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Go play it then ^_^ The current version should be pretty polished already

Hi ! I will be releasing new version - v0.26 with a lot of bugfixes, quality of life changes and new things just in few days.

Thank you a lot for your video / review.

The swing should not be done every time you press mouse button -> it have delay depending on the weapon attack speed, sadly you did not get through the tutorial zones so you could not compare it to other weapons. Currently there is about 20 hours playtime for this free alpha and much more is about to come ! Fishing, better crafting, battle pets and so no :) 

Have a nice day ! Best regards

I just uploaded the v0.252 and it is .zip instead of .rar
Thank you for the tip!

And by third party software you mean Winrar ? :D I will upload new version in few minutes so I will try to avoid winrar then, but it is 1. common software for compresion

Hi, thanks for the review. Could you specify the problems that could improve ?

D-pad is used for menus and item usage at the moment.

There is currently no button remapping as Unity have bad way to remap buttons sadly. There IS a button remapping if you launch the game in specific way, but you have to google it.

For player collider, it is capsule. Do you mean to use square due to rough edges ?

And thanks for the tip of the 2d controller by sebastian lague. I will check it out ! :)


Yea, there is just no description, no info and it is not intuitive enough. Like, what the hell does those flowers do ? :D

Thank you! Glad you like it :) Tons of more content is coming, new environments, enemies, Fishing mechanic is coming soon, then battle pets, those are also almost finished.

It is made primary for keyboard + mouse. If you have controller connected, I expect you will use that and change button images and text to controller ones :)

Hi Nomik ! Glad you like the game, there are TONS more to come to SoG. One of the first feature I will include are status effects (in next update !), fishing (just need more polishing and it is done) and battle pets! :) Here is also sneakpeak of new platforming mechanic.

Hi ! Do you remember where were you unable to lower the music volume ?


Hi ! Thanks for the video / feedback.

I am glad you mostly-liked the game. The bugs you mentioned are already fixed and will not me in next patch, which also include status effects, new potions and other consumables, many other bugfixes and new zones.

You can also post this video to showcase on my discord channel, I would like to support your channel :)


Best regards,

Tomas Petrlik

Of course. In next patch there will be Linux version too then ! Thank you for your interest in this game.

click Download Now

new patch with fixed buggs coming today :)

There will be new patch tomorrow with the Mac version. It should had been in this one but I misunderstood the Unity build settings - Tom

Thank you :)

Great ! :)

Hi ! Thanks a lot :) but Fabian from Far beyond studios is already making music for it + some of the sfx. It´s really remarkable stuff so I am really happy with his work so far.

1-2 months until the demo is finished :) There´s already a lot of content.

That looks awesome :) Good job with the sprites and the art overall

Thanks :D I hope it will end up well but the platforming and fishing is already fun, so hopefully everything will go well.

Hi ! I decided to make this devlog about game I am currently developing for 1.5years named Shards of gravity.
It´s a mix between Hollow knight and Celeste. More specificaly I want the game to be about exploration, adventure, fun and action platforming, not just jumping from platform to platform but really skill-demanding challenges for extra collectibles.

There´s also a level, stats and talents system. Why ? To make you progress all the time ! Not just blindly explore with 0 reward.

I also implemented more mechanics that I liked in other games. Like fishing, gathering materials for improving village (moonlighter style) and such :) Here´s an example of fishing mechanic>

Speaking of Hollow knight, there´s actually a very big underground environments with distinct appearance. So far there´s a lush caves (greenpath inspired level), ancestor ruins ( blue glowing caves, original concept), regular caves wich service as underground crossroads and much more, wich I don´t want to spoil.

There´s also Character customization, I want to implement realtime farming, realtime bank interest when builded in village, pets with customizations and their own leveling system and many more features. So there´s always stuff to do, to explore, to aquire, or to achieve like beating very difficult platforming challenge for shards of gravity, wich is used to open portals to another worlds and to progress with the mainstory.

I will release 4h+ playtime demo for FREE soon here on

If you want you can check out my other pages where´s more about the game :)

Thanks for checking this out :) Feel free to PM me if you would like to join pre-demo alpha testing.

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Yes, it is for commerecial use with no contribution to us. 

Looks great ! Very inspirational

If you are making a pixel-styled game or just love Pixel Art, be sure to grap a copy for half the price !

> Grap a copy HERE <

Our latest Asset,  Pixel Tiles Pack sells so well, we would love to announce 50% off of our first Asset released here for the next 3 days !

Be sure to grab a copy for half the price ! :)
And thanks all to our supporters, we hope our quality over quantity will be successful over time, as it is today.

That would take a loong time :D I am currently working on HoneyWell garden on Android, and after that, Pixel Slime ranger style game for mobiles, and after that pixel art 2D metroidvainia :D

Perfect for my game I am making ! :) If you like any of my packs, be sure to message  me and I will provide them to you FOR FREE ($9.99 is my regular price)

It would goes GREAT with my Pixel Tiles Pack ! Check it out :)

Tell me when you release the project. I really like it !

Our pack contain

3 Pixel Tiles Grid - Grass, basic Ground and Void

- Rocks
- Layered BackgroundS
- Trees
- Grass
- Lighting for 2D Scenes
- Shadows

And much more, even Demo scene for your inspirations are included, allowing you to fast and effectively create diverse worlds of your own!

We also included Bricks, Lighting and all stuff you will need for your pixel-world creation as a Bonus to the Tile Patterns!

Details like Rocks and Spikes are also included in the pack to give your World that finishing touch.

You can´t be serious with such cr*p

Does the problems still persist or was it just solved over time ?

That happened to me too. Just wait to get it there. I read in other post that it takes a day or so to get it reviewed IF it´s paid project. Do not worry.

Wow. This is really something. I hope you will succeed with this game! Best wishes.