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A topic by LAGS created Dec 15, 2022 Views: 63,456 Replies: 463
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Any announcement or anything related to the game will be posted here.


Made a tutorial level trying to get Wendy's presence embedded into story.


Hell Yes, i wish i had this before i ran around for hrs trying to figure out these scary mofos!! Thank you and its definitely a cheat sheet but don't care i was getting frustrated hehe.  Thank you again!! Can't wait for the next update!

This game is currently going quite viral on my twitter account. Things to change are ghost reworks. You can easily get caught and then know what ghost it is. 2: There is no new map. You pay 500coin and the map is the same. I dunno if i am missing something. 3: Finding evidence is too easy atm due to not having all ghost into the game yet. I dunno how to fix this but i know its still early build of the game. But everyone is loving this game so far! :)

Tutorial seems good! Incidentally, do you have localization files for the display text? Your English is fine enough but there are little typos and errors here and there that might detract from the horror-esque vibe.


It's far from fine therefore I have let player's edit csv files. You will find them in 'Streaming Assets' folder in game's data folder. There are two languages you can have at a time. Make sure you make a backup before editing anything.

As show in the picture below, you can edit any text in column 'B' or 'C'. B is displayed by default and C is secondary language.


  • Don't touch any text in column 'A'. It will make the game unplayable.
  • If you don't see some text or part of text in game, you probably have exceeded number of characters allowed for that line.


port it to android pls

there are some ghosts in the picture that are not in the game like talk-talk. I also noticed that there are more ghosts I haven't seen in the conclusion section in the book. Whats with those ghosts?

when is update im really waiting

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Extended demo should be here in 7-8 days.


Hell YES!!! Keep kickin Butt!! You are doing great!!

Absolutely love the game, any updates on the extended demo?


Yeah, I was going to launch in tomorrow but forgot to add few more rooms to croydon street house to probably three more days.


Croydon Street House is here!!! Check devlogs for more info on current update.


Deleted 337 days ago

Any ETA for the next update? Love the game!


More 20 days maybe. Added more stuffs to upcoming update.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Hello, just making a comment to let you guys know that most important feature of upcoming update is almost done. 

I have posted a video about an assistant that will follow us around on site. Good news is I was able to implement item exchange, chat and sex feature (makes ghost to hunt early) so there is a greater possibility that she is going to stay in the game. I'm yet to make her able to hide during a hunt which will decide fate of this assistant feature.

And remember this girl... Once the update is done, go back to tutorial level and help this poor girl to get back at her boyfriend. I know you ghost hunter but that doesn't mean you will not help a lady in need.


Hiding feature is done, so there is 90% possibility that Tess stays as our assistant.

Awesome hearing from you LAGS! Ive been waiting to hear you say something since the last update! Hope youre doing amazing and keep up the good work! 😁

Sweet!! Can't Wait!! Keep killing it!!


Update on Tess feature:-

Here's a video on how she will be able to assist you

When she hides, does it take the hiding spot or will you be able to hide with her?


No, player will have to find another spot.

the ghosts will be able to interact with the assistant if they catch her?


No, they will only attack player.

Holy hell she can be our Pack Mule!!! Nice love it!! Also that hiding, hahah every person for themselves!! And does it upset the ghost when  you interact with the assistant is that why the hunt was right after?


Yes, they wanna join too. I may make this percentage based in the future so that it wont be exploited too much.

What if player start animation with Tess and there will be Ghost hunting?
Is this gonna be bug or ghost just stop hunting or ignoring player during animation?


As soon as a hunt is started, Tess will ditch and us take a hiding spot closer to her.

Developer (2 edits) (+8)

Luna's big sister is back in the town. She wants to confront Ted for deceiving her little sister in the name of KTE.

Let me make this recruit thing clear. So basically you will find few NPC around the maps which can join your team. Once you talk to them on site, they can be interacted at your house. Each girl gives you different rewards. You can chat or have sex with the recruits.

1) Sabrina:- Luna's elder sister, captain of national volley ball team.

She is in your team, you will get 2x subscriber on VideoTube and 25% more running stamina.

2) Tess:- A novice ghost hunter, she is your biggest fan. She even copied player's style but unfortunately never captured a single ghost in her life.

She have two rewards you can choose from. She will either accompany you during the investigation with 0-5% extra reward money or leave her home and get 15-30% more reward money. Her passive 'Sex Ritual' also have a chance to make ghost hunt early.

3) Rose :- Nothing much is known about this girl. But she is so innocent, Ted don't see any harm in sheltering her in his house.

