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Hello, thanks for this.

Currently I receive this annoying window every time I run the project, I am waiting for the update to 3.2 to make this window disappear!

Hi, Windows Defender indicates that there is a threat with the "Win32/Lodi" file when running the program.

That new sprite is very well done, it reminds me a lot of arcades from the 80s 90s like Rainbow Island.

Hola, gracias por compartir esto pero no puedo usarlo no me deja ver nada, creo que es por la resolución.
Te dejo esta captura de pantalla donde se puede ver exactamente lo que veo en mi monitor.

There must be some problem with the online editor, it does not save the palettes well.

In this gif you can see, although I save the palette with the predefined colors, then it is displayed with a white color for the edges.

Hello, how should I create a one-time key?

That is, the user uses the key, downloads the file and then the key will no longer work.

I don't see that option anywhere

Ok, I understand, thanks for your time!

Si, el juego no va, no arranca en PC, se queda la pantalla en el ajedrezado marrón.

Hey, intenté saludarte por Discord pero no es posible por no compartir ningún servidor!.

Thanks for the information, my problem is with the background images, I don't know what size they must be to fit correctly on the sides.

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Again. When searching for projects with a certain tag, use the lower search box where it says Select a tag... The one at the top where it says Search for games or creators only searches titles and short descriptions. And that search is optimized for exact matches, So if you just search for "Godot" it's not going to find much.

I don't understand why you say that to me, my question was not "how should I do a search for tags?".
So that answer doesn't help my package show up as a result when a user simply searches for "Godot".

The second part may help but this is ... frustrating!
You spend days creating a package and then it doesn't even appear in the search even if you simply put "Godot" and your package has "Godot" in the name! However, other packages do appear. I bet that's what most users do, search that way.