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there's too many bugs encountered that it would take a whole day to list everything, anyone who has played for 5 minutes would know what i mean

I even put emphasis on *multiple* tho lmao

makes me wonder which framework this page is run on, maybe the internet can help getting an actual search function?

huh, so there is an end

not sure if it's me being dumb but i dont think freddy slams the door

damn that's a LOT of new stuff there

damn I didn't try those cuz I thought it'd be even more flooded with those tbh

Just to make sure, is this endless?

This is quite fun, would be better if there's a gallery tho

And idea for an upgrade/item, a map xD

Oh and also, it'd be better for the Android version if the control is a joystick instead of the four edges of the screen tho

ah, now that makes a lot more sense, understandable

basically a yes from the mods as seen from the replies above, never tried that before, might see if it works

still can't understand why they say "that's how it's supposed to work" when 8/10 of us want this feature tbh

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I mean look at it, the first thing I can think off is literally "oh tentacle locker had an update?" then looked at the name and creator I'm like what;s going on here?

Edit: Okay nvm I just read the description, have a good fap day 

bro it's technically a porn game of course it's gotta be distracting XDD

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I mean I definitely agree that the gallery should be a paywall, and I also agree that the opacity of the ui should be adjustable too

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yes. I do realize that you can filter out one (and only one) specific tag by adding something after the url. no. one exclusion isn't enough, it's only gonna turn the horror games flooded page into a visual novel flooded page.

and yes. I do realize that I can just skip a few pages to actually get something that's neither of them. no. it's not consistant nor efficient as I'll have to do it everytime I look for games, and there's still a lot of horror and/or visual novel after the third page.

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Lets be real most of us are sick of all these horror games flooding the place, I mean look at it, click on browse, click on games, and boom, a whole page of horror games... and when it's not horror it's visual novel...

Edit: all we asked for was to exclude multiple tags, and they decided removing downvotes to comments and replies is a good idea

is there a discord or something where we can get tips or something like that? cuz I'm pretty sure I'm stuck harder than my stepsister

is it just me, or is the 8th girl, like, rare as hecc?

i mean you can literally pay it right after you press download, and you can even choose the amount you want to support

git gud

I'm pretty sure they posted it on twitter and itchio, not sure about the other places?

If that's not the case then I'd probably just stumbled upon it as you said, idk

this is the most fun and challenging game I've played ever, the fact that you have to focus on both tetris and the position of the pc is a genius concept!

Was thinking about wish listing this on steam but... yeah you see, all these negative comments are making me feel like I should go for something else instead, and seeing that there's no updates since 2020, I'm pretty convinced that the devs don't care so... yeah not gonna buy it

what's new in 0.0.15?

Okay then make a game, make a better one. What's that, you can't? Then shut the fuck up

I thought why is the story so similar, it's a same story in 2 game mechanics!

Still cute as hecc tho

I didn't read this and reached floor 104

and let me tell you the numbers of enemies now is ridiculous lol

ah, yes that's what i mean xd and thanks

Hi, is it possible to move the safe from a patch to another?

lesgooooooooooo xd

Easily one of the best rpg yet, looking forward for the next updates! :D

oh it works now
huh weird i could only see the title and a pair of glasses back when i wrote this comment xd

is there something i need to do to start the game or is the web version just a picture

I see, seems I need to go there quite a lot

Ah it's alright I got myself a new laptop now, the game is very nice xd

I just tried it out and boy it's very nice, and pretty hard too ngl xD

Oh wow this game looks really nice I wonder how- WOAH 1 FLIPPIN GB

Not like I'm complaining anyway, not everyday you see something big in itchio xd

what do we do with the mercanary camp tho?

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i might sound silly but
which one of the files should i download lol 

both have the windows icons