She give you one time reward after she is recruited. You will need to maintain 80 coins in your inventory if you want to keep her recruited.


cant wait :

(1 edit)

So finally had time to play this again. And I must say it is fun, and thus far no bugs that I encountered - nope I lied there is one minor one, in Ghostpedia Freezing temperature text goes to next line and makes third evidence unreadable.
My only current gripe is that you can get same ghost multiple times in a row...
So thus far I like where is this going.
Good wind

ou peut on avoir Rose ?


Sorry... Rose is scrapped for her questline in Magic Ring game.


I'm checking this game every other day... I'm hyped for the update.


Finally, we are investigating the abandoned 'Hillford Asylum'.



It's just there for now. In Mayscape apartment map you will find it's code.

(2 edits)


Looks awesome! Super excited for the update! Keep up the great work! 

Will there be a android version?


he needs to complete the pc version first. Then he will make it for Android 


Hey, new features looking great! Any ETA on the update?


Hes aiming for the last week of Feb, lets hope hes got this!! hehehehhe we are so close!


I don't mind waiting but I'm also glad to hear a new update is seemingly so close. I'm having way too much fun in this game as it is already, feels a lot like playing old Phasmophobia (which I mean in a very positive way)


Right, this thing is super addicting to me and well thought through. 100%

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Uploaded a  demo with more feature. I know it would have been more exciting if I said I have uploaded v0.1 but as you know... I need more time with it. In the meantime, enjoy Tess's company while you investigating and be mad at her for using your hiding spot.

Tess:- That spot is mine...

I just noticed Tess looks like Tomo-chan. Surprisingly I was planning to add her backstory where she used to dress like boys in high school years. 

Thank you for this in the mean time :)

I ned help please 

in the new demo version ted walks when i don't press any key and i can't stop him


It happens when you have opened game's csv files. Do you have any open during the gameplay?

(1 edit)

Just game is open

with previous versions this does not happen


Does it happen after loading home or doing a specific interaction. Try redownloading the game.

just starting the game when I start to move is when it bugs

when I start a contract it also bugs too

when I start to walk


On the main menu do you see EnglishV2 or Japanese as secondary language? And did re downloading solve the issue?

I see Japanese as a secondary language

I already downloaded it again and it is not solved

Developer (1 edit)

It seems game is not able to access  files in Streaming Assets folder.

1) Check if you can see all these files in similar path shown in the image.

2) If those files exists try moving to the game to another directory and trying launching the game in administrator mode.

I moved the game to another directory and it was solved

Thanks for the help!

I love your work and am looking forward to future updates

Loving the updated demo!  Tess is a very fun addition and love all of the sex dialouge with her and the ghosts.  Awesome stuff and can't wait for v.01.  Keep up the awesome work.

Very small recommendation that would be awesome to see in future updates.  It would be very nice to be able to interact with the ghosts in the gallery so as to be able to actually have time to fully read everything they can say.


I'm yet to write story behind each ghost will not be addding it for now.


It was good i like it very much, except you tricked me....i thought for real i would be able to get in the Parents bedroom after the ghost hunt in Luna's house.  I can't wait for the next update!! Thank you for your hard work!!!


I know players would try visiting her in the demo so I specifically written this dialogue in the end.


hahahahah SON of A....

Hello! I would like some help with Tess, since I can't unlock her for some reason. I don't know if I skipped a step, but so far she's not here (I'm already in the asylum).

you did not miss anything, he left Tess out as the Assistant for this update.  More to come on her later.....see what i did there hahahahha

will we be able to change the clothes of assistants as we do luna? Very exited for this next update. Love your games 


Sorry, no additional cloths for her.

what was the new update 30 min ago


Just more content added to Demo. V0.1 is yet to release.

"Drunk girl sex scene available."
how do you start the scene with the drunk girl

Developer (1 edit)

Press 'X'(Hunt Key) near her. Same for Tess.

only 3 maps?


It's not updated to 0.1 yet.

ohh i see, keep a good work bro.


Great stuff! Love Tess and her mechanics. Super hyped for 0.1! One question though. I see that Tess is meant to be able to use items at some point, how do I get her to hold things? Or is that not implemented yet? If so, it’s totally fine I’m just making sure I’m not missing something haha. 


Press 'Q' near her to handover your selected equipment to her. To get it back press 'Q' again but you must have nothing in current slot.

Also she uses few equipment such as UV light, candle, thermometer,  ghost box and EMF reader.


Thanks so much! Appreciate your response! 

Hello awsome game just bought it just 1 question i notice that in previous versions the shadow ghost was naked and now has lingerie is there any reason for that?


I used weirdly censored sprites for YouTube videos and it seems I missed that one. Will update the correct model in upcoming version and make changes to demo as well.

thanks you for answering thats great the naked shadow ghost looks better just one more thing i notice that we can zoom using U are we going to be able to map that botton too?

