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Stand Your Ground - Arcade Combat Game

A topic by Fishagon LLC created Jul 28, 2016 Views: 837 Replies: 7
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Stand Your Ground

Prototype on

Quick Facts

  • Genre: Competitive Arcade Strategy
  • Players: 2
  • Platforms: Windows & OS X (Linux Planned)
  • Engine: Unity 5
  • Game Version Number: v0.6a (Alpha)

You have the RIGHT to protect yourself to the full extent of the law! If someone invades your personal space, go ahead and fill em' with lead!

In this game two players find themselves in a dark alleyway, one is just trying to get home after a late night, the other has darker intentions. Thanks to a new law passed you both have the right to defend your personal space, use that right wisely.

Either attempt to make your way around the malicious player without invading his space, or attempt to get him to enter yours.

Features (Implemented):

  • Local Multiplayer (2-Players)
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Arcade Style Movement
  • Controller Support & Remapping (Partial Remapping Implemented)
  • Deathmatch & Objective Modes
  • Day/Night Map Variations (0.5a & 0.6a currently broken)

Features (Planned):

  • Online Multiplayer (I have some UNet experience, it wouldn't be too challenging. Just time consuming.)
  • Character Selection (at least 10 characters)
  • Original Retro Style Sound Track
  • More Game Modes

Current Maps:

  • Street - Standard map, features no specific hazards. (However I plan a check that if a player isn't moving after a set amount of time, that a car will drive at them)
  • Strip Mall - Large map with a strip mall on the side of a road. Primary fighting space is the parking lot, however constant need to watch out for cars coming and going from the mall.
  • Highway (NEW)- It'll be somewhat of a Frogger inspired map, perhaps 4 or 6 lanes of cars that the players will have to move between while fighting. Certainly the most hazardous of all the maps.

Planned Maps:

  • Gas Station Convenience Store - This will be a compact close courters interior map that'll force the players to maneuver around a lot of environmental objects and will have triggered hazards such as spilling stuff on the ground, pushing carts, and a shotgun toting cashier!
  • Cul de Sac - A "Grove Street" inspired map that will include idle NPCs and a gangster drive-by map hazard. Plus a possible gang vs police shootout rare event hazard.

That will bring the total maps to 5, which was my initial plan for the release of this game. However, with the style of Strip Mall and Highway, I've begun to think Street no longer fits in to the feel of the game and I'm considering either redoing the map, or replacing it all together.

Development Notes

Stand Your Ground is what I call my secondary development. Whenever I hit a rut with my primary project I'll spend a few hours here and there with this game to clear my mind. As well I've laid out my design for this game to be very small in scale, essentially no bigger in scope than you'd do a mobile game. My intention is very much to make an arcade-style game that will eventually be worthy of people willing to split from a few dollars for.

Will the game ever cost money? Eh, I don't know. All the features and maps you see above will be free on Itch. Once the game is finished and people enjoy the game then I'll consider its future as a viable product for sale. It'd be cheap though, I'll say it now this game will never cost more than 5$.

And the scope will never get bigger. It will always be a simple arcade style mini-game. If people like it, the most it'll grow is in new maps and characters.

In this thread I'll be posting development updates, fun tid-bits, design thoughts, and hopefully people will post feedback from trying out the game here and I can respond and try to incorporate any good ideas within my ability.

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I'm currently working on v0.5a which has taken quite awhile so far.

In the current prototype my models have pre-set animations that I downloaded and had no shoot animation. I've completely remodeled them and redid all their animations. That's done, but implementing them into the game still has to be done.

Then I've taken that ugly current main menu and am creating an awesome (opinion) new 3D main menu that has idle npcs and world-space UI. I'm pretty proud of my idea for the new main menu.

Then I also have a fix for the weird movement on the Stripe Mall map to make it more aligned with how movement works on non-angled maps. (I plan to reset the camera to the standard straight-on angle, but then rotate the actual map. Currently the camera is angled on a straight map.)

Lastly for my initial update I'd like to share the first concept track (the theme soundtrack) for the game, from my awesome sound artist (Stuart Docherty)

It currently sounds a little too much like it belongs in a cyberpunk game and not a one-shot street brawler looking game. The reference music I gave him was Streets of Rage 2 OST, but he says there are other styles he'll be showing me over the next few days as well. I'll post them later ^_^ I've had a pleasure working with Stuart so far, very cool guy.

Feedback Needed

So I've been thinking recently, and I would love the feedback of anyone who tries the prototype; I think I should add some post-effects to make the game look more like it is an arcade cabinet game? Like making the textures unlit, making a shader to emulate old screen artifacts, those kind of things? Thoughts???

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Hey, i like a lot theme soundtrack.

I tried the game but because i'm a single player it wasn't interesting. Also, game is too early to provide a thorough comment.

What i can say :

- aesthetic works well. We really feel to be in a consistent world where characters belongs to it.

- i like the way you sho the win/lose by getting closer to palyers. It would be nice to see the winner move at that moment.

- I don't see where will come the fun because of lack of interactions at this stage of development

I think you should focus on gameplay right now and making an A.I.

