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Wow, these are so cute!

Usually when I want to rearrange tiles quickly I'll open things up in Pyxel Edit, but it can't change tile sizes on the fly like yours, plus it's a little slower to move things around, so yeah, it's useful.  It launched in windowed mode, but for some reason the x was greyed out and didn't work.  I just tested it out a little, it seems to be a bug tied to the tile swap, since it works before I swap tiles but not after.

Oooooh, another quite useful tool!  I especially love how you can switch tile sizes on the fly, that will definitely come in handy, especially when working with RPG Maker files.  I couldn't find a way to close the app, had to close it from the taskbar.  Being able to hit a close button or use a key command would be nice.  Could you add a shift click for grabbing multiple tiles?  Maybe use the destination tile as a top left coordinate?  It's probably not the easiest thing to implement but it'd be especially helpful when rearranging big objects like trees.

You fixed the scale!  That's cool, that's something that always bugged me, nothing is sized consistently in any of the RTP's.

Oh yeah, the animation is done purely with shading, wow.  You're right, that would be easy to work around, thank you.

Woah, you finished!  Looking amazing, as always.  I'm always impressed by your animation skills, it's very smooth and professional.  Any chance there'll be a version of the female without the bounce?  As a girl myself, I hurt in sympathy any time I see that kind of thing.

Not in this exact style.  I've been working on something that's in a similar enough style that they can be somewhat mixed.  It's not the same though, it's more complicated, has a different larger palette, and is made for taller sprites.  It also won't be free like this one is.


No, the notifications I'm talking about the one next to my avatar on the top right.  The tabs are closer than nothing to what I'm looking for, but since going to the feed automatically sends you to the everything tab every time and since I can't turn the ratings or collections, it's not actually what I am asking for at all.  To be honest, because it spam notifies everyone who follows me, I've been avoiding rating anything.

It's nice that we can filter that part, but I'd still like a way to change what I actually get from the beginning.  I get notifications for around 20 things a day, but unless I go through each of those 20 things on the everything list it can be hard to figure out what is actually new and find out the things I actually want to get notified about.  I mean, new projects are obvious, but I want to know about project updates too, and it's easy to lose track if I'd seen a project update before or not without the notifications telling me it's actually new.

I follow a lot of artists, not game developers, so my tastes in games are completely different than the people I follow.  Not only am I very not interested in the things they like, since I can't handle horror sometimes I find what they follow disturbing, even from the thumbnail.   I really would like a way to filter what's shown in my feed so I only see their new projects and project updates.

I'm only loosely familiar with Yanfly's work, but I think the only one that would be helpful would be the doodads plugin.  It's only for placing objects, though, it won't help with the autotiles.  I'm fairly certain it works together with the TileD plugin though, which is free.  It might be easier in MZ, with the mapping plugin Hudell's been working on, but I don't currently own MZ so I haven't tried it.

Yes, but it's not a simple yes due to MV's tiles being 50% larger than Ace's, so things don't multiply evenly.  The first way is to use some sort of workaround to get 32x32 tiles working in MV, like mapping in TileD and using the plugin for it.  The second way would be to upscale the tiles, losing the pixel art look.  If you get the right upscaler it'll still look nice like that.  Technically you can upscale it and keep it unblended, with the pixels still crisp, but the result will look wavy with some places looking too chunky and others looking too thin.  I do not recommend it.

I'm glad it's working out for you!  Have fun developing!

FYI, you forgot to add the files, so there's no option for anyone to buy or download.

Ah, sorry.  You can tell me about requests, but I don't take commissions and I don't really have any desire to work on this anymore.

Wow, nice work!  I feel like you mimicked the original a little too closely, but being able to get this close, especially despite the lack of experience, is impressive on it's own.  Most of the things I'm noticing are small things, like how the dirt seems to have a different light source than the trees, or the implied line in the grass.  I think you just need a little more experience to see them for yourself, and they're not currently getting in the way of your artwork.  Keep learning and practicing, I like this and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!

No, they're close but not the same.  The Steam version is has an RPG Maker only license since it's being sold through them and I've been having a hard time getting things updated when I add anything.  Since I'm the one selling it here, the license is any engine and I can update it directly, plus I get a larger percentage of the profits.  So if you're not sure which version to get, the one from here is better.

That makes sense.  "None" would preserve the transparency.  I don't remember the layout, but I suspect that it was taking information from either over the edge of the document (which on some programs equals black), or there was bleed over from the neighboring tiles.

The only problem with "none" is that it can make things look pixelated, since it's adding in the exact same color blocks instead of guessing at in-betweens, but the original art is a touch on the blurry side, so it's probably fine.  I'm glad you got it working!

Sounds like a slight error caused by the upscaling algorithm.  Upscaling is done by the program making a guess to fill in the new pixels created by the larger size, and sometimes the guess isn't great.

