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What do you use to make the models?

A topic by Almighty Nubs created Oct 06, 2016 Views: 2,272 Replies: 21
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I tend to play around with pixel art and voxel editors myself quite a bit in my free time and I was wondering what you use to make your models? I currently use Qubicle and I find it really great. (If you haven't heard of it I recommend checking it out)

Also if someone where to make a suggestion including custom made models how would you respond?


Yes, I use Qubicle as well as MagicaVoxel.

I think I would describe their strengths and weaknesses like this:


  • Less beginner friendly. All buttons are a single letter.
  • More powerful tools for sculpting, once you learn how they work.
  • Great for very organic looking things. You can stamp out saved models in a scene.
  • A super sweet rendering engine for awesome screenshots.


  • Easier to pick up and use right away
  • Plane feature is awesome. Isolate a single layer to change the insides of models or start in 2d.
  • Better support for selection/copy/paste/moving things around.
  • Crucial support for splitting models up into sub-objects.

For the game I've mostly used Qubicle, since I need to break up and animate all the parts independently.

But MagicaVoxel is a lot of fun to play with! Here is a cat I made:

Suggestions with a custom made model you say? That sounds like a great first topic for the Fan Art forum! :P
And if you just want to donate your expertly crafted model to me in the hopes that I'll somehow include it in the game, post some images in the forum and send me an email. Can't promise you I'll use it, but if nothing else I'm always looking for inspiration. :)

One thing I've learned for this game is that the models need to have relatively thin limbs in order to support severing them easily.
The first non-humanoid walker looked like this, and was really difficult for beginners to cut down:

thanks for a great response!

Is that walker summoning another enemy? o.O

Also I think it's great how active you are with everyone here, good job :)

Can we have that Walker as a boss on the game since it look harder to kill ;)

hehe, there will be other things that are harder to kill.
One of the most important part of game design is to cut away the things that are not fun. Failing to cut this guy's legs off was not fun. :)

lol waiting for those robots to cut on half :-)


WAIT WHAT?? That thing creates robots?? That's freaking awesome!

I want this in my life

wait top right there is screen is that going to be in the next update that would be cool :)

PLEASE add that walker to the game, maybe Spidertron 7000? that would be amazing if it can just spawn troops

I'll think about it. The cool creation effect was terrible for performance, but that can be fixed. :)

It's looks cool and all but if this was added to the game, could I shoot an arrow at it's green button and it will die?



Hello, what engine do you use?



Is there any certain extension you use in Unity for importing the voxel models and using them in your games? I've seen ones like PicaVoxel and it looks pretty cool, but yours just seems soo much better, was just wondering. Thx!


It is using picavoxel for the basics, but there's a ton of stuff on top of it to represent limbs etc

Thanks! Was just wondering cause it seemed like a really advanced form of whatever you were using. Thx!

wow love the pic *click* noice

I highly doubt anyone gets the Rosen reference, but I did.

i use minecraft and an mod called

chisel and bits

check fan art section

I was wounding if the other robots are going to be able to be downloaded like the other ones