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I had a rocky start at first. When the instructions disappeared, I found something to click, but I think I blew myself up and possibly the planet. I saw credits, but wasn't sure if it was the ending or beginning, since it was so short, then the application closed. I figured I just screwed up, so restarted the game.

When I reopened it, the intro was a little different. Then I was on the world and there was nothing but empty expanse and sun. I thought, is this some sort of permadeath, there's nothing for me to return to since I blew it up the first time? I wandered around a bit without seeing anything, then exited.

I was about to uninstall but decided to check the comments. Clearly there was a lot I hadn't seen, so I restarted it again and it worked, the intro was back to normal and I'm exploring.

Was my second play session a bug or intentional? Hopefully this isn't a spoiler.

Hey! Thanks so much for playing!!! Haha wow yes that reopen experience sound like a very unique bug and I'm thinking it might have been the savegame system that I had originally put in place but though I fully removed? Will have to look into that. However the first experience was intentional, there's multiple endings hidden in the game that are triggered by clicking and have their own small cutscenes followed by the game closing itself. Thanks for bringing it to my attention tho, will be updating soonish then haha :)

I just ran into the empty expanse bug on my first playthrough good to know it works after a restart.