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Haha that is really cool! Actually the models are meant to look that way so dont worry you got the actual experience :)

end sequence is found by walking to the very edge of the map, so pick a direction and just keep walking, there's a whole change of mood.

You're welcome! Hope you enjoy them :)

thank you!!

this was beautiful! the soundtrack and that diffused textural noise, loved it.

Yes!! I really want to do a VR port when i get a chance

thank you so much! Oooh yes leaving it running in the background would be a fantastic feature, I'll add it to the list :)

everything! after 15 minutes it just closes, but you can restart it to play more

Free version is limited to 15 minutes, then closes. You can restart of course. The paid version is unlimited time / a way to support my work :)

hey! spacebar changes biomes

thanks for trying it out :) Glad you enjoyed the icy morning!!

thxs for letting me know ill look into it!!

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Heya! I'll push an update of it for Mac this week, I don't really have a way of testing mac builds anymore so stopped developing for it but no problem uploading an experimental build and we can see if it works :)

hi! its available on steam now in the fiction #f3f collection :)

hey! Yes an expanded version, with a couple more worlds and multiple “endings” to find.

Thank you so much, loved the video! Your channel's pretty cool, totally dig the jason approach haha keep it up!

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Loved the video! Thanks for playing, yes the madvent release was a rough initial sketch haha, had a lot of fun expanding it last couple months :)

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Thank you so much!  Glad you enjoyed the experience :) Yes there's 5 glyphs and then the boat journey. Haha yes the broadcast is from Zarathustra, it's interrupted/spliced segments from it. If you've enjoyed this def recommend trying out the other titles, there's a bundle collection on steam that might be cheaper overall than purchasing the individual games. Haven't seen those movies yet thanks for the reccomendation :)

I asked you nicely about not gaslighting other for their preferences, you went ahead and continued to do it so you've been banned. In the future try to respect others opinions rather than holding yours above them.


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Thank you for liking my games! I’ll continue to make them <3

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There are many definitions of success, i appreciate the concern friend but i’m doing just fine. Been making games for a decade, been involved on many commercial successes and collaborated with some crazy brands out there, and it all started with these confusing abstract games, so if anybody’s reading this; follow your heart and make whatever games you feel like! <3

Edit: seriously make whatever you want, this is a new medium with infinite potentiality of expression, it’s so friggin beautiful just to think about it!

"But just as with anything dealing with art two people can look at the same painting one says it beautiful the other says it is ugly is there a right one?  Are they both right or both wrong?"

I think you answered the question, neither is wrong, both are right. it's all a matter of interpretation. I appreciate all feedback here hence my answer to your original post, just be mindful however that there is no need to berate/ridicule/gaslight someone else for their opinions as can be interpreted in your original replies. Thank you for offering an updated pov reply on where you stand. I personally don't agree with your pov but I will still respect it, and do consider it valid to some degree. Will i stop making games like these? no, I think it's important to offer alternatives to traditional gameplay since there's a gazillion gamey games out there that you can enjoy at leisure. The intent of these games is to be confusing, outside of the comfort zone and traditional established aesthetic tropes.