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What size for the game's site banner and background?

A topic by xNilorac created Dec 18, 2018 Views: 24,099 Replies: 15
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Hi :)

I want to upload two games in a few days and create a site on for them. Problem is: what size do I need for the banner and the background?

Thanks for your help xx

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The default width of the center column is 960px, but it can change on phones/tablets, or if you're using a really wide game embed.


I think project pages and creator profiles are 960px wide. Height is up to you; might want to try and see what works best for your needs.


Thank you! <3


Hi! I just noticed that having 960px wide won't actually cover the whole width of the page with my image: is there a height limit that maybe is changing all my proportions?Thanks a lot!

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Also, don't forget to make a 315x250 (or 630x500) thumbnail! The thumbnail is seen by a lot more people than the banners.


I actually have the same problem again.. does anyone know the exact pixel measurements that I need for the background and the banner so that it doesn't look weird or waaay to small or distorted?


backround 1520x960 px or something like that.

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This matter remains without confirmation.

I also need to know, I'm testing sizes and I don't get the right one.


This would be really helpful to know. Anyone got an idea?


siniter twist


Anyone there?


Which image do you need a size for? We have a guide here for designing a page:

If there are numbers missing from that for a specific thing then I can add them. Generally though, the theme editor is pretty flexible. Try uploading something and use the tools to position it to your liking.


Hi, I would like to know what size I should use to create two columns that fit perfectly like the XYDONIA game.
This game has placed two tiles on the sides that fit perfectly in the horizontal repetition, if I try to do the same, I cannot achieve it because the repetition is not exact and parts of the column that should not be seen are visualized.

So what horizontal size do I need to correctly visualize two columns?


The default max width is 960px but it can change depending on responsive layout and if you've configured a HTML5 game.

Ok, I understand, I will do some tests as soon as I can.


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