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Some Weapon Ideas

A topic by DarkArcherCL created Oct 05, 2016 Views: 265 Replies: 11
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Giant Hammer: Slow attack but does alot of damage

Scythe: Medium attack speed does medium damage can hit multiple targets at once with much more ease then the sword

Boomerang: 2 hits to take someone down but has a chance to hit someone twice because it comes back to you


Love it!

Boomerang sounds like a lot of fun. Extra cool if you can guide it as it flies. I might make something like that.

Thanks Doborog btw AMAZING job on making clone drone in the danger zone and something that might also be cool is making it where you can fight other people too but i can kinda see that kinda hard to make and being able to guide the boomerang nice idea

Multiplayer comes up all the time in the feedback. It's not impossible that I'll tackle it at some point, but right now it would mean a lot of engineering work that would see progress halted in all other areas of the game. So maybe later. :)

Ok I wouldn't be disapointed if multiplayer doesn't come out for a while if it even ever does since like you said its alot of engineering but you definitely need to expand the campaign which im almost positive you're already doing

I have a few suggestions:


-Spear: A thrusting weapon (obviously) with a fairly small collision box, but has high penetration;

-Sling: Low damage, but has high projectile speed and staggers opponents;

-Shurikens: high projectile speed, somewhat better damage than the sling, useful for severing limbs;

-Ax: Differentiated from the sword with a longer reach, but comparatively smaller collision box;

Not so serious:

-Buzzaxe: Because Krieg;

-Power Fist: 'Nuff said;

As a final note, I'd like to say that what you're doing here is amazing, and I look forward to this game's future development.


Nice suggestions!

I like the idea of some sort of weapon with a long reach that is harder to use at close range. Would be epic if you could actually cut that weapon's shaft in two.


Not really a weapons suggestion, but I would like to see the commentators talk during your fights, because they are hilarious as it is!

I want my powerfist from fallout that has a cement block attached to the end

umm adambomb (you may know him) would like the bow to be buffed and im pretty sure this is a thing that we need

IS IT!? https://itch.io/t/42148/showcase-how-to-use-the-bow

well kinda i mean id like the arrows to go a tad bit faster but