears it was too much for her, Let's see!

The scorpion village in all honesty was created by a friend of mine who wanted to make an area, I tried to integrate it as well as I could in the story but, in all honesty, that area is a mystery even to me! Sorry I can't be more of a help there! The key to the Matriarch's home home is simply to open the door to her house if you went and killed the first scorpion girl. Since if you kept her alive she opens it for you!

Indeed a lot of doors are locked and purely decorative, I just didn't have the time to make interiors for all the houses, Maybe one day I will get back to it but for now it's best to assume most people just don't want strangers in their houses tossing pots!

The left door in the tower can be accessed once you are about to leave the last town. After Gaia asks if you need more time to prepare. It allows you to get some 'ultimate' weapons and items if you toss in the right stuff!

The "corruption" scroll and "Tsarmina" were actually a callout and thanks to my first piece of fan-art I ever received. Using the scroll from your inventory just shows the picture.

As for the glitches... Yeah, as a solo dev I struggled a lot to make it all work. I'll fix what I can but there's just so much Take down one and 10 more pop up X3

Thank you for going through this huge mess!

Thank you for your kind words!

When I started making the game my thought process was really just "I want there to be a game like this, if I can't find it I will make it." And ended up biting off more than I could chew.

Having had more visibility would have been nice! But I am grateful with what I got. To be honest I have been kinda down in general so I don't think much will happen beyond this point. Until I feel better I consider the game finished as is!

I sent the files of my game to a friend who offered to work out the last few kinks but she found it very overwhelming. I can't really blame her, I wasn't the cleanest in my work process.

Still I'm glad that despite its flaws you managed to get enjoyment out of it, it really means so much to me. If you do end up making something make sure to link it, I would love to check it out!

Ah yes, that easter egg, I don't remember the recipe, probably something like iron and spring onions but it should be in the cooking interface!

Ehehe, so the script hack was no good in the end... I hope it doesn't occur too often, it's frustrating that it exists but I'm kinda at a loss sadly. I'll give it a run on my laptop sometime and see if it happens there, so I can at least see how bad it is!

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun with the game despite its flaws, I've still been messing around with switches and other triggers to try and get to the root of the issues but so far no luck, I kinda hope that by some miracle I will find out what caused them so I can hopefully create a fix! I know it's a free game but I would like for it to not be a total mess~ At least I learned a lot making this.

I don't think those are necessarily related sadly, As I was able to pass there before, sadly the game has become quite a mess of script, switches and variables to the point it's gotten unstable and I just don't know what to do with it anymore. The project became more than I can manage alone.

Going back after such a long time, noting makes sense anymore. I will still try but, So far I can't replicate the issue with Celeste's skills not being usable after the last trial. So I can't see what went wrong there.

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Oh, this is quite interesting indeed. I have... no idea how that could have happened. The Riliane part I guess is a fault on my part I can easily fix, but being unable to use Celeste's abilities? I have no idea what could have resulted in that... I will look into it but, I haven't slept properly since newyears eve so it's kinda hard for me to focuss...

So far I was unable to replicate the part about being unable to use Celeste's skills. I fixed Riliane showing up when she's dead though, I think! There's so many variables to think of that going back a year after I wrote all this feels like looking at someone else's code.

Ah, It shouldn't be a problem, switching to any other weapon should switch you back! Thatsaid though, I'll definitely look into and fix this when I have the time! Both December and January were excruciatingly busy for me so far.

Woo, I hope you are enjoying the game so far! (At least I hope!)

The Christmas stuff was a lot of extra work, but it was work I enjoyed doing~ There's a few Easter eggs like that~ (though no actual Easter event)

And yeah, the combat crash thing... happens. Sadly it seems it's a memory overflow error that is inherent with the engine and becomes more likely to occur the more you add to the system. I had hoped it was gone after not running into it for 2 playthrough but seems like nope! Still there. It seems to occur more when you have certain programs running in the background too. But nothing I can do about it... Sorry!

Wooo, I am glad you managed to finish a run~! And I can only imagine what kind of content you mean! I added so much weird stuff. Stuff I could only get away with because I mostly work alone~

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Oof, that's a bug indeed, I will look into it as soon as possible,

Edit: It seems I used a set to 4 instead of a raise by 4 when your corruption is over 100. (among other things) I'm sorry!

Edit 2: Compressing and uploading the fixed version. I'm afraid this project was really too big for me alone. So many choices I had to only run a surface test on if I wanted to ever finish it at all.

As Bugfragged already replied, yes, you're not stuck! You just have to find a mirror and use it on the eyes. Hints at such can be found by inspecting the broken mirrors. I wonder if I was too cryptic, but I guess that's the risk one runs when having puzzle sections.

I understand the concern! While there's no sex or nudity there are a few situations (and a race of slime girls) that I can't really call 'Safe For Work' There's also the fact that girl-love is a prevalent theme. So based on that you would have to decide for yourself!

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Today I uploaded what I expect to be the final release of the game (Unless fixable bugs are found) I also released a development log with my final thoughts.

Major changes:
-New CG romance scene for all romance options (Nothing lewd, sorry!)

-Added an after-credits epilogue story that tells you how your actions affected the characters and the world of Laetitia going forward.

Bug Fixes:
-(Likely) fixed an error that could lock the first battle entered after the "tower of revelation" chapter. (Thanks to 'Error' for pointing out where the problem lies) Unfortunately I have found no way to retroactively fix saves that are already affected and saves that passed the "Camp Akateko" chapter prior to the patch may still trigger it.

-Fixed a bug where one could get trapped behind the Savia village blacksmith's anvil if you saved in the wrong spot.

