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It seems I cannot upload a level I made to the workshop because when you beat the level to upload to workshop it says you need to beat each tier, yet when I beat one, I have to beat the previous one again.

Steelraven7, are you the same Steelraven7 of the Overgrowth mods?

He meant how to do what ma in the redo loader on the full list. DUH.

Is the jet pack controlled with double jump or shift? or holding space?

I must ask, who is the guy on the banners and the icon for the game launcher?

Good thing I don't have epilepsy! This gif hurts me eyeballs! Also I have no idea what is happening in it...

No rush of course! Everybody else has more important and impactful ideas!

I haven't seen anything about those guys, but the announcers are a unique part of this game, makes me feel like I'm playing Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked (except this is more fun). I was thinking if you commit a certain action, like a one hit kill on a robot, or doing certain things like that, the announcer mention it. I feel like it's awkward when they just stare the whole time. But I don't think this should be on your top priorities list! Just an idea!

I'm sure they will, as right now I can finish the levels with no clones or upgrades (and only once without a leg, becuase that is truly difficult).

I would think the co-op would have to wait for steam?

I don't know, those are some awesome perks!

It would be cool if the necromancer guy would use a spell on the chopped up robots (but one at a time for balance I guess), and when he does it does an animation similar to that garbage pickup one, and the pieces float up and get put back in place! That would be bad ass to say the least.

WAIT WHAT?? That thing creates robots?? That's freaking awesome!

Nice jetpack! I'm guessing there is multiple upgrades as well?

Also was thinking that there could be some kind of surface that destroys all it touches, like lava or something. Then you could make a level much like the archer ramp level where the lava is below and you can fall in, and when you do it melts every piece of you, or explodes you into parts or something.

I thought of this when I watched the clusterfuck of red dudes slice each other up when trying to kill me, so I thought that would be a fun idea of a bunch of varying skilled robots with different colors spawning on the edges and some have bows and some have swords and stuff.

Super excited for this stuff! Spidertron 6000 looks menacing!

Also wondering how to play some levels if, say we can make them separately, or maybe something like an editor, much like Overgrowth. Also wanted to know if this level down here is in the game yet or not?


Just wondering :)

I simply meant bosses that rely on physics to move and stand. I do wish that Spidertron 5000 would walk around and stuff.

Also, I'm assuming that the last round with the single Mark 3 combat archer is a placeholder boss?

Not really a weapons suggestion, but I would like to see the commentators talk during your fights, because they are hilarious as it is!

I was thinking maybe having more physics based bosses, like Spidertron 5000! Maybe, for instance, much like him, you need to do something first before you kill it, like cut off its legs. But something different of course! Love the game!