(1 edit)

how do i change position with tess? i done the one with lying down on ground now she does the dogstyle 


It's random. She will prefers letting Ted do in the vagina so you will see it more often.

The 0.1 update still come to demo?


That will be for paid version.

What is the ETA looking like for 0.1? Love the game!


Sorry, I couldn't complete game as promised by the end of this month. This asylum map is taking a bit too long and I have added new things that weren't the part of this update(Not the asylum puzzle). I don't when I will be done but will let you guys know about current progress.

all good man, can't wait to see the final product! Wishing you the best!

Honestly it's cool, the fact that you are adding things that you weren't even planning for the update is a testament to your passion. Take your time and Godspeed.

its good I MAKE YOU COOK  =

Don't worry about the delays, better to take the time and ensure quality product instead of rushing ahead and delivering a buggy mess. You're doing good enough job that most players shouldn't mind waiting a bit longer, especially since you're posting updates on the progress and new stuff quite regularly. Keep it up!

Any ETA on when the next update will be?

Love the game btw


im guessing end of march if not middle of april since he is alone doing this game, best we could do is support him and wait

any updates dude?

i bought the game and only got 2 maps is that right

Yes, only 2 maps and a small handful of ghosts are currently available. This game is still VERY early in development and doesn't yet have much content. More stuff is planned in the next update around the corner like more girls, a new asylum map, and hopefully more.



Sorry I was not online lately. I don't have any specific date for upcoming update and most question were going to be regarding that. If I read  such comment it would some how make me to rush this update so felt like it's best I stay offline as much as possible until the upcoming update.

I would have uploaded this next week with 2 new maps but it would make some secrets obvious to discover.

If I'm close to uploading a new update I will tell all of you a week prior to that.


pls update in demo i don't have money to paid for u


shut up, did you even read what he said at all


Take your time bud, I know its rough. 

Currently trying not to rush and give myself a burn out, building 3 websites 3 web apps and 3 mobile apps on top of having to work full time and get everything complete before college starts as well as only getting 2 to 4 hours of sleep each night (if I'm lucky) is alot so i just breathe and take my time. Just focus on you and if you need a week or even a two week break, do it.

 I care more about your health than this game. 


Take the time you need, it's always worth waiting for a good product.

Developer (1 edit) (+14)(-1)

Here's little sneak peek of Luna's tablet. Don't tell Luna about I have it. I'll put it somewhere she will be able to find it.

Lucky Girl! Got a pair and special card.


Looking scipy good!




Keep up the good work! cant wait for the release :D


is there any chance it will appear on mobile soon?

ngl, you could release ANYTHING so ppl wont get frustrated, and then work on other things you imagined with less pressure. 

is sabrina available in next update ? 


Yes, she will be.

Didn't know ghost apparition also included TVs so i got caught by a Mariam.  Good thing i was on easy learning the game and not a nightmare like I am now.

Also can any one tell me how the flour is suppost to work? I don't understand.


If a ghost walks over it, there is a chance it will leave it's footprint on it (Except Countlanak.) If two ghosts have similar evidence you could use it to determine if this ghost is a flying ghost or not. It is not significant until all ghosts are added.

Thanks a ton, I'm gonna have to spend more time looking into the flour mechanic.

How's the update going?


You can see current progress of v0.1 in a devlog. I'm planning to launch it with 3 new ghost and 2 new maps then add remaining content later.


it update in demo version?


Awesome, thanks!

I love the game! Legit booting it up every day to play few rounds getting over 50k$ in-game. Keep up the amazing work! Can't wait for the new ghosts so I can learn them.


Glad to hear you are loving it. Your character is going to be richest character in the game.


Is it possible to disable Tess (or any future assists) or tell her to stay in one place?  I don't really like the idea of being forced to have a skyrim follower.

(1 edit)

will you make it so you can tell Tess to stay in one place? and can you make it so Tess can get attacked by the ghosts?

How can I donate if I can't pay with a card and PayPal?


That garbage NTR with Luna ruins the game


my man how can it be ntr if the image is canonically before the pc and her were together?

That's just a previous relationship, although I do also find it weird that the mc keeps it for his own viewing.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)(-6)

They have been together for 3 years but only she considers it a relationship. She works for a character who makes games in the game universe. Ted has to fuck ghosts to capture it, similar way she having sex with that character capture video references.

I have avoided NTR category for a while now but whenever I receive Newsletter from DLSite this tag is always on top so it may have affected my judgement.


If you think Ted is getting NTR'd then you should read this letter from Luna's sister.

