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Why are none of my projects showing up in search?

A topic by Knife Drawer Games created Aug 22, 2016 Views: 656 Replies: 7
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I have three projects on and only the people I show the links to can find them. If I search for it in the searchbar, nothing pops up, making the "add yours" link seem link an insult. I've been using this site for months and I can't help but wonder how many other great projects made by others that I personally can't see because they aren't popping up in search, either. I do not have anything set to where any of my projects should be hidden, so what's up?

My projects that can't be brought up in search:


Try uploading your asset packs as .zip files instead of .png files :)

With your being an admin, I'm sure that should work and I will try that.

But really, why is that a thing? Why in the world should file type matter, and does the upload-module mention this at all? Because if this is why my stuff doesn't pop up, the uploader should tell the user to submit a zip to increase visibility. Also, does this apply to .exes, .pdfs, or any other file extension? I seem to remember being able to search up a few of those that weren't in .zip format.


One of the chief reasons I'm concerned isn't even for just my own visibility, but people like me who probably have assets uploaded incorrectly or otherwise and can't be found in search either.

What did you do to resolve this. Making sure I had zips for all my projects hasn't made them more visible.

I had a similar problem with all of my games which just started happening. Not sure what's up with it.

im having this trouble too, but only on my second project, the first one shows up in the search just fine

I also get this. Set up project yesterday, configured as public, and haven't checked "Unlisted in search & browse". Still, the project doesn't appear in search results and, if you search my username, although I appear in the list of creators it says I have 0 projects. Pretty frustrating after spending a day debugging CORS issues to get the game to work properly when hosted in

Specifically, the project that doesn't show up is this: It's an HTML5 game hosted in browser with assets uploaded as a ZIP.

You can search for it by exact name and nothing appears. Also doesn't appear in the list of recent games.

Any idea what's up?