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Any good pixel art tutorials that helped you?

A topic by bluebirdplays created Dec 19, 2016 Views: 1,601 Replies: 11
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So I'm pretty new to pixel art but have been super interested in the idea of expanding my art to include it. I've found a few nice tutorials but I was wondering what everyone else has used to get better at pixel art!


Here's a good one I've seen that's pretty recent:

This was super helpful, especially having a pallet. I kept just picking at colors that looked nice xD Thanks much!

(+2) Comprehensive and very helpful for avoiding common mistakes. I learned a lot from this one. This is just a tutorial for making walk animations for side scroller sprites but it helped me understand walk cycles in general. Lots of good tutorials with tips that are the most useful for larger peices. It's advanced stuff, don't start with this one.

Thanks so much for the links! A few of these I've seen before but that first link is crazy good!


just browse pixel joint a lot, sit and try to create your stuff :).

Best tool to create good pixel art? A good art background. If you know a little about drawing (color theory, perspective etc) the right pixels will come to you!


I agree :> I've been practicing here and there but perspective and color theory are still things that really throw me off. I've been trying to read up on those as well of late though! ^_^


Pedro Medeiros does excellent specialized tutorials, featuring on specific animations, objects or concepts each:

Might as well dump mine:

Have you tried pixelmator? that tools is very easy to use it.

Heartbeast was a good one for me.

Tried some of this valuable assets tools

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