Ted doesn't love her back. And if you are upset for Luna she is already getting banged by someone else so there is no need to worry about the NTR stuff. If that still bothers you then in the final update player will have an option to replace her with someone.

(1 edit) (+5)
Damn I hate NTR, well I'll continue my donations when that final update to change the character is available (sorry, when you suffering NTR in real life or are in those similar emotional situations, you take these issues very seriously =,v)
(1 edit) (+2)

In "Luna's House" mission, Ted comments one of the pictures as "She looked too cute like that. I can't believe she trusts every lie I told. She is just too sweet and innocent. I will propose her after we are done with work".

To me it looks like now he intends to propose her.

On the other side, "Luna's Secret Folder" tells how this "K.T.E" thing came to be, and looks like she considers Mac to be his girlfriend, and with Ted it's just K.T.E. and work.


It was before I decided to add some kind of story into the game. It was more like the game it is based on. 10 maps, catch 20 ghosts and done. But now you have to find recruits, cloths and other collectibles. I decided to link it's story to Magic Ring (an upcoming project) as they happen in same universe. Not changing that dialogue with painting was an oversight. It may happen more often as it I tend to add things as they crowd my mind.

Luna is in love with Ted but his feelings are not usual. Ted only uses her for sex. Luna begin to let Mac fuck because they are working on a sex game. She eventually does it whenever she has an urge to do it. Same way Tess lets Ted to fuck her to lure out ghosts and Tess loves Mac.


Wow sad to see this got cuck shit. At the very least you could just make it optional and not be the worst 


Wait wait wait. Luna cheats on the MC and theres not even an option to avoid it?????? Fuck this shit. I was so excited for this game too. Why do devs always do this shit

Developer (1 edit) (+12)(-5)

So the game has NTR and you have given 1 star to base on that. It's clear you haven't read my earlier comment or you wouldn't have made this one.

Also MC had sex with 5 ghosts, a girl in the abandoned shed other than Luna and you are mad about Luna having an affair with one guy.


Please ignore the idiots that are complaining about optional ntr content. It's your game, do whatever you like or want with it. I love your games and I hope you still do them!



Developer (1 edit) (+12)(-4)

I know. Lack of sleep is making me irritable. The game is not complete and they have given their final thoughts on the story. I take your advice and ignore the comments that are saying anything related to gameplay. I got plenty more fun title even I get confused which to start. But for now I want to complete these three titles first.


new update in demo?

Show post...

Its not even optional is the problem. It happens no matter what you can just close your eyes. It 100% ruins the vibe of the game. Like you say people have given their finale thoughts but you haven't said anything about making it properly avoidable. How can you blame people?

Developer (2 edits) (+8)(-6)

Add 5 more minutes your wasted time and read what I have said in previous comments. Or you can continue your crusade commenting on other games that have very little NTR.

Being cheated on is not fun. But rising from a failed relationship(that you were never interested in first place) is.

Show post...

I have no seen anything about you making it fully avoidable aka doesnt happen. Can you quote it to me here? 


I super duper love your games LAGS!! Take all the time you need cause I know anything you create is gonna be amazing!!!


I love your game! And focus on your upcoming update ignore this wobbles if they dont like it its thier problem not yours.


I know. You guys are the reason I'm still on this website or I would have been making DLSite exclusive only.


Why people care so much about NTR? Just do the thing you want to do @dev don't let em influence in your OWN game ;)


It's kind of affecting me because I am writing dialogues which displays Ted knows about her affair. Originally he was suppose to be oblivious to all of it and Wendy was suppose to tell player about it.


The update will be within one to two weeks, am I right?


i keep telling this to myself since half of february...


Sorry it would have been arrived early but stages wouldn't have looked nice.


i mean, im not rushing you, take your time. Im just impatient. But anything, even small things/changes would be apreciated


Lags, please take a vacation bud. I'm very worried for you. I know you want to finish everything but you need a break. Ignore the hate and just take off for awhile. 

I'm working on a web app that's making me pull my hair so I can only imagine what your going through. If you need to talk just let me know. 

If anyone complains, f'em. It's your game, your content and your choice. Do not get pressured into burning yourself out.

 Big love bud, doing full stack development so I know to a degree what your going through. Everytime I think I might get done by the cut off time I think of something else I can add to make it better. Then I sit for a solid hour wondering how am I going to do this and do 15 different ways on a write board while asking myself "wtf am I thinking". Take a breather

Love you bud


Thank you for your concern. I racing to complete updates before DLC of a certain game arrives. Once it's there, I might not be able to hold back and have to take days off anyways. 

Yeah it happened to me a lot where I question myself what heck I'm doing? It is stressful job but not as much as someone who has actual programming like you.

