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Wind Magnet community · Created a new topic Devlog videos

Episode 00:

Use this topic to post non-bug issues, like server issues, problems installing the game, etc.

Hi, Joe,

Well, it really seems like a server-side issue. I'll send a message to staff and will post any replies here.

However the game has been downloaded > 100 times just today so there's a possibility the issue is more like a regional thing (like a wide area network limitation). Since you downloaded other games the thing just gets a little more confusing =/.

I'll see what I can do, and thanks for the interest :)

just browse pixel joint a lot, sit and try to create your stuff :).

Best tool to create good pixel art? A good art background. If you know a little about drawing (color theory, perspective etc) the right pixels will come to you!

Of course there are bugs, it's an early release ;). But feel free to report, we appreciate it!

For I cannot do so myself (well I could do so but what's the point since I'm one of the developers?)

I would really love to have played this in the early 90s. Still fun, I just meant to say it as a compliment (like, well, you captured the vibe!)

Beautiful game, really enjoyed it :)

Very captivating piece of work :)

Very impressive composition. I'll keep a close eye on it, the weather thing is very nice :)

Very nice artwork style :)

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That'd be a nice comparison :). Maybe not yet as well crafted but we're on our way!