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This was really beautiful, I'm still enjoying the headspace it put me in.


Thanks FancyHat! I'll remove them and re-upload.

I like your environmental narrative presentation. Maybe more opportunities to poke around in the leftovers of other people's lives? I think I would also love to have the music fade into just ambient audio when you're wandering around the empty expanses of beach.

Thanks! You don't have much control but I think that's true to the experience.

Detailed instructions are on the main page, so check them out after downloading.

Yeah, apparently it only shows purchased games. I would really like to have it show all the games downloaded in the past, including free. One work-around would be to rate every game you play, or add them to a collection, but neither of those are things you can do from within the app.

That's awesome!

I really enjoyed this, I just wish that after unlocking the animals, I had a sense of what I was working to next without going back to the main menu and abandoning my map to see that I needed 750 people to unlock the next level.

Thanks, I love to hear that! I'm glad that it infested your dreams :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you got to play. The size and layout are generally similar to the actual location, with the cremation site itself being a short distance from the road and the sign and guard's shack being near the entrance. None of the locations are entirely fixed—the tiles have random heights and vegetation is distributed randomly, and the landmarks have general locations that they are randomly placed within. I wanted to play with making the site semi-procedural to see if this made it feel more alive.

It's working now (my last reply didn't seem to go through). Thanks again for pointing this out!

That's a great theme... btw is the jam public? I don't see it on the main jam page.

Alright, I've got a working Windows build. Had to drag the project over to Windows and re-export, exporting a Windows build from Mac isn't working.

I'm still working on the Windows issue... this sounds like a common problem in Unity 5.3. I'm attempting different exports with certain libraries removed and player settings changed. I'll repost the files when it looks like it's working.

Oh, thank you for the feedback! I'll check out the issue with the Windows version.

Browser Game jam community · Created a new topic Over?

It says it runs until Feb 26th, 2016, but also that it's over.

Do Drugs Jam community · Created a new topic Missed it!

I hope you do this one again.