The only time I feel stressed when I'm trying to do something but not able to find what causing a certain error.


It's a roller-coaster bud. I'm still learning more and more. Doing HTML5, CSS, Java, Javascript, C# and SQL

And I swear to God, I hear one more person say Java and Javascript are the same, I'm going to throw them.

("Oh its not that bad I bet they are the same."

Me:  *internally screaming*)

Then when I think the structure looks good I go online and find "Bulma". Then I'm rethinking everything I did in HTML5 and CSS. Then I proceed to spend another night brainstorming every single thing I've done to that point.

Then my brain says "Let's make it responsive in mobile too....."

Yeah that sums it up.


I've also been studying programming and besides not having the chance to start a project or participate in one I know how it feels xD

you'll get there bud, just takes awhile. 

how am i suppose to get a thermometer upgrade?


If you have unlocked Gloria, find her on the left side of the trunk. Donate elixir to her, your thermometer will be upgraded for 90 seconds. If you have noticed by now, thermometer fluctuates if a ghost is near you. Press 'F' (whatever you have for USE key) to see ghost's exact spawn point.


I'm a bit confused on how the mannequins work

as I see it, you can change the color of the first mannequin and you have to change the colors in order, but if you mess up, you can start over, this is my tip, but I haven't managed to get myself to try it yet to see if my theory is correct

There's 7 mannequins hidden around, each corresponding to one of the 7 nurses and you have to interact with them in a certain order to get them all to light up


(Sorry I use a translator) Well, the waiting time was a bit long, but the results of our LAGS are good.

The implementation of more characters and we ALL look forward to the arrival of the other ghosts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The story has better development and I can't wait to know more about this (I hate the NTR thing for personal reasons... ignore this, it's my business) (╥_╥)

It has more things to look for (Every good game has mechanics, not just eroticism =v)

In my opinion, it was worth buying the pre-sale (≧ω≦)

So let's support him as much as possible because making a game is a fucking hell >=v slow and precise process.

Congratulations LAGS, we look forward to your progress and if your creativity runs out, you already know that here you have a lot of perverts at your disposal to give you ideas; v

I will donate something to you when I can, this inflation affected some things

Thank you for reading =D


Yeah, I have to redo asylum map and half of street map again. Hope it won't happen with the academy map.

Yes, I only going to add Wendy's origin story first but decided to add other characters stories as well (except Ted, it's a mystery). For now it's best to ignore the NTR until update v0.2.


Yes, you still have a project in your hands that takes time to be done, but take a couple of days off, all this updating, the NTR controversy and the fixed errors must be exhausting, for now concentrate on the mechaniques, after continue with the esthetic things like more voices, more ghosts and etc that you have in mind, thanks for your effort B)


Does that mean itll be removed in 0.2? Hope so. No reason to make the game hurt people 


(Translator use =v) Good morning, As said before, to unlock Gloria you have to interact with a particular order according to the dates of the seven nurses, the order is this:

1-Harleen Fisher

2-Loretta Clark

3-Sylvia Cole

4-Brittany Reiner

5-Eleonora potter

6-Gina Wayne

7-Jennifer Foster (Now you will be in charge of looking for where each mannequin)


On the game of Poker, we all have problems with Rose, see it this way:

1-She (technically) can "see" your cards, since if you have a better hand than her, she automatically gives up 2-I recommend not betting more than necessary because she does NOT continue unless she is going to win 3-Be VERY PATIENT because "Luck" is on her side 4-Use the trick to see her cards 5-Making the change of cards

Hey LAGS, I deserve a prize for beating Rose because it was hard ಥ⌣ಥ

Screenshot of my winning hand XD

What trick to see her cards?

Click five times on the card you want to view (at least if it works for me)

yeah at the beginning she mentions something about reading your mind lol, the strat that worked for me was just not betting anything and never folding, since she can only see your current hand and not any changed cards until you change them so you have a chance of her folding later on as she sees you have better cards, and she'll ALWAYS fold if she sees you have better cards

Let me shake your hand for being in the same hell as me XD

Yeah an its not easy figuring that out lol write it down, it will help i promise.

Hey boss I just had a quick question for you about unlocking Gloria.

When doing the Gloria puzzle how do you know if you unlocked Gloria and when talking to the manikins are they suppose to say something because I don't get any dialogue box when I try to talk to them? Do I have to use an item or something or should I try to delete data or something? 

Any help is appreciated, Thanks  


If you have unlocked her she should be at the front door.

Where can I find the password of the locked chest and sex room in the hillford asylum map or is it really open?

I seriously can't find how to open the locked chest

"Sex room" comes in a future update. The password for the safe is in the hint in nurse 1 (the numbers of the remote buttons)

finally found it thanks

Any Hints on how to unlock Sabrina? I'm very clueless.

