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Thanks for playing!! Glad it helped out :)

Just released an endless mode :) Hope you enjoy!!

Just pushed the patch, you'll find as v3. Enjoy!

I've just released a patch where you can change scenes by pressing the spacebar :)

Thank you very much!! Super glad you enjoyed it! I've actually just finished working on an update that lets you switch scenes with a key and an endless mode :) Thank you very much for the video!

Thank you very much! I've just finished developing an endless mode :) so update should come out tomorrow or this weekend at the latest!

Merci! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much! Glad you found it relaxing :)

Each time you run the game it'll choose a random location, so it might repeat or show something new. you can always press 'Esc' to close quickly, no need to wait the 5 minutes :)

Thank you! & thanks for making the video :)

Thank you very much!!! This means a lot, glad you enjoyed the experience :)

Haha that was really funny! Thanks for making it :)

Thank you! Enjoyed the video and the story haha, thanks for making it! :)

Thank you very much for playing and the kinds words :)

Hopefully soon :) Need to get a hold of a headset

Thanks so much for making the video :) Really glad you enjoyed the short trip!

Thank you very much!! I really enjoyed the video :) I'll probably be adding more biomes this year!

Thank you very much for the positive comments and the videos!! Haha love the fact you made an hours long video :) I'll think about making a perpetual version then ;)

Thanks Leaf,  Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

So in the spirit of the season I've just released a major update to Becalm that adds two new magical destinations! The big change is that now when you run the game it will randomly select a possible voyage for you. I will likely keep adding destinations throughout 2019  in this same format  :) Below are two gifs of the new worlds and a trailer to get a sense of the musical soundtrack.

Here's a trailer:

Visit the Artic sea, watch the icebergs float by and enjoy an Aurora Borealis show:

Journey through a calming river amidst a lively bamboo forest:

Here's to a happy new year and remember; Be Calm!

This means a lot so thank you very much!!! & thanks for the video,  I'm glad you enjoyed the voyage at sea :)

Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy the journey :)

Thanks Leaf!! Haha good eye, it is indeed everything else that moves but the boat. :)

This means a lot to me so thank you very much!! I'm really glad to you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for the video, really enjoyed it! Adding a wilson to the boat is a really funny idea actually haha

Thank you very  much!!! :)

Hey All!

Just released a free game for Windows, Mac and Linux, where you're sailing in search of the sunset. It's a short 5 minute experience in tropical waters. Have fun!

Thank you :) !!

Thank you very much!!!

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Hi Katie! I'm sorry to hear that, are you using Mac or Linux by any chance? It's a problem I've identified and patched on Steam last week but haven't had an opportunity to push to Itch yet (travelling - dodgy internet). If you have Steam I'll be glad to give you a game key until I fix this on Itch. Thank you!

Thank you! Been thinking about doing one for a while now, maybe this was the encouragement I needed haha :)

This was lovely! Walked through 30 islands before realizing it was procgen and was blown away, it was really relaxing. Shared it on twitter to spread the word :)

Hey! Not at the moment, it's more of a permanent vacation place haha. I am working on one tho :) 

Thank you very much :)

Hey! Yes there is an exit, as to an end no spoilers haha. To exit choose a direction and just try to go straight overcoming all the obstacles that come in your way, eventually if your careful you'll escape the maze :)

Glad you enjoyed it :)) And thank you for the video!!

Thank you for the great video!! :)

Thank you! You should try out the other games I've made :)

Oh wow, didn't think somebody was going to climb the gigantic pyres, nice job!! Haha glad you made a friend :) , they're very curious creatures and albeit an accidental electrical zap or two they're harmless lol

Thank you very much! I'm tempted to turn this experience into a larger game of sorts, as you mention the concept of the space as the threat and enemy to escape is something that I've been trying to develop for a while and it's not really seen as much in games. Again thanks for the great video and highlighting the game :)