There's a few different things you can try to get around it, but I'm not sure which one would be better for your particular problem.  You can try a different program, a different upscaling algorithm, upscaling by only one tile at a time, taking out the error and filling in the gap by copying a pixel from the side or another upscaling attempt, or just drawing it in with your own best guess.

I'm not able to make an upscale of my own right now, but I'll try to remember to make one in a few weeks when I will hopefully be free.

At the moment this is the fastest and most surefire way.  You can also email me at drakecastle at hotmail, but it's probably going to get stuck in the spam filter so I don't recommend it.  Since I don't do commissions anymore, my need for private conversations has been almost non-existent, so I haven't bothered solving the problem.  Sorry.

Ah, there doesn't seem to be a download file.  Is that because it would just be the "preview" image?

Yeah, sorting through irrelevant things could get old fast, especially with how handles following notifications.  If you want to, you can follow me on OGA instead, I have more free stuff there, and when making new free things I'll usually update there first.

Ah, I see.  Yeah, that makes sense.  I'll tweak the description, since changing the metadata to 3.0 isn't possible.  Hmmmm, I should add some more things while I'm at it.  I'll update it after I draw more stuff.

Ah, that's right, I forgot.  There wasn't an option for 3.0 in the drop down.  This has been up on for about 4 years, so I've forgotten.  I appreciate the concern, but I think it's going to be okay to keep it like this, because I'm lazy and updating it here would mean I'd need to update it elsewhere too.  I'm partial to 3.0 because I understand it better, but it's my understanding that the main differences between 3.0 and 4.0 was how it handled the anti-drm clause, which has been waived anyway, which is why I'm not fussy about which one it's licenced under.  My main concerns with licensing is that I am credited, that others don't sell the artwork itself for profit or claim it as their own, and I'd like for others to share any major modifications they make.  Using Creative Commons is just an easy shorthand for that concept.  If people need a slightly different license, I'm flexible.  If someone needs a more detailed explanation, I'm willing to give it.  I don't really care about getting into the nitty gritty details of exactly what is and isn't okay, that's not the point of me sharing my artwork, and I don't think it should really come up for someone wanting to use my art in a way that's fair to me.  As long as someone isn't trying to figure out the exact nature of the rules so they can legally be unfair in their treatment of me, everything should be fine.

Not sure where the metadata came from, honestly.  It's licenced under 3.0, but if 4.0 works better for you, that's fine.  The licensing is all based on what I want anyway, it's not like Creative Commons has any say on what I want to do with my art.  ;)

Thanks!  I'm really glad too, for obvious reasons.  I hope I can get new packs out soon and that they're worth the wait.

Yep, that's fine, it sounds like a fun way to use it!  I do have some things in the works, but my health had a series of emergency problems for a few years and I wasn't able to work on anything.  Long story short, I think I'm on the mend now, but I can't promise anything.  I also can't just release what I have because it's not currently in a usable state.  I've got things like water tiles with no corners or ship parts without a prow, a mockup that hasn't been converted into tiles, and so on.  If you follow me here, I'll post them for sale as soon as I finish them.

Hehe, thank you!

You're welcome.  Good luck on your project!

This is lovely!  The texture of the leaves is especially good.

That's great!  A game for school, huh?  This is exactly the type of thing this set was made for.  I'm so glad it was helpful. :)

It might be nice to get an idea of what the animation looks like, but I wouldn't say it's required.  I mostly pointed it out because screenshots were mentioned in the product description.

Great style, variety, creativity, and choice of color!  I'm seriously tempted, but unfortunately it's lacking polish, meaning I'd have to do it myself to make it useful to me.  It's the only reason I haven't picked up any of your stuff yet.  I'll keep a watch on you though and I look forward to seeing your art.

Cute!  What a fun little game.  I enjoyed it.

FYI, there are no screenshots on the page for this asset pack, just the header image.

I'm not quite sure what you're asking for.  There's a larger variety for the thatched roof paired with the half timber walls, but I didn't want to put all that together for every single possible mix and match option, so the other roof options are very basic in comparison.  If you're looking for the gables from this image it's in the extras folder.   But please keep in mind that this particular image was put together to illustrate what could be made when the artwork is not used as tiles, so mild editing is required to recreate it.

Oh, the extras folder might be missing if you bought the pack elsewhere.  I've tried multiple times to get it updated, but have been getting lots of silence from the people who can actually do anything about it.  I have no control over it.

Yes it does, thank you!

Ah, that makes sense.  I was planning on altering or editing out the Mario references myself before using Pixel Odyssey, so I think it's a good choice.  I guess this means that I was too anxious when buying the packs, since the renovation will be more useful to me than the original.  Oh well.

Since this is a renovation, was I right about it not being pure pixel art?  I'm sorry about repeating the question, but I need to know for certain.  I think the results looked nice in Odyssey, but due to the way I would want to use them, I'm looking for pixel art only.  This makes a big difference in if I can justify buying game art, since at some point the effort to make other artist's tiles fit could be more than the effort to make something from scratch.