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Thank you so much!! Glad you’re enjoying them :) Will def keep em coming haha <3

Thank you! Def going for the fractal/psychedelic vibes :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey thanks for the info, it was more than sufficient to troubleshoot the problem, :) unfortunately the laptop does not meet the minimum specifications to run the program, so that’s why you’re getting the white screen and crash. Im sorry :(

Haha thank you so much, I really appreciate it :) Glad you enjoyed the experience and that you’d consider it as post coma orientation prep work haha :) I’ve been putting bits and pieces of the music on the videos i share on youtube? So maybe you heard it there before. But ooo so the thing with the main square is that even tho the collumns visually dissapear at times the colliders are still there (ill be patching this asap) but in the meantime you can try getting in again because theres small openings that are visible when the columns are fully formed.

:) Thank you!

Aw that’s really amazing to hear, thanks for checking it out and stopping by here to let me know! <3

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the wander :) and thanks for sharing the specs it was able to run in, that’s good to know that at a reduced resolution it was still playable!

Thanks so much!! <3

Thanks for trying it out and the nice comments :)

That’s a nice poem, thanks for sharing :)

Hey! No worries thanks for sharing your experience, sorry to hear it didn't work out :( What are your specs?

Thank you so much! And thanks for sharing your wander :) If you enjoyed it you should def check out the other releases ;)

Muchas gracias!! Me alegra que te haya gustado :)

Thanks! Hope you enjoy them :)

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!! Glad to hear the 'weird zone' was hypnotizing haha <3

Thanks for sharing the wander!! :) Ooo no particular direction, end game is found if you walk in one direction long enough tho ;)

thank you!! :)

Thank you!! Ooo no spoilers but there's some weird stuff hidden in there haha. Btw what did you try that climb but couldn't? was it the hills that where too steep or something, I might have to adjust that

Me too tbh but it's been hard at the moment to support a mac release, working on another big project so after I'm done with that I'll look into porting this over :)

Thank you so much!!! Yesss that's what I was going for so it's great to hear you felt that calmness of the experience :) Thanks again!!


Hey! Yup same folk :) Hope you enjoyed both!

Hey! Thanks for the heads up, admittedly had no idea so I'll keep that in mind for the next Linux export :)

Hey! Not at the moment but no reason why I shouldn't upload the Oculus beta build here as well, stay tuned :)

Thank you so much!! as @bolidage replied its in Data/Photos :)

Hey! So I personally don't want to do a spoilers but if you go to the steam community page there's some amazing folks that are documenting the process ;)

Hey!! I'm good just took a little break haha, roughly 100 worlds? Some big some large...

yup :)

Oof that's a lingering sideeffect from integrating the game into steam and should have deleted it on export, sorry about that! It won't actually do anything or integrate with steam unfortunately because it needs another layer of authentication on steam's part.

Ooo that's really cool to hear :) Thank you it really means a lot!

Hey!! Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the experience and loved the video <3

I don't think so? I want more too :)  <3

Hey :) What where the glitches you ran into and which part did you really want to explore if you don't mind me asking? Working on the next patch and so far I heard of occasional collision problems and distance pop-in from the short render distance.

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the experience!! Loved the video wander :)

Wow you are legend, thanks for sharing the specs! :) Tbh sounds pretty spot on with the min gpu listed due to the DX11 effects going on. Did you manually test or is there a modern automatic system to assemble such a good thorough spec and benchmark list? Thanks again!

Thanks!! Haha a good vaporwave mix is def the perfect sidedish for this :)

Thank you for sharing your wander :)

It would be really cool to port this to VR, tbh been having problems with the screenspace shader effects I'm using where they don't look quite right in worldspace (VR). Working on a big project atm but maybe when I'm through with that I'll revisit this and my previous releases on VR :)

Ooo I like this descriptive poem much better than my blurb haha, thank you for sharing your walkthrough :))

Thanks!! :)