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Hey, thanks so much for the review! 

Really enjoyed your playthrough, and some of your reactions were great! XD Glad you had fun, and congrats on making it all the way through! 

Excellent story and atmosphere! Really got me creeped out. Congrats on a great job devs 👍


Great Christmas horror game! Fun exploring the city and subway areas, and trying to survive ole Santa Claus!

Here's my playthrough:

This was FUN! The mood, lighting, and particle effects were terrific.Game just felt good to play. Yes, the camera can be tricky at times, but that is part of the challenge imo. The dev could have punished us with it, but instead he took the time to playtest to make sure it was balanced. At one point, I came around a corner and the camera switched and there was a zombie right in front of me, almost to the point of being a jumpscare! I think that's part of the magic of this style of game. Anyhoo, here is my playthrough(loved it!):

Great game! Love some of the inventive ways you created the 'haunted house' to explore. Something different in a good way.

This is wonderful, especially for early access! Excellent job Razor Softworks! Creepy, and fun playthrough here:

This game is really great! I got the BAD ending! LOL

That's a nice thumbnail 👍

OHHHH!!! The berries! I read that in the note, that he had them for breakfast, but then didn't see them in game. :( sad for me. That would have been key! Now I know :D 

Will you be expanding on this? I really hope so, it feels really good! Love the art style.

Cool game idea! Hope you keep going with it

This is terrific! I didn't get too far tho... :-/

Had a lot of fun playing! Intro was really cool!

Thank you!

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Happy Halloween! 

I wanted to let you know I'm doing a fun little Happy Halloween update to the game for this weekend!
Now through mid-week next week, there will be CANDY CORN pieces hidden in places throughout the maze. See if you can find them all!
Thanks again for sacrificing yourselves to my cornfield :)

Have fun!

Thank you so much!

Good show my friend! I didn't survive :(

This was fun! I didn't make it all the way through sadly, I'm not that good. But I had a great time :)

The lighting is very well placed, and I love the flashlight mechanic. SO many times he almost took me out, but I shut off my light at the last second! Very tense. Loved it.

Here's my playthrough, it leaves the end for you guys to find yourselves.... hehe

The Field is an indie horror maze game, created by one person.

Find your way through a twisting labyrinth of corn.

A perfect game to add to your Halloween playlist!  For about the price of a cup of coffee ☕!   

Check it out here!

Check out the trailer for The Field here:   

Follow me on Twitter:   Cuz why not?  😉 

Or take a quick look at YouTube:

YouTube not your thing?... How bout a website then :-)

Shmoke and a pancake?... Cigar and a crepe?...            There is just no pleasing you  is there?!    😜

Hey guys! I wanted to let you all know that I have a private thank you video that I will link you to with the game. It's just a small way to say how much I appreciate your supporting me, as well as countless other hard working indie devs out there! 

Devs run on coffee, and without you, we wouldn't have any! :(

So thank you!

This was great! Excellent work, and thanks for the scares :D

Here is my play through:

This is wonderful! Really looking forward to more. The otherworld is so well done. Keep up the frightening haunts!

Here is my lets play: 

Oh LOL! Well,  it was still super fun :)

Fun, short, and super fast! Great game!

Here is my attempt to grab some gas...

Excellent bloodspattered job! Very good atmoshpere and gameplay. Thank you for all the hard work on this project, keep it up!

I'm so glad you liked the video!

You are so right! In horror atmosphere is everything. You did a great job with the rain, from the particle effect, to the drops running down the camera, to the sound, it all tied in perfectly. It really 'felt' like it was raining. And also made it harder for me to recognize movement, helping to obscure any spooks :). For me, the lady near the end was the creepiest part. She reminded me of a dancer in a music box, turning slowly as the music plays. She was a pretty creepy model, and I liked the mechanic of having to hold my breath while she was looking at me.

Great job! All your hard work is deeply appreciated! And please, keep on creating demonic nightmares for us!

Nice spooks! Here's my playthrough: 

The sound effects match perfectly. And the texture work was brilliant! The combination made moving the heart around feel so gooey and gross. Congrats man, beautiful job!

This is wonderful! Really looking forward to what you do with this for Halloween!

Love the choice of art style in this game. Hope there will be more to come!

Here's my lets play:

Nice Job, keep the frights coming!

Good game for a Halloween night! Thanks for the frights!

Here is my lets play: 

The end was worth it. Here's my gameplay:

Very fun game! Great sound FX and mechanix. Keep up the great work! Here is my playthrough:

This would be really helpful to know. Anyone got an idea?

This was great!

Here is my playthrough:

Thanks for game! That ending....!

Here is my playthrough 

Thanks for letting me know! I will have to play through it again for sure to get the true ending. Need to see if I can find all 8 blue skulls anyway :D

This is a super fun game! Really enjoyed it. Good balance, music to get the heart pumping, and blue skull collectables! Hope you keep updating and expanding on this. Here's my let's play: