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Casper The Helipilot

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hi i have 2 questions,does this game supports 32 bits and does the game have a sound?

so,ive seen that story mode is coming soon on the news...and this game hasent been updated since 2017...frug

i mean a 32x bits not a 86 bits sorry

how do i position enemy planes on free flight?

oh damn

im gud

sorry again for sending another message but i also found a bug like,when u go free flight and open the command bar pressing ' and spawns a enemy jet the enemy jet (or ai) spawns under the map and end up dying,will there be more updates so we can spawn enemies and wingmans on free flight? 

like how do i uncomment

also can you say it again? how do i change the rez?

it goes on full screen but it goes on a small square and it opens another thing with the scripts,im using windows btw

nice >:)

i wanna try this game so bad

works for 32 bits?

got few questions bfore installing it,can we like build the planes?

also is the game compatible with 32x windows bits (84)

does it works with 32x bits

does it works for 84x bits


is it 32 bits compatible

oh also how do i take screenshots of the game lol,i was tryna show it to my friends and it simply just showed the script thing not the actual game

this is one of the best games ive played but the screen is too small and i dont know why and it opens the script things.

will there be a 34x bits version?

this game looks so awesome,sadly its not compatible with 32x/84x bits

does it works for 32x bits


when will there be a 84x bits version

hi shinobi,its been a while lol,i changed my profile as u can see 

btw its me casper

Damn it looks cool the game

does it work with 32x bits?

cause its zipped

Played it,but once i click close it crashes my pc fully lol

seen it,have to say its perfect

di da dooble

hey! was checking and sadly it dosent :(


is there any video or pictures of this game?

made a video about it,sorry for the thumbnail,my friend insisted to help

New update! letsgo!