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-Fixed a long-lasting bug where sometimes if you loaded a game (often after shutting it down in a non-conventional method before) the collision map broke allowing you to get stuck on or below walls.

-Fixed some errors that were introduced during above fix.

There aren't! It merely shows up as a stat in the ending credits screen~ (along with some sillier stats)

Emulation definitely isn't the most stable option, I kind of wish I had realized the limitations of the engine a bit earlier but all I can do is learn from my mistakes. In the future I will certainly make sure to check my game on other OSes every now and then as I would like for my games to be compatible with more than just one system. I really was a naive child back when I started~

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I would have loved to do so, Unfortunately as it stands the engine I used (RPG maker VX ace) can only produce executables that are strictly Windows-Only. (Apparently it runs in WINE on Linux but I can't test that) something I figured out way too deep into the production of the game. I'm currently experimenting with an updated engine that can export to Mac and Linux, but it looks like 'porting' will be simply impossible due to script and resolution dependency. I have been toying with the thought of remaking the game there. But the original took well over 4 years to develop so it would not be any time soon.

I'm sorry!

I should probably have set the comments up as a forum now I think about it. For now the best way would probably be the thread at RPG maker central I will see if I can find a better way.

Ahn, yes forgot that he can be in your party at that point. While he was not going to stay in your party for long anyway it's not an intentional thing that he'd vanish there! Thank you for finding that one, I am expecting many more things like these, to be honest. I'll see what can be done~

Ehehe, Thank you~One day I will make this game free of game-breaking bugs. Still working on it, I'll see where I'll get~

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This is quite the strange bug indeed. Did you download the updated version I uploaded around 9 hours ago? I should have altered the map file in a way that would prevent the issue!

Unfortunately it seems this site doesn't have direct messaging. But if the problem persists even patched you can either drop a link with the
save file here or message me on twitter at @AmayaKayako so I can take a look at it!

I'm sorry that the game still has bugs, It's gotten a bit
overly complex for me.
But I'm glad you still enjoy it despite them~

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Ahn, This bug again? I thought I had finally fixed it.
It's one of those things that happens if the overlay maps script for some reason breaks. (No errors found in the log so it's hard to pin down)
I will try and make another workaround for it.

The bug tends to fix itself if you close the game, load a save in which it's not broken and then load your latest one one again...
But I don't know the reason behind it.

I will try and make sure the issue can't happen again. But I am no coder so, wish me luck.

Edit: It should be fixed, in a way that allows you to get out in your current save too.
This bug makes me just want to tear the game down and rebuild it from scratch~

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Quickly put together a more detailed character file
for the main 'love interests'.
It is full of spoilers of course, but may help people
understand the three girls a little better!

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Made a quickfix to fix the stuff I broke while adding in failsafes against no-win scenarios.

  • Removed an event that teleported you to near the end of the game.
  • Fixed a ton of small (Mostly graphical errors) where characters would show up which were no longer on your side.
  • Increased the capacity and value of Lantern oil by around 300%
  • Made the "Apocalypse" spell do more initial damage but less damage per extra soul.
  • Added the ability to disable battle voices.
  • Increased money and item drops slightly.
  • Made it possible to harvest apples by interacting with the tree trunk.
  • Added difficulty modes.
  • Fixed a bug in the evil route that occured when you returned to the bridge after it's blown up.
  • Made killing the slime queen instead of sparing her actually DO SOMETHING.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches in the neutral ending.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the neutral and evil ending to be pretty much the same.

Ah you have to stand on the same spot as the apples~
I should probably have made them fall off the trees if you interact with the trunk or something.
I'll look into adding that once I collected more data for a next patch!

Rolled out another batch of small bug-fixes and balance changes.

  • You now correctly get your summon spells back after turning yourself in and retrieving your gear. Even if Riliane isn't in the party
  • Enemies drop slightly more money.
  • Some boxes/chests now give more money and healing items.
  • Nerfed the damage and healing of "vampiric claw" as spamming it made you nigh invincible.
  • "Sweeping Kick" now requires rage instead of Mana
  • Fixed the tooltip of acumen cutting off and not fitting the textb-

Ehehe, you'd be surprised!
The parts you played probably aren't that much different from what you remember but
hopefully you can still get through that again~!

Thank you for playing~!

Patched out a few bugs that occurred on the less-visited routes of the game as well as having slightly modified the window skin.

-Fixed a possible crash when fighting (and losing to) the priestess.
-Fixed a bug where Gaia would not join your party after skipping the queen battle.
-Fixed slimes not being summonable after threatening the slime queen.
-Fixed some bugs related to the slime dwellings
-Window tone changed from brown to blue to contrast text better.

I hope this takes care of most of the issues!

I hope you have fun with it~
Thank you for playing \o/