First you need to catch the ghost in luna's house then go to lunas room you will find her.

Deleted 208 days ago
(3 edits)

Thanks, Do I need to do some thing special. And if so don't tell me I would like to figure it out. Or is it RNG and I'm getting unlucky. (I feel like I'm bugged).

me too, i caught the ghost and went back to Luna room but no-one showed up

(1 edit)

1.  Interact with the note on the front of the player's/Ted's house

2.  Go to Luna's house

3.  Exorcise ghost as normal

4.  Then go to Luna's room

(1 edit)

Ah, I see its the note! Oh lol it says on the note.

i did it, but my ghost appears tobe spawn in luna room and after capture the ghost nothing happened


It has 3 second spawn check. If player is there in bedroom or during this check she will not spawn.

How do I do the poker game? Like am I fucking blind or what? I've got 0.1.0 ver and i've done all sites, explored what I think is everything, but now i'm stuck and cannot find how to play poker!

You can find the game on a tablet that is on the new map, I don't remember which room it was so you will have to search each one.

Huh, must of missed that one, thank you <3

Hello is tess still in the game ? i cannot find her anywhere but i see that she still part of the Recruits on the main page


She is removed for now but will come back in next update.

Do you have plans to add possession in the game? I'm loving it so far!


Do you mean ghost possessing player or NPC? There is not an actual possession but for some ghosts like Bloody Mariam and Weseen Ted's body is not in control if he is caught for sex.

either one, it's a personal thing but I believe a lot of games or media could do more with the idea of ghosts possessing people, but I understand if it's a hard mechanic to implement in gameplay or story, I just wanted to make a suggestion

(3 edits) (+3)(-4)

I guess i will be the first to say that i really like the "NTR" in this game and hope there will be more in the future. I'm also really excited to see Magic Ring to get Macs side of the story.


Wow! I hardly see a reply like this regarding this content. My intention of adding NTR content is to poke fun at it because I find it stupid like a girl cheating on their partner with someone, asks the guy not to finish inside her but does little to no effort stop him.

Initially I was going to shorten Magic Ring by only revolving around Harleen's character (The girl you find in asylum toilet stall). Basically Luna appointed Harleen to take her role for sometime. Basically she works with you to help her husband to repay his debt in a month. The game would have different ending depending on the actions taken by player. Now this story will be incorporated with new Magic Ring story but player will not have that much options as I planned before.  It is going to be even bigger than previous Magic Ring game.

Mac's old design before I decided to work on this game.

(3 edits) (+2)

I just really love that after a ghost hunt you can hunt for people having sex, It adds some excitement to the exploration.
Are there going the be more games by "Make Love Games" in the future or are they only going to update the "Ghost Fucker" and "Butt Sex Poker" game or would that be to much of spoiler if you told us? The old design of Mac makes him look even more like the classic hentai protagonist btw.


Yes, there will be plenty animations in upcoming updates mostly related to story of upcoming games. 

I was planning to add one more game but don't have idea what would be best.

Yeah, designed him after seeing a joke about protagonist of an erotic animes being eyeless.

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So you say ealier you avoid the NTR tag on purpose yet not you are saying you added it intentionally. Not only are you a cuck, but a lying one as well. The worst type of person.

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I don't agree with that terminology. Stop getting butt hurt over a video game character cheating over someone. And unlike you whose only goal in life is trashing NTR content, I got to do many things in life so I tend to forget things.

More importantly I'm here to make money and NTR games are most played on DLSite.

And stop with the trash comment before people start calling you a cuck.

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You dont agree with being called a cuck? Well I guess in a sense you are even worse, at least cucks only watch their horrible fetish. Its even worse to create it. Shame you ruined what was just a fun game with something forced 


You are testing my patience now. Stop crying over a game and do some work for fuck sake.

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Dont make divisive content if you don't want divisive comments? If you dont want people to focus on the NTR then just dont make it?


just let the developer create the game he wants, if you don't like it, you can leave this post


what i dont get is that all you "ntr bad" people hate the girl doing it, but the whole point of the game is for the mc to fuck ghosts? its literally the same thing, but that's fine? what?


SIT DOWN CHAD....Go to another game site and play, just don't come back here, no one really gives a shit what you think.....if 10k people like and you don't, that's just life, go find one, ohh and shut your pie hole about it too, you played a porn game dummy.


If you don’t like it, you don’t have to play it. Don’t post such rubbish remarks. It’s ridiculous. There’s no need for game creators to change the direction of creation for you alone. This game is not designed for you. Don’t be a nobrain idiot

The last poker minigame is broken, you simply can't win... I had the second best hand in poker several times and it still won, and it's happened to me that I have a better hand and she wins with an inferior hand .

