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[Unity] 3d multiplayer Gameproject seeking for any kind of teammembers

A topic by Kerosini created Feb 05, 2017 Views: 374 Replies: 3
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Hi folks,

I'm seeking for teammembers for a Unity 3d multiplayer shooter. I've allready a prototype ready to download. Everyone is welcome especialy 2D and 3D artist are needed at this time. More information see the link below

Greetings from Berlin


Hi I'm from game studio 3D Games Czech and interested in participating in your project.I'm in the market for 2D graphics.


I have tried out your android wars. So you work with unity two and you have started to Jump into the cold water of multiplayer gamedev :) If you want to join my team go to my project page (see the link above) there is my Email cotact. Just write me and we talk about more.

I'm willing to help out, but only part-time at the moment. I have some free examples on my page / name link.