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Integrity of Voting

A topic by JUMP Game Studio created Nov 30, 2018 Views: 1,061 Replies: 22
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So now that voting is open for the entries, it seems anyone can vote on games in the jam as long as they create an itch account.
Is there any guarantee against fraud? What is to stop someone from creating multiple accounts to vote up their game?

I think its an honor system. I doubt the contest judges have control over it sadly. I thought of this too.


Itch has protections set in place, checking ips and such, and we'll definitely look for any odd results (can't go into details on what constitutes odd since that gives people who want to cheat more ideas of what to avoid doing), but the truth is that almost no form of public voting online is foolproof unfortunately. So it is what it is. But we are attempting to curtail it as much as we can.

Yep, the problem is that in order to make it foolproof, you'd need some rather insane methods that would cause most people to avoid voting.

That said, there are some rather iffy entries.

Oh okay. One of my friends played my entry on my computer and then created an account, and then logged into it on my computer to rate it. She doesn’t have a working computer so I told her to do that since she seemed interested in rating it. When you check the ips, is that gonna be a problem since the rating was done by my friend on the same computer? 


I doubt it would be a problem to have a friend rate it once from your ip. The problem occurs when multiple friends do that.


Absolutely not. You can promote your game as much as you want. You can even ask people to rate it honestly after playing, you just can't ask people to just rate it 5 stars without playing it.

ok thank you

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I think the reason there are three prize pools is because a People's Vote can turn into a popularity contest at times. I also do indie comics and when awards, contests, or Kickstarter seasons roll around, people who have these massive pre-existing followings (which, fair enough, they've had to build up in the first place) just dominate. People blindly put their vote in for their favourite person out of a sense of loyalty and it quickly stops being a qualitative assessment.

Sadly, the only recourse is often to fight fire with fire. Tell your friends, family, Twitter, Instagram, etc followers that you've entered, ask them to give the game a try and, if they like it, give it a rating. I think that's the key thing, asking them rather than telling them. In the comics world I've seen some shady tactics where they've said "Oh, vote for my comic, send me the proof, and I'll ping you a free copy of this other comic I made!" or offering a free sketch or what-have-you.

Fingers crossed, everyone plays a clean game here. That said, there are already some entries that'll get disqualified for breaking "Development on contest entries MUST be started after the beginning of the contest (October 29th, 2018)." (mostly games that seem to have been submitted for multiple jams scattershot without thought to the rules or relevance of each jam rather than games that were tailor-made specifically for this jam).

Time will tell. For now we have to trust the team behind the contest and let them do their jobs. :)

I read someone saying he plays every game in jams he enters. I must say that is a scary prospect for this contest. I've been going to the list of entries with the least number of ratings but it takes some time.


That would be me :) I'll be starting that this week. Just needed to unwind a bit

*Salutes* Good luck good sir!

Yea I'll get em all in no problem. Not like I have a job or anything that gets in the way 

It's hard to imagine why this is even a category tbh.

Especially if there is no good way of checking out the results. Just seems to not speak to this contest's integrity if people can just buy vote bots for a fraction of the prize money.

Honestly, the category is more of a fame category than anything. A lot of us have mentioned this before. The most famous person will basically win the category every year.

Then why keep it.. Instead of splitting that prize money on to runners ups in the other categories?


It's been in since the beginning and people enjoy it. It also provides marketing for the contest as a whole. We've thought about getting rid of it, but people like voting for their favorites.

And again, I did not say there is no way to check, I said there is no FOOLPROOF way to check. Any voting system will be able to be cheated without some form of voter registration tied to some kind of real life government documentation, the best way to catch people though is not to discuss how you can catch them.

The marketing aspect is something I did not consider and is a good point.

In that light I understand why you kept it in.

I'm curious how the People's Choice is determined. I assume it is not just average rating people give the game as that would mean an entry with one rating of five would be the same as a game with 20 ratings of 5.


It isn't based on average rating. We'll be using a weighted rating that will benefit games that get a high amount of high ratings.

I mentioned this in another thread but I don't really think the popular people are pre-determined to win the People's Choice prize.

Last year's winner was Team Tailnut with Quidget: The Wonder Weiner ( They've returned this year with Pigglet in Mrs Big Bad Werewolf ( They also have a Patreon where 372 people give them a total of $4,117 per month ( You'd think that'd make them unbeatable from the perspective of a completely unknown newcomer but they're currently sitting at just 28 ratings ( I'd also like to add that they started with 0 followers and 0 patrons, just like the rest of us, so they've earned that following through hard work and dedication.

Meanwhile, I'm a nobody to the RPG Maker and indie game making scenes but my entry, Bail: the Bounty Hunter, already has 5 ratings ( In fact, if you check the 'games in need of ratings' link, you'll see the absolute lowest number of ratings for any entry so far is 3 ratings (

It's actually a much more even playing field than you might think.

Is there a link to see submissions with the most ratings?

I have yet to find one so I think not. I would like this as well.