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A topic by Kharybdis created Oct 17, 2016 Views: 123 Replies: 2
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I thought of this when I watched the clusterfuck of red dudes slice each other up when trying to kill me, so I thought that would be a fun idea of a bunch of varying skilled robots with different colors spawning on the edges and some have bows and some have swords and stuff.

Also was thinking that there could be some kind of surface that destroys all it touches, like lava or something. Then you could make a level much like the archer ramp level where the lava is below and you can fall in, and when you do it melts every piece of you, or explodes you into parts or something.


I like the idea of a Free For All. Especially if most of the enemies are much more powerful than you are, and you're just trying to get out of it alive, rather than dominate. :)