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cool enviroment

Hi, there is a new update for Birnie Land (PC and Android) out now :)

Birnie Land Link

realy cool

Some more help for getting in. Is there a possibility to safe the game? How can i get water? Is my loot anywhere after I died?

Wow, a few minutes ago the first guest "Kick" has joined my server :) Thank you for testing. I locate an smal problem during your visit, I try to solve that fast as possible. So here will come an update in a few hours again.


I have tried out your android wars. So you work with unity two and you have started to Jump into the cold water of multiplayer gamedev :) If you want to join my team go to my project page (see the link above) there is my Email cotact. Just write me and we talk about more.

Could you please add readme file to your game? I'm only able to walk forward, backward and strafing :) Have you done some mouselook?

v0.2 is out now :)

Hi Dorrell,

I listened to your portfolio, realy nice. I started to establish a team for a modern RPG. Are you interested to join us with your music? For more information see here project page

Hey Folks,

I made some advantages with the Login and Account management in the last days. I hope I will able to release an update during this week. Than custumers will be able to login in with their nicknames and a passwort. This means that the players inventory will be stored on serverside and nearly all posibillities for a RPG are in our hands!

Pm would be nice! Sadly I got a lot of spam since I write my Email adress into my project discription.

Hi folks,

I'm seeking for teammembers for a Unity 3d multiplayer shooter. I've allready a prototype ready to download. Everyone is welcome especialy 2D and 3D artist are needed at this time. More information see the link below


Greetings from Berlin


The Zombies are to hard to kill. Bad grafik is OK but this is a little too bad.

great great great

Yes, yes, yes multiplayer :) But with bots.

What a funny Game :) But it needs multiplayer!