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Thanks for playing!! Glad it helped out :)

My dudes, glad y'all enjoyed the boat ride! This is all real good feedback with a great comedic flair so thanks for the laughs, turtle part was genius. I'll see about the icebergs, but you know how it goes with them, the more you plan around an iceberg the more you TITANIC. Ok my dad joke part is over lol, not blessed with the pun-fu. One thing I gotta admit tho, that  profile pic with my meat avatar kinda weirds me out lmao  :)

Big hug and enjoy the games!

Just released an endless mode :) Hope you enjoy!!

Just pushed the patch, you'll find as v3. Enjoy!

I've just released a patch where you can change scenes by pressing the spacebar :)

Thank you very much!! Super glad you enjoyed it! I've actually just finished working on an update that lets you switch scenes with a key and an endless mode :) Thank you very much for the video!

Thank you very much! I've just finished developing an endless mode :) so update should come out tomorrow or this weekend at the latest!

Merci! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much! Glad you found it relaxing :)

Each time you run the game it'll choose a random location, so it might repeat or show something new. you can always press 'Esc' to close quickly, no need to wait the 5 minutes :)

Thank you! & thanks for making the video :)

Thank you very much!!! This means a lot, glad you enjoyed the experience :)

Haha that was really funny! Thanks for making it :)

Thank you! Enjoyed the video and the story haha, thanks for making it! :)

Thank you very much for playing and the kinds words :)

Hopefully soon :) Need to get a hold of a headset

Thanks so much for making the video :) Really glad you enjoyed the short trip!

Thank you very much!! I really enjoyed the video :) I'll probably be adding more biomes this year!

Thank you very much for the positive comments and the videos!! Haha love the fact you made an hours long video :) I'll think about making a perpetual version then ;)

Thanks Leaf,  Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

So in the spirit of the season I've just released a major update to Becalm that adds two new magical destinations! The big change is that now when you run the game it will randomly select a possible voyage for you. I will likely keep adding destinations throughout 2019  in this same format  :) Below are two gifs of the new worlds and a trailer to get a sense of the musical soundtrack.

Here's a trailer:

Visit the Artic sea, watch the icebergs float by and enjoy an Aurora Borealis show:

Journey through a calming river amidst a lively bamboo forest:

Here's to a happy new year and remember; Be Calm!

This means a lot so thank you very much!!! & thanks for the video,  I'm glad you enjoyed the voyage at sea :)

Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy the journey :)

Thanks Leaf!! Haha good eye, it is indeed everything else that moves but the boat. :)

This means a lot to me so thank you very much!! I'm really glad to you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for the video, really enjoyed it! Adding a wilson to the boat is a really funny idea actually haha

Thank you very  much!!! :)

Hey All!

Just released a free game for Windows, Mac and Linux, where you're sailing in search of the sunset. It's a short 5 minute experience in tropical waters. Have fun!

Thank you :) !!

Thank you very much!!!

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Hi Katie! I'm sorry to hear that, are you using Mac or Linux by any chance? It's a problem I've identified and patched on Steam last week but haven't had an opportunity to push to Itch yet (travelling - dodgy internet). If you have Steam I'll be glad to give you a game key until I fix this on Itch. Thank you!

Thank you! Been thinking about doing one for a while now, maybe this was the encouragement I needed haha :)

This was lovely! Walked through 30 islands before realizing it was procgen and was blown away, it was really relaxing. Shared it on twitter to spread the word :)

Hey! Not at the moment, it's more of a permanent vacation place haha. I am working on one tho :) 

Thank you very much :)

Hey! Yes there is an exit, as to an end no spoilers haha. To exit choose a direction and just try to go straight overcoming all the obstacles that come in your way, eventually if your careful you'll escape the maze :)

Glad you enjoyed it :)) And thank you for the video!!

Thank you for the great video!! :)

Thank you! You should try out the other games I've made :)

Oh wow, didn't think somebody was going to climb the gigantic pyres, nice job!! Haha glad you made a friend :) , they're very curious creatures and albeit an accidental electrical zap or two they're harmless lol