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This means a lot to me so thank you very much!! I'm really glad to you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for the video, really enjoyed it! Adding a wilson to the boat is a really funny idea actually haha

Thank you very  much!!! :)

Hey All!

Just released a free game for Windows, Mac and Linux, where you're sailing in search of the sunset. It's a short 5 minute experience in tropical waters. Have fun!

Thank you :) !!

Thank you very much!!!

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Hi Katie! I'm sorry to hear that, are you using Mac or Linux by any chance? It's a problem I've identified and patched on Steam last week but haven't had an opportunity to push to Itch yet (travelling - dodgy internet). If you have Steam I'll be glad to give you a game key until I fix this on Itch. Thank you!

Thank you! Been thinking about doing one for a while now, maybe this was the encouragement I needed haha :)

This was lovely! Walked through 30 islands before realizing it was procgen and was blown away, it was really relaxing. Shared it on twitter to spread the word :)

Hey! Not at the moment, it's more of a permanent vacation place haha. I am working on one tho :) 

Thank you very much :)

Hey! Yes there is an exit, as to an end no spoilers haha. To exit choose a direction and just try to go straight overcoming all the obstacles that come in your way, eventually if your careful you'll escape the maze :)

Glad you enjoyed it :)) And thank you for the video!!

Thank you for the great video!! :)

Thank you! You should try out the other games I've made :)

Oh wow, didn't think somebody was going to climb the gigantic pyres, nice job!! Haha glad you made a friend :) , they're very curious creatures and albeit an accidental electrical zap or two they're harmless lol

Thank you very much! I'm tempted to turn this experience into a larger game of sorts, as you mention the concept of the space as the threat and enemy to escape is something that I've been trying to develop for a while and it's not really seen as much in games. Again thanks for the great video and highlighting the game :)

Hi Travis, it is free :) just put a 0 in the pay as you want prompt.

Thank you!!! I'll be glad to send you a key :)

Thanks Leaf! Glad you enjoyed the experience, and thank you for creating this amazing community where we can all share our work :)

Thank you very much!! So glad you found the ocean :) Just remembered I forgot to add the waves sounds :p oops haha, I'll patch it in soon. Did you find the weird electrical creatures in the trees? They're harmless but curious litte creatures haha :)

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Hi Everybody!

Just released a free atmospheric walkabout set in a strange alien world where you're tasked with reactivating a weird electrical infrastructure. Temperatures are rising so remember to stay hydrated, calm and follow all instructions from Voltark Mining Corp :)

Thank you and hope you enjoy the wander, feel free to leave a comment :)

All the best,


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it and loved the short video! 

Thank you very much for featuring Nightline! I'm releasing a new atmospheric experience this week that I think you'll enjoy :)

Wow this is so gorgeous, loved the walkabout!!! Really enjoyed how it keeps evolving as time goes by or as you journey forth. 

Thank you!  Really enjoyed the video :)

Thank you very much!! Working on the VR edition at the moment so prob releasing that this week :)

Thank you :)

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed the dreamscapes, I definitely recommend 0°N 0°W if you want to experience more of this style :) [There's around 100 worlds in there]

Hey! Oh wow that's amazing and thank you for sharing! You're more than welcome. I love it when random things like a smell, a sound or a taste just remind you of those special moments in gaming/life, and for it to have brought up my game really means a lot :) The 'bigger, better, faster and stronger' (lol) edition of Dream.Sim is coming out in four weeks as 0°N 0°W, you should definitely check it out if you enjoyed this. All the best!

Great feature! thank you for implementing it, will start using it soon.

Thank you! the color neon city is still available above as v1.5, labeled neon dreams

v1.7 only works in Windows at the moment, other OSes will be supported in the final game release

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Thank you for the great videos!