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Have a fun vacation!

I don't own MZ but I'm familiar with plugins for RPG Maker that change the tile size, it's likely that MZ works the same way.  The sheet size would be smaller, the number of tiles per sheet stays the same.  As for the B tile needing the first square blank, it's a quirk of how RM's programming for passability works.  Think of it as if that tile is what's filling in that layer unless replaced by a different tile.


Poke me if you need ideas.

Ooh, a camping theme!  How fun!  Maybe do a variation of the chair with a metal frame instead of wood?   It's a nice start to the theme, I like a lot of things so far.

I can imagine!  Weirdly enough the curvy vehicles are so much worse.

Yeah, I'm working on a bus for my set and it's just. . . insane.  Worse, my cars are bigger. ;_;

Oh gosh, this type of animation for such a long object is a huge pain, I'm impressed you dared to do it.

Gah, everything is so cute.  I feel bad that I don't comment every day.

I'm glad!  I was a little worried I was being too intrusive, I have a habit of mothering everyone, but I figure it's better to annoy someone a little by saying too much than to keep silent when they could have really used the advice.

You're so lucky!  I'm glad you're doing so much better, I was very worried.  It always amazes me how interconnected things are with the body, and also the body's connection to the mind.  Taking care of yourself seems to be a lesson everyone has to learn the hard way, but I'm really glad you were able to learn that lesson at a point where you could still recover from it.  I know too many people who weren't so lucky, needing surgeries or becoming disabled, or worse.  No need to play catch up, you can take your time and only draw when you feel comfortable.  Healing is way more important!

That's great that it's working out!  Vertical mice sound pretty cool, I might have to give one a try myself.  You don't need to rush, take the time you need even if it means thinking you're ready to come back, giving it a try, and realizing you actually have to leave again.  Your health is #1 priority here, so do whatever it takes to be well and don't feel pressured.

Gosh, that's awful!  I'm glad that you're recovering a bit and have some good solution ideas.  It's funny, it doesn't seem like clicking would have anything to do with a wrist, but it can be more painful than movement.  If the vertical mouse or tablet doesn't work for you since you'll still be clicking, you could also try using a mouse with your other hand.  Windows has mouse settings that let you switch the buttons around.  I'll sometimes do that if my right is bothering me, but I'm cross dominant (which hand I use depends on the situation) so maybe I have an easier time with it than someone who is actually right handed.  I also have sewn bag filled with feed corn that I keep in the freezer and I can use as a wrist rest when it needs a little extra soothing.  Rice also works for that, and it's all straight lines so it's pretty easy to sew.

Definitely take care of your wrist!  Carpel Tunnel is no joke.  Because I watch what my mom goes through I use a brace every time my wrist even feels slightly sore and I believe it's the only reason I haven't gotten it myself.

I'm from the US.  More signs would be awesome!

I'm not familiar with most of these signs.  Are they from the UK?  It's always interesting how non-verbal signs can still be so different around the world!

These are the absolute best pixel monsters!  Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Never played the Diablo games.  Maybe it was their artists who used the same inspiration. ;)

Oh woah.  I've been working on my own Halloween themed pack and it looks like we used the same mausoleum reference.  What are the odds?  (It's set at a different scale, so you don't have to worry about us competing with each other when I finally finish it.)

This pack is lovely.  I love a lot of things about it, but my favorite is the drifting dust mote(?) animation.  It's so subtly atmospheric, it's perfect.

Could you upload a bigger preview image?  I think you uploaded the thumbnail by accident, it's too small to read the text.

You might want to use a different license, all of the CC licenses allow for redistribution as is.  So someone could buy the pack and upload it on OGA or something for others to download without paying.  I suggest just making your own usage rules.

Sorry, I don't have the capacity for a new project at this time.  Good luck with your co-op.

Yeah, still sick, unfortunately.  I'll never recover completely but with the right treatment combination and some luck there is a chance that I can get closer to normal than I am now.  I work on pixel art on days where I feel well enough, and I do have more art made in this style, just not enough for a pack yet.  So I do intend to make more packs but I really can't say when it'll be out.

It's a good inspiration.  I hadn't ever considered making a box with a tie closure before.  I really like the look, especially how you have it limp on the ground in the open state.

The design for that chest is seriously cool!

That's up to you, not me.  Please take it down until you have the credits.

These are LPC sprites, uploading and sharing without credit violates the usage license.

Wow, these are so cute!

Usually when I want to rearrange tiles quickly I'll open things up in Pyxel Edit, but it can't change tile sizes on the fly like yours, plus it's a little slower to move things around, so yeah, it's useful.  It launched in windowed mode, but for some reason the x was greyed out and didn't work.  I just tested it out a little, it seems to be a bug tied to the tile swap, since it works before I swap tiles but not after.

Oooooh, another quite useful tool!  I especially love how you can switch tile sizes on the fly, that will definitely come in handy, especially when working with RPG Maker files.  I couldn't find a way to close the app, had to close it from the taskbar.  Being able to hit a close button or use a key command would be nice.  Could you add a shift click for grabbing multiple tiles?  Maybe use the destination tile as a top left coordinate?  It's probably not the easiest thing to implement but it'd be especially helpful when rearranging big objects like trees.

You fixed the scale!  That's cool, that's something that always bugged me, nothing is sized consistently in any of the RTP's.

Not in this exact style.  I've been working on something that's in a similar enough style that they can be somewhat mixed.  It's not the same though, it's more complicated, has a different larger palette, and is made for taller sprites.  It also won't be free like this one is.


No, the notifications I'm talking about the one next to my avatar on the top right.  The tabs are closer than nothing to what I'm looking for, but since going to the feed automatically sends you to the everything tab every time and since I can't turn the ratings or collections, it's not actually what I am asking for at all.  To be honest, because it spam notifies everyone who follows me, I've been avoiding rating anything.

It's nice that we can filter that part, but I'd still like a way to change what I actually get from the beginning.  I get notifications for around 20 things a day, but unless I go through each of those 20 things on the everything list it can be hard to figure out what is actually new and find out the things I actually want to get notified about.  I mean, new projects are obvious, but I want to know about project updates too, and it's easy to lose track if I'd seen a project update before or not without the notifications telling me it's actually new.