You can win, it just takes a while. She knows what your hand is and will immediately fold the moment you have a better hand. if she doesn't she either has a good hand or a instant win card. just keep betting the minimum and fold if she doesn't change any cards. It's slow but you'll get there

Its winnable.

Rose said she can see your cards. But she tends to fold early when she finds out she will lose after looking at your card, she only decides to showdown when she's winning.

Just keep changing cards until she folds. You only can make her lose by making her fold early.


Does your better hand have all cards from same suit?


Not  a big fun of NTR , but overall the game is amazing, keep it up 

Anyway when is the next update?


As soon as Sunflower City is done.


When for android bro?


Once the game is done 100% which means all  19 ghosts and 10 levels.

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So, one qualm i will point out is the poker game, there's a difference between difficult and outright cheating. Homeless girl literally plays like she can see your hand. Folds the moment you have a good hand, folds anytime you draw the insta win, doesn't fold if they only have aces high and you have nothing higher, literally does not fold if their hand is statistically trash but only if your hand is better. 

Heck, she consistently folds before the cards are revealed, telling me she can literally see the cards by doing so.

Currently the only way to beat her is to raise bid before cards are revealed, and hope to draw a win. otherwise she just folds if your starting hand is better.


She will give us a  gift in later update if you beat her. If you are not able to, then there will be a NPC in same update that will nerf her gameplay.

I'm having trouble finding Sarbina in bed even when i did caught the ghost. Help?

Only solution I've managed to find is to sadly delete all your data. Money is easy to grind back though with some cheats.

A question for LAGS, is there any chance in the future that development for modded content to be a possibility, or even easily possible? This game so far is really enjoyable and I could foresee there being a lot of opportunity for a modding community to flourish


I want to but have no idea how to make games moddable. I have tried it with HTA but no luck.


wow 0.1.1 release, the 0.1.0 version become free?


No. Free version ends at v.0.0.8.

Alright LAGS?

I know it's ironic or maybe even stupid to ask, but will update 1.2 take a long time to implement? Is there already a date for the start of development or for release?


I'm not sure at this point. It should take less compare to less time compare to Sunflower City as I don't have to draw each scene.

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keep up bud and i really like that big red lady im feel like tormund from got now but anyway this update is just great

I really like that tall woman in red. Please update more on this type in the following updates


what did you like about her? Design or ghost abilities? 


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the red dress woman was awesome lags, you actually did an amazing job on her.  As far as why she's so likeable, design and the animation 1 and 2. The sun dress was a great touch, also she just feels more unique than some of the other ghosts. And her banish animation was spot on. And the captured animation for wisp was good when she catches you.

Another reason why she's so likable, MILF possibly. Just taking a guess on that 1

In collections-Recruits, who is Sawako?



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So is this slowly just becoming a NTR game? Can we replace Luna with someone that isnt awful? 


No, the dev is fully committed to his cuck fantasies because it's popular in Japan, so he's convinced it will make money in the west. He'll stop making any vanilla soon.


At least actually read the story before you even complain. There is no cuck shit. Ted doesn't have an ounce of love for Luna, she's literally just an onahole to him. And why complain? I guess the harem of girls he has ain't enough?


The dev literally said he's making the game fully ntr because he thinks  it makes more money. 


Please send me the screen cap. I need to share this. This gonna be pure gold! 


And there it is! "MC is not with her in a relationship" exuce. OMG HAHA. Oh man, god bless you.

Alright, let's break it down. She claims they're a couple, and the MC can't even speak up for himself. Yet, she goes ahead and cheats on him, plain and simple. That's textbook NTR, my friend. And as for this "Harem" talk, forget about it. The MC only gets to fool around with a couple of random ghosts, if you can even call it that. Have you seen Mac's Photo selection and the stuff on Luna's Tablet? Trust me, he's got way more content than the MC in the entire game. No delusions here bro.


MC is also banging: The Pizza girls, Luna's sister, and a sentient mannequin. Hell, Luna is recording videos of the MC banging all the ghosts he can find and uploading them to the internet. It seems pretty damn clear that whatever kind of relationship is between mc and Luna is non-monogamous.


Yeah. Tho I only played like the first version but this one should remove any doubts of it not being anything else that a full NTR game.

Got to say that the game is awesome, the idea is very well executed. The design, layout, game mechanics are promising.

Just out of curiosity, will there be animations with feet, tongue licking?


I may add a couple of footjob scenes.

plan on adding footjob scenes?


Will we ever see anything like Masuo/Mac topping Taichi/Ted?

