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Private Messages

A topic by ibito created Oct 29, 2016 Views: 1,353 Replies: 5
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Is it possible to send private messages to other users already? it would be a nice addition imho.


Not possible right now. Maybe in the future we'll have a full messaging system.


What is the best way to grant a download key to another user? If I can't send a private message, nor a mail, nor can grant a key directly to a user, then what is the recommended way?


You would have to ask them for their contact information. Sorry for the trouble


Pm would be nice! Sadly I got a lot of spam since I write my Email adress into my project discription.

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I too would like to have this feature. For collaboration with other Devs. Like at the end of a jam, reach out to a fellow dev and ask to collab on a full version of a game.

(Necro, I know but its the first result on google so *shrugs*)