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Hey so.. first of all awesome game guys 

I just wanted to see if you wanted any help translating your game you know to add more languages 

if so I'd love to help

anyway good luck 


Petster demo

congrats to the winners it was really awesome participating in this jam thanks for that

Umm excuse me I know it's not important anymore but my game was sorta removed from the contest's history for some reason I didn't update it or mess with I haven't even opened it's page for over 2 month is there a reason why this happened

sorry I know it's over and all it's just that it's my first jam ever and I was kinda proud of the stupidity I made

thanks in advance 

at any rate I guess since it's over it doesn't really matter does it I was just curious

but I didn't update the game and the game was in the results for about 30 days after the contest ended I think and I was in the 53rd place but I still haven't changed a thing about the game since the voting first started

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I know this isn't really important but I think my game was removed from the history of the contest and yes it's over I know but still I didn't do anything against the rules so I'm just writing this to ask what the reason was 

thank you in advance

thanks dude

now that you mentioned it I did get 10 random ratings on my game in a single day when all I was able to get otherwise were a mere 12 and I did not promote or even send a link to a friend in a week something is certainly fishy (btw this is NOT me saying that I forged anything I DIDN'T) I also checked the youtubers who were testing games on their respected channels but still my game wasn't there in conclusion I think it could be one of two things 
1_ either a group was kind enough to try their best at giving game a huge rating boost

2_ or maybe someone IS using bots on other people's games to get them disqualified thou that wouldn't make sense since a lot of the games that got a boost weren't too popular (I saw that including my own game so please don't get mad or anything this is not an insult)

Okay this makes more sense I guess

thanks for responding

excuse me for doing this a lot these days but I just wanted to know is the rating system for the people's choice award ratio of stars to their number or just the sheer number of stars I mean it feels like its clearly the former since you only put games with less than 3 ratings in the "need rating" section but the ladder is making me nervous AF because my game only has like 8 ratings that I don't even know the ratio of 

P.s sorry if this is a question you can't answer it's just making me slightly nervous

I liked the art and the ending overall nice game guys

ok thank you

oh thanks really I was just asking because I've been away from the programming game for a while and wanted to know what I have to improve about my arsenal 

Excuse me for asking so late but you said games will be graded my question is will those grades be published or atleast sent to the makers?