I hope it'll help :)

(My game Pharmakon is looking for feedback too :) )


Woah, I didn't expect to get feedback so quickly! Thank you very much for trying out the game. My responses will be in the same order as your comments.

- Ah wonderful. I'm glad the visuals are coherent.

- Thank you again for the kind words. When I was first making the game I had been playtesting it with my significant other, and she never exactly knew when we had shot one another (due to there being no death/kill animations at all then). Plus the camera didn't change so we froze and then just had dead-space. Once I added in the kill-cam I instantly felt the game was much better haha.

"See the winner move at that moment" The winner most definitely will move. I already have the animations made, I just need to import them in. I've created a new death animation that is much more cartoon-esque, but I've also made the animation for the winner to pull out his gun, and shoot the other player. [Might consider adding a victory pose for them following that? Perhaps a character specific one? I'm not a fan of animating (it takes me forever) haha.]

- It's weird. This game can absolutely not be fully understood alone. I can't even develop the gameplay when I'm alone. But, once you get two people playing, you start to see where all the gameplay is. The strategies and tactics people use on each other attempting to trick one another into making a wrong move is strangely really fun.

The game does lack interaction beyond the base mechanic though. Is that a bad thing though? It is a mini-game afterall. I've consider perhaps adding power-up items or things you can pick up and throw / other kinda things to interact with the environment. Like going in one building and coming out another?

- I'll touch on the A.I. suggestion. Currently I'm polishing the AI on my primary project (which should release next month as it's almost done) and man do I hate AI programming, it is the most tedious and time consuming process to think of all possible things an AI could and should do.

I have no plans to add an AI to Stand Your Ground. I can't possibly envision a way to make an AI that is fun to play this game with. He'll either be too easily out-maneuvered, look ridiculous in the randomization of his movements (or very predictable), or he'd be amazing at the game and would actually drive players away.

I think the addition of Online Multiplayer will cure the single-player neglect of this game. It's really not a fun game without another person, kind of like solitary haha.

Pharmakon - I'll definitely check the game out and give some feedback, however I can't do it any time soon. Currently my online presence is limited to a 20kb/s mobile hotspot. (No idea how I'll post my next build...) However, once I move to my new place and get the internet going I'll definitely remember OR if I happen to visit a friend with internet I'll download it. ^_^

Thanks again for the feedback.


So I took sometime today and decided to learn shaders/image effects. Mainly to get my mind cleared of some frustrating UNet code I've been doing on my primary. As I previously mentioned I wanted to go for an arcade look and think that this combination of effects came out pretty nicely.

I would love some feedback about the aesthetics between the without effects (top) and with effects (bottom). Even if people do universally like it with these arcade effects, i'll most likely include an option to turn them off as well.

Also I'll note if you try to compare this to in-game, the currently uploaded build is significantly darker and has shadows, this however does not. Decided to go the Unlit route because I feel it looks more vibrant and cartoon-y.

I definately am starting to notice that I need to implement some kind of anti-aliasing; sigh.

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First image(A) without arcade fx : it looks like actual mobiles game style. What i see as the equivalent to pixelart in the 90's.

Second image(B) with arcade fx : Distribution 's uniformity of the fx on screen's surface is kind of dull. And there is too much fx. Maybe if you lower a bit opacity and curve slightly the live it can give a nice fx. I am not sure of it. Maybe you can search for other games using that kind of effect. I know last Doom has a film grain option with sharpening thing pretty sweet.

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  • 3D Main Menu Implemented (Options currently unavailable so no remapping. Player 1 Keyboard only, Player2 Joystick only.)
  • Testing Visual Effects (Noise & Grain, CRT FX, and Vignette)
  • Fixed Movement on Strip Mall map.
  • Pause Menu Implemented (You can now return to the main menu and hit local to play another map)
  • Redid "invisible walls" on Strip Mall map.
  • Anti-Aliasing x8 permanently on for now. (Will be an option in next build)

- Due to the change in how models are lit & the new shaders, the Day/Night system has been broken. Will fix in a future version.


  • Highway Map Added (It's new, the water shader is most likely temporary)
  • Car Death / Collision Implemented (Currently no animation for death, current placeholder is just destroying all cars and resetting to next round)
  • Objective Mode Added (Round Robin style capture/defend game mode)
  • Options Menu Implemented (Graphics, Controls, and Control Remapping)
  • Tutorial Added (It's a work in progress, but should teach the game.)
  • Splash Screen Added (This is kinda a self-indulgence of getting to see my logo in the game, but also a placeholder, will be a game-themed animation later.)
Working on Next
  • I have the animations done, I've had them done for awhile. I just need to import and implement them. Working with my temp animations have just been really helpful. The new ones will cause some refactoring which is time consuming.
  • Pause Menu - the pause menu needs some drastic polishing and styling.
I'll most likely make the next update be focused on getting the animations implemented. Then I'll start working on character selection / map selection before moving onto other things like game modes and maps.

Feedback Wanted

Speaking of working on maps, I need feedback. The Street map isn't very appealing and is super straight forward. I think of it as the vanilla map. However, I'm a huge fan of the Strip Mall map and think when you compare the two, Street looks like a far inferior design.

What do you guys think? Should I just remove it and replace it with a cooler theme? Suggestions on improving it? Keep it as is?