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*blushes* Thank you!

Yeah, something this big would definitely be hard to get done.  I know how it works, I've done a few of my own.  I think the source of inspiration was a great idea, because switching genres and perspective would already put at least a little bit of a twist on things, but you've got a built in task list so you can just get it done.  I spend way too much of my time figuring out what to make and battling feature creep.

Ah, I keep drooling over these.  How long did it take you to do all of this?  It must have been a good chunk of time.  I'm finally giving in and buying them today.  I don't have a purpose for them yet, but I like looking at pretty things like this, so even if I never do anything with them it's a good purchase. :D

5 hours?  For all of it?!  You Ludum Dare artists sure do have a knack for making a girl feel inferior.  I could maybe do the tiles with that much time, but not the sprites.   You did a great job, thanks for sharing it with us!

Bought!  Wow, there's so much stuff in this!  I'm very impressed.  I especially like how many of the tiles have so many variations.

You might want to swap out the steps.  They're a little too close to the inspiration I think.

Woah, so much good stuff!  Thank you for sharing it with us!

It's so weird to get recognized.  It's not completely unexpected (well, not anymore anyway) or unpleasant, I just don't understand how I could make something and people would remember my name.  I feel like I'm not a memorable person.  Right now it's kinda fun, especially since I'm being remembered because of art and not a random braindead moment or something like that.  Noteworthy not notoriety. ;)  Nice to meet you too!  I hope you liked the set.  Man, that was done so long ago now.

I've been meaning to try out the Softmilk palette, but I've been using DawnBringer's for so long that I keep expecting every premade palette to work like it.  I've tried to work with Arne's in particular a few times and keep getting annoyed that it has different colors than I expect.  It's pretty silly.

I do know, yep.  It's kind of nice sometimes to go through your art project folders and clean a few things out, make some people happy.  I should do that again sometime.  Or maybe try out a new palette with something small and give away the results, that could be fun. 

I've got you followed now, so I won't miss anything else you post here.  :)

Very nice!  I recognize the palette, I think, but I can't place it.  Which one did you use?  Or is it original to this?  The whole thing is lovely, I hope to see more later.  I'll have to send something your way when I can afford it.  Thank you for sharing it.

This is lovely, but um, where's the pixel art?  All I see is digital art.

Oooh, the green one is especially interesting.  Thank you for sharing it!

Do you have a way that you would prefer to be attributed?  I know you said I don't need to, but I make a point of it any time I use anyone else's work.

Oh gosh, you guys are making me blush!  I'm not that amazing at pixel art.  I've just been doing it for a while, that's all.

I feel conflicted.  This is so lovely, and i want to buy it, but it's also doing the same thing as an art pack I've been working on myself.  I'm surprised the price is so low, especially considering how much artwork is in this.  It looks really great, I look forward to getting it when the holiday season is over and I have a little money for myself.

Are you sure you want to be selling something with a CC license?  Technically someone could buy it and then post the whole thing on OGA.  It would probably be better to come up with your own licensing rules that require the posting of significant edits but don't allow reposting of unedited material.

Ah, I think I understand what you mean.  The plain repeating tiles without any transitions or edges, right?   Well, since it's meant to be tiles for RPG Maker, there was no need to include those tiles by themselves, you can get them by using the autotile correctly.   You have to do some copy and paste or use it as 16x16 tiles to get them working in non-RM use.  The sample maps were created using the artwork included with the pack, so if that's how you got them I don't mind at all.

I see what you mean by the larger objects.  Keeping everything to one tile was done on purpose for the style, so I won't personally be adding anything like that.  As for animals, there are over one million species of animals in the world, you really need to narrow it down.  If you're wanting a cow for your farm and someone makes a squirrel or a kangaroo, that's not going to be very helpful, you know?

Yep!  That's the nice thing about starting with 16x16 tiles.  MV has such a strange and annoying tile size. . . .

Can you be more specific?  I mean, I'm not promising anything, but it's hard for someone to make what you want if no one knows what exactly you want.

Yeah, the hybrid thing sounds like what I was trying to pull off.  A private forum per project that can only be accessed by people who own it would kind of work, but I can't figure out how to do it without making the project private too.  I want people to be able to see and buy the project without restrictions, but not the forums unless they own it.

I going to sell a group of art packs in the same style and I would like to set up a private forum for anyone who buys any of these packs.  I figured the best way to do this would be to set up a new project just for the private forum and then have the art packs give keys to this forum project as a reward.  Where it's breaking down is creating the reward.  Is there a way to set this up automatically, so that any person who buys the pack can get access without me doing anything or do I need to create a group of keys and input them as a reward individually?  One of the art packs I would like to do this with has sold thousands of copies, so the idea of doing this one by one is a little overwhelming!  Is this idea even possible?  I'm open to other ways of getting the same result.

