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More Bow Upgrades ?

A topic by gabibecnahbabt created Jan 27, 2017 Views: 338 Replies: 14
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It would be really cool if there could be more significant upgrades to bow such as a 2 arrows at once thing or anything tht changes the bow more than just improving the abilities it starts wit

Maybe that will happen. :)

Throw all your crazy bow ideas in this thread!!!

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okay so um quiver... this will be long edit. it may be a bit hard to follow, but this is me and spiriteouspoet02 talking to each other... the first post is mine.

p.s. good luck

what about a quiver? you can draw an arrow and press "q" and the arrow goes into a quiver, so that you can store arrows over time!

that still takes energy to draw the arrow and then storing it

yeah, but the upgrade itself doesn't require energy, it actually saves it :3

well, stores it in the form of arrows

yes, but you might not be given much space, and then you'll have to replace right click for the arrows

sorry, I don't understad what you mean

basically, right click is to turn arrows, and left click is to create them. the arrows in the quiver can't be pulled out by pressing q again, and the only proper keybind for pulling the arrows out is right click.

the mouse wheel does change the arrow now, but kick is right click. in the end, it might work, but the kick needs to be put in E.

middle click? :3 or holding q and then start drawing an arrow could take it fro the quiver. idk

middle click is not a normally used key-bind, and holding q would probably break the game by the fact that its not a great way to hold and pull out the arrow. the only solution is having arrows in your hand before shoting with the E keybind

yeah... do that =P

E pulls out the arrow on standby, and then left click to shot it.

ye that sounds good. of course, there would be a limit to the number of arrows (I think that 3 is balanced, but I may be wrong) that can be stored in the quiver (this can not be changed, because there are enough bow upgrades as is. although, this could replace aim time seeing as aim time wouldn't work in multiplayer if it ever gets added) :3

aim time would never be an upgrade in any multiplayer mode.

also, i was thinking of tipped arrows, such as:

sticky bomb arrow: this arrow sticks to players, and has half the explosion radius of a spider-tron exploding.

electric arrows: arrows that don't chip anything off the enemy, but electrocute the enemy 3 seconds after impact, ending his life.

scatter arrow: an arrow that scatters into multiple smaller arrows upon hit anything (including enemies). you can only choose one arrow, and it costs 1 energy to tip them (the keybind is F), but if it is combined with your idea for quivers, then you can store them beforehand to use during battle.

yeah... I guess that storing the arrows before battle would make it a little -lot- more op, but doborog could simply -not to imply that any of this is simple, I don't have little if any knowledge of how game programming works- make it so that you can only pull the bow when you have stepped off the elevator at the start of a level or something of that sort. on a side note, how would you choose onely one type of arrow? would it be an upgrade such as "special arrow" and when you get it, it opens an instructions page and asks you to choose an arrow? O.O I think that I just answered my own question

that, or its a separate side skill tree that requires certain upgrades to unlock them, then telling you to choose one of the three arrows.


you love using the bow right? Me too especially with aim time

What about semi homing arrows? They home in on enemies for about 3 seconds, then stops homing...

Or maybe Rail Arrows, they hitscan.

A bow variant, ballista, it fires quicker arrows (That can also split when upgraded), but it has a reload time added to it.

Neon Arrows, they stick to the ground and can distract certain enemies, maybe they can electrocute them, removing random Voxels from their body, and paralyzing them.

Explosive Arrows, those explode with the power of about a third of a Spidertron 'nade.

Antigrav Arrows, they make enemies float if they are hit (Mostly useless, because robots don't take fall damage... future update?), or they act like the current arrows...

I also thought about arrows having actual physics, instead of, you know they magically defying gravity (Not magically, although I think those arrows are made of plasma), thus, the Antigrav Arrows would act like the old arrows, and have an actual use other than to laugh at floating robots...

(MK2 Combat Swordsman, after getting hit by Antigrav Arrow) AHHHHH!!! I'M FLYING, WHAT'S GOING ON!? HALP, HALP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welp, I'm immune to fall damage anyways..

Instead of "Rail Arrows" why not make the arrows go faster (by upgrade(s) or holding the bow back longer)

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30 second reply!


A rocket propelled arrow that explodes on impact

why if you would ever ask?

Because explosions are awesome and this can be a really balanced thing

I like these suggestions!


  • Different Payloads: Exploding arrows, fire arrows, anti-gravity arrows. There is much fun to be had here, and it changes the nature of the bow in an interesting way. I like the idea that it changes what happens on impact and maybe doesn't cut in the same way anymore. Blunt arrows could also be a thing! Similar to getting hit by a hammer.
  • Homing arrows: Tried it! Too powerful to happen to every single arrow, but might be a compelling thing to add as some sort of special ability!
  • Saving Arrows: Sounds a bit complicated, but there is something cool about charging up multiple arrows and unleashing them in a swarm!

Why not make homing Arrows cost 2 Energy instead of 1?

yeah, possibly. It's a difficult balance. If arrows take zero skill to shoot they stop being fun though...

The arrows I suggested don't home infinitely, only for some time, and even with that, the arrows could get a bit dicey if they started homing in the wrong enemy, but you're the developer, so, yeah.

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You could have them take a short time lock on to an enemy (hovering your Crosshair over them) so you would be vulnerable while using them. This would also stop them from targeting the wrong Enemy.

Also, something that has nothing to do with bows, but, any plans on adding guns? I mean, the robots must not be taking inspiration from only medieval era! And also, dodging bullets is known to make you feel like Neo, thus, you'll feel really awesome

I might try it at some point! I'm afraid that they'll be overpowered, but there are ways to fix that. :)