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Thanks for being a Cuck LAGS.  Seriously, the first version was solid, and I was waiting for more juicy content. But oh boy, the you pulled off a majestic cuck bait and switch that had me rolling on the floor laughing. It's like they cranked up the dumbness to hentai-level absurdity.

And of course, we've got the classic excuse of "Oh, the MC isn't officially in a relationship with her yet," from some dumm ass here even though she claims they are. Come on now, it's as clear as day, and the MC is left speechless since he cant even talk. It's a full-blown, textbook cuckolding scenario, my dude.

I mean, let's not beat around the bush. The developer might have lost a bunch of their fanbase and support with this move. But hey, NTR sells, right? Although, he should probably focus more on the Eastern market, 'cause it's not as big of a hit in the West. But hey, at least you scored the game for free where I pirated/downloaded it. You do you bro kek.


Is everything okay at home?? You doing alright? If you need to talk about it we can


I don't give a shit about anyone complaining about Luna. You must loving NTR so much that it's the only thing you can focus one. Even created an account to address it.

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Haha! Oh, but deep down, you do care, my fellow gullible soul. Can you guess who said these words?

"It's kind of affecting me because I am writing dialogues which displays Ted knows about her affair. Originally he was suppose to be oblivious to all of it and Wendy was suppose to tell player about it."


"More importantly I'm here to make money and NTR games are most played on DLSite."

So, don't try to bullshit me with your excuses, Mr. "I like sloppy seconds." You want to make a quick buck with NTR and also indulge your true fetish, which is fine. But it's the sneaky bait and switch that ticks people off. If I'm wrong, prove me wrong! Go ahead and change the game's description to reflect what it's really about. Admit that it's heavy on NTR and features a second male character who, in addition to your other cuckold game, bangs all the girls behind the MC's back, including Luna, not just in the past, but ongoing and unstoppable. But I know you won't do it because, as you said, you're all about the money, and that's why you deserve all the hate and ridicule you get.

And please, spare me your self-justification, Mr. money-hungry cuckold. Are you seriously considering making this game exclusive to DL if things continue like this? Haha. Yeah, right! Just another lie you tell yourself to cope with the fact that it's still NTR, but you're in it for the cash.

And no, I do enjoy NTR, but not in the same messed-up way you cucks do, haha. I enjoy this—the backlash, the hate, the financial losses you face, being branded as the cuck game developer. This is my entertainment.

But there are two other things that bring me even greater joy. And that is taking your hard-earned money away from you, which I don't even pay myself, and watching other cucks shell out their cash for my entertainment. It's pure bliss, my friend, especially knowing that you're only in it for the money, hehe.

So, Mr. Mega Cuckold, please keep pumping out more NTR games, MORE! Let more people avoid your games as it becomes increasingly difficult to defend them. Just take a look at F95. Make my day, buddy. Make it even brighter. 😘


You okay over there?? If you need to talk about trauma we can. This is a safe place.

Deleted 174 days ago

This is the funniest thing I've seen all day. I've seen my fair share of moral high ground anti-NTR idiots but you take the cake and if F95 is anything to go by, its that people can't read tags or ignore them regardless because having a plethora of content suited for their own tastes isn't enough for them to waltz in and ruin other peoples fun.

Deleted 174 days ago

you must be so angry to write a whole essay about NTR. If you dont like it then fuck off lol no one cares

The weird thing about the cuck posts is that the MC just raped Luna first time they met and said it was KTE, and cucked her out of her boyfriend.


Would love to see some variance in individual animations get added down the road. If you end up on an animating kick, giving each ghost another anim or two would be a great incentive for us to play around with them more.

where are the sub tickets can i get a hint on locations or something like that

One is placed on a sofa in Luna's house, and the other is in storage where you can find and open passwords on Sunflower City Streets.

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Will we be able to replace Luna with someone that isnt a awful cheater or be made preventable? 

i think LAGS have already said that in the future it will be possible to remove but that is not a priority now

@LAGS all you have to do is have Ted fk Harleen then its fair game.
On the rage due to the NTR that is because it is an extremely decisive kink. You either love it or hate it, no in between. So the issue here is the fact it is included in the game without any warning or advertisement. Nothing wrong if you enjoy NTR or being cucked, but just like other controversial kinks you gotta include that in the game description. That way, people that dislike it can avoid it. Think of NTRman games, we all know what to expect with his games, so if you don't like NTR, you dont buy his games. 
Another example could be if you buy a beef hamburger and you get a vegan burger. Its not the end of the world but its still annoying since you spent your money on something you didn't want. Imagine if instead of NTR it was scat or guro with no warning? People would also be extremely annoyed. So all you gotta do is add NTