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A Boss Idea

A topic by DarkArcherCL created Oct 06, 2016 Views: 305 Replies: 13
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OK, so this game is short atm but im pretty sure you're gonna lengthen it but a boss idea is The Emperor because i think he would be a good boss.


I was thinking maybe having more physics based bosses, like Spidertron 5000! Maybe, for instance, much like him, you need to do something first before you kill it, like cut off its legs. But something different of course! Love the game!


Spider trim 5000 it's easy to kill with the bow. It would need to have like a arrow shield or something. I don't know just saying :)

Why not re-use the force field resources then?
There are a number of bosses that have stages they cycle through, vulnerability in some places and dodging in other.
New idea...

I simply meant bosses that rely on physics to move and stand. I do wish that Spidertron 5000 would walk around and stuff.

Also, I'm assuming that the last round with the single Mark 3 combat archer is a placeholder boss?

tbh eventually i think im gonna have 100 topics

Someone has to make them.

Yeah but how will updates work like will we get a email with a place to download the new one or?

Yes, that is how they will work. :)

You can also use the itch.io app to make the update smoother.

Oh ok thanks i figured since most games that are alpha are usaly like that

so I think that the emperor should be a boss enemy. when the story progress you have like mini battles you don't kill him but hurt him then at the end you kill him some thing like that.

p.s this game is so awesome keep up the great work

New Idea:
I mentioned platforming before, but why not "borrow" from shadow of the colossus and introduce SpiderTron 50000?
More for novelty given the complexity.

New Idea: (To actually consider)
Ninja Boss Bot. You have limited time to block, after which the boss is stunned/ recoils and you can attempt a strike.

haha! I like the colossal Spidertron 50000 idea! Not sure how that would work, but extremely oversized experiences like that are neat. Will keep in mind for the later chapters ofstory mode. ;)