-Fixed a weird glitch where inspecting a certain toilet would... Prompt Riliane to talk about drinking wine. (Thank you for finding that one pseudonymous)

Hopefully that is all the current known bugs taken care of!

Let me rephrase that, Celeste can't be knocked out between the time of meeting Malayna in camp Akateko and the time she becomes a permanent party member. Before that point her reputation should be too low to trigger the revenge effect.

From what I have been able to gather, it won't retroactively fix old saves. Just prevent new ones. I tried making a special encounter that was supposed to reset character statuses to a clean slate but that didn't work.

Sadly, the battle engine used for the game is rather buggy, and the coder who wrote it has been inactive for close to 8 years. I managed to patch out a few of the bugs with help from a friend who understood the language but even he couldn't figure this particular issue out.

This said, my artist is finishing up the last images and should be sending them to me this evening. hopefully that is when I can make the hopefully final release! As far as I can tell all the bugs people have reported so far should be gone

Unfortunately not a lot can be done other than making sure that Celeste doesn't get knocked out while Malayna isn't in the party. Another option is to not get too friendly with her before the point she becomes a permanent party member. Again, I am surprised this can even happen, but I will do my darnest best to ensure it becomes a hundred percent impossible!

Ah, I think you found the issue! That last one was it, The dialogue triggered a forced action! But I thought I had fixed that... Nevertheless it will be fixed in the final version! Which I hope to upload as soon as I get this last image from my artist.

Thank you so much!

It's concerning that you're the second person reporting this bug... I want to fix it but I need to know more!
Could you tell me which route you're on? Did you have another duel with Malayna after the tower? Is everyone alive in your playthrough? Sadly due to making a game with branching paths bugs like these are hard to fix, especially with older versions involved.. But I will keep researching and doing my best, I am afraid though that uploading saves won't really help in this case. And if the bug is in the latest version I don't know why I can't replicate it...

It has something to do with the tower boss for sure, specifically the solo-battle after it. But try as I may the error doesn't occur. If it's in the recent version and I can't fix it in a week or 2 I will take down the download until I know what's wrong.

That's babasically what happened yes, it treated the wine bottle as if it was Riliane for some reason~ I must have added that part when sleepy! Good find X3

Wahaha, now that is a weird bug indeed... I don't know how this could have occurred since it's taking the dialogue from a wine bottle on the other side of the house. But I will just redo the events in that area to fix it as I assure you this isn't intentional X3

Oof, this isn't something that should happen, and it definitely isn't something I've seen happening before. But there's definitely a dirty fix I can think of that would certainly keep it from occurring. Sadly I probably can't fix your save, I know nothing about save editors. 

The best I can recommend is you take a break until my next update which puts in a few extra preventive measures for bugs like these that have been reported but which I haven't been able to replicate. Hopefully preventing them altogether.

Sadly the release of this update rests largely on my artist who has been quite busy and as such has been taking a while... Until then I can't release patches as the developer build has a number of unfinished scenes that make no sense without the art. I'm sorry.

Oh, This is a serious issue indeed! But also one I should easily be able to fix at least~! I don't need the save for this unless you have lost a lot of progress and you want me to hack you out of that precarious position using the dev tools.

Sadly it will be a while before I can post the next update due to things moving a bit slow with the artwork for a scene I added. But it seems other than another rare bug that can occur roughly 4-6 hours later in the game. (One that I sadly can't replicate. And as such don't know if it's fixed or not.) The rest shouldn't have any hurdles!

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far~!

In all honesty. I haven't had much time, money, or energy to dedicate to working on the game the last few months. Real life issues have been keeping me down sadly. I will get back to work on it when things look up!

I focussed mostly on the more well-known ones I am familiar with. there's about 108 commercial vocaloid voice banks out. and that's not counting the voice synthesizers that don't refer to themselves as such.

I simply can't include them all as a solo dev, who does this as a hobby in her spare time. I do like Kokone's design though, so maybe I'll include her somewhere as a side-character!

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I assume Bella is the name you gave the priestess? Considering you mentioned Malayna though I can't help but wonder, did you install the latest version of the game? You can just extract it over the old one, if your version is over 4 months old it may still have the bug I fixed~ That said though it does not retroactively fix saves that already display the bug I fear.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, if I could do more I would but sadly I'm no longer in contact with the one person who could help me fix issues like these properly.

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Uwah. I'm sorry you ran into something like that... This is sadly a bug that I thought I had fixed. It happens if the battle before the one you're in now ended unexpectedly in the middle of an action. Do you recall what was the last battle that you fought before this one? Loading any save before that battle should fix it, but I would still need to know which encounter it was so I can look into patching the error out.

Knowing your current party composition and if there's any character in your party now who hasn't been in your party before this battle would also help!

Awww, thank you <3 I'm glad you're enjoying it so far~
Sometimes I really wish I could have done more, but sadly my abilities aren't quite there yet! Still, I'm happy that what I was able to do gives at least some people joy~

(4 edits)

This is rather odd indeed, since they do have resistance to the state. I may have broken something in the script. I'll have to test it more! Thanks for pointing this out!

Edit: I have no idea what can be doing it. I tried state rate 0% and state resist yet they are still getting it. This doesn't happen with bleed/oil spill, has to be due to the way the engine handles items.
I found a workaround, a bit dirty but it works,

So yes, as a bit of a spoiler, despite the intentional and unintentional 'hints' The main characters are not really robots~

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Added another small fix:
-Selecting the option "Keep listening" during the boss dialogue will now correctly reset the boss to their maximum strength.

-Rin will no longer mention Yuuto when calling Luka after losing the third battle.

-Enemies will no longer disappear when you're overlevelled, instead the EXP gain will be slightly reduced to notify you it's time to move on to stronger foes.