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How to (not) exclude [this] tag

A topic by nomorehorrorpls created 21 days ago Views: 145 Replies: 5
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Web admin may not need to bother somebody's squirrel to stop the on-going positive feedback, "Horror games feed on fear"

Gamers have been requesting an exclusion searching function to sieve thru games. It may be true "most of us are sick of all these horror games", but the statement "horror (or any other tag) games are flooding" may not be true. As of today (Nov 2023),  there're total 840,133 games online, 42516 of them are tagged horror. That's around 5% only. 

The last day filter shows a similar results. 38/554 = 7%.

The page today supports this finding, 3 out of latest 36 games are horror games. Shown below is stats provided by 3rd party userscript

Then why do many feel is unusable? 

It's not that they swore strange oath to not pick a genre, it's just that a number of gamers are interested in playing random popular but diverse games, but those shown under "Popular tab" are underwhelmingly lacking variety.  That page by default shows all games of all times, sorted by popularity. Gamers browsing popular games usually go thru the first few pages only to be disappointed by the sheer amount of games of same genre (and possibly badly scared and disgusted by the cover arts). 

Shown below is the result of today's first page, there are 34 horror games out of 36 (hidden by userscript), effectively turning our beloved into if you think of how many casual gamers world-wide are joining the 34/36 lottery at any moment.

In the meantime, bored gamers often choose to try out a random free game on the first page, presumably an exciting one like one with a gory cover art. It may be good if that page could stop encouraging the positive feedback on popularity because the current default display order does not account for on-shelf time.

Do you have a time machine? (an assumption, not based on real analysis)

Should the page open "Popular" tab by default? What do you think?

Side note: Sensing a recent vibe of discouragement, I'd like to reiterate the unwavering gratitude that I think many of us here have, to Leafo (thank you for this marvelous indie haven), moderator No Time To Play (exceptional patient and support) and other unnamed heroes. Despite the variations in manner and etiquette, I believe everyone willing to take time leaving comment here has good intention. Thank you all. 


Correct me, if I misunderstood.

You think that there is a feedback loop & old data that makes horror look more popular than it really is. And propose to maybe not show popular sorting as a default.

I agree somewhat. I would have expected running average popularity. But I am not entirely convinced that it is not so, and horror is just popular. It certainly looks odd, that 30/7 day sorting seems to only include new games.


To my surprise, there's only 5% of all games on Itchio that is tagged horror, but somehow the pages are flooded with those, there's undoubtedly something wrong about how the games are displayed, so this is making me start to think, maybe the devs are trying to fix this issue instead of adding a new feature? 

To be fair though, I've been browsing the site with a certain tag, and I do feel like there are fewer horror games as of late. Maybe not many horror games also have the tags I'm searching for, but that's a good sign for my browsing experience at least.

On a side note, what is the "The last day" tag anyway? Didn't even know it existed lmao

git gud lmao 




> It certainly looks odd, that 30/7 day sorting seems to only include new games.

Same. If number of downloads/visits are large enough, then sorting by "number within the last X days" might be quite useful.

>  horror is just popular

It may as well be very true. Well let's say pizza is popular, doesn't make a buffet particularly attractive, when everywhere you go are pepperoni and meatball pizzas, and when you ask the waiter "I feel quite gross, do you have any fruits?", he tells you to walk upstairs because that's how this restaurant works. Guess what you find there? Hawaiian. Welcome to "La buffet popolare universale"