Oh!  Did I forget to include a licensing document?  Oops!  CC-BY-3.0 with the anti-DRM clause waived.  Basically, go right ahead and use in a commercial game, I just like to be credited.

(1 edit)

There are no character sprites in this pack, but I can point you to a lot of good places to find sprites that fit.  I have made a sprite base specifically for this set that I made available for free with credit over at the official RPG Maker forums.  I'm not happy with it, and I plan to make a revised version of it for sale with more poses and clothing options at some point.  I can't say when that would be.  There are 13 sheets of sprites with different number of objects/animations on each.  The number of objects available depends a lot on how you count them, minimum of 40.  Some of them may need to be rearranged on the sheet depending on how you want to use them.  Does that answer your questions?

Huh, that shouldn't be that hard to get a hold of me, I'll look into it.  I am that artist, yes.  If you buy any tileset from the official RPG Maker site you will only get a license to use it in RPG Maker.  The format of the art doesn't matter, it's the license that you need.  I do intend to sell the tiles here eventually but I'm doing a kind of update/remake thing to it that isn't done yet.  I can sell you the tiles as is or you could wait for the updated set to come out and get both.

As long as I'm credited in some way I am happy.  Stream away!

No to the glow effects, or, if you have them, please make a separate version that doesn't have the glow.  In my mind the glow defeats the point of having pixel effects instead of regular particle effects.

Pretty much use in your games, edit all you want, don't share the edits or my art with others.

Hello!  I just discovered this program today, and although it's very interesting I've decided against buying it and I thought you might be interested to know why.  If this type of feedback is unwelcome then don't worry about reading or replying.  I don't mind.  Although what I have to say is harsh it is meant as a tool to improve, not as a way to be hurtful, so do what works best for you.

The main reason I decided against buying is that the results are not usable without extensive external editing.  The program is great as a starting point for generating ideas, but I already have access to free sprite generators that can do just that, and in the palette I want to use.  Spending $20-25 on a program that gives me ideas is just far, far too much.  A lot of this could be solved by understanding what goes into good pixel art and helping the generator create that.  Having shading options that don't involve gradients or adding noise would go a long way.  Maybe something similar to a bevel with a hard pixel edge?  I think some minor low color count anti-aliasing could be done procedurally as well.  But really, just having different chunks colored with a different hue can do some cool things, especially if you can limit how many are generated in each sprite.

The second reason was the price, and not just because it would simply be a starting point.  Even imagining this as something that could generate usable sprites without an external editor, it doesn't compete well with existing programs.  Aseprite is $15, Pyxel Edit is $9, GIMP and the other generators I've found are all free.  Yeah, none of them does what this does, but they have in overall more useful features.  Oddly enough, if your price point was $15 I wouldn't have questioned the price at all.  I don't know why $10 (or $5 on sale)  makes such a big difference, but it does.

I will probably be deleting the free version as well.  The 1 bit mode is an obvious limitation, I don't fault you for using it for your demo, but I don't think it gives a good indication of what's possible in this program without inclusion of an alpha channel or having a total of 3 colors so that you can see the body.

The way a user can draw regions for indicating where and when the  program creates the types of variations is brilliant.  There is so much potential for this idea.  Sadly, even after watching the video I haven't got a clear understanding of which element does what.  Some documentation on that is going to be very important.

I wish you luck on this project.

Glad you got it sorted out.  If anything else is confusing, feel free to ask.

That's fantastic!  Glad to hear.

It's made for hand placement, since all of the ground to water edge tiles are made to work with every single other ground to water edge tile, giving the map a lot of variation while still being tiles.  I suppose you could make them work in a procedural map, but I haven't done anything to make this work specifically for a generator.  It's in RPG Maker VX Ace format if that makes any difference.


The icons were very well done, but they weren't what I expected.  I thought they'd be set up for use in RPG Maker with the same pixel scale as the tiles but the icons are made to take up the same space as the tile.  This means when you have 48x48 tiles, the icons at the same pixel scale are 48x48, not 32x32 like they'd need to be.  I get why this was done, to have the icons match in scale for all setups you'd only have a 10x10 space to work in at the original 1:1 pixel scale.  It just wasn't what I was expecting and won't be as useful to me as I thought.

That's seriously awesome.  Thanks so much.  I'll accept the praise tip instead.

Ooh, that sounds interesting.  None of my GM's ever did actual maps it was always random small toys and dice and maybe a drawing on a whiteboard.  I hope your players appreciate it.

If you purchased it from here then you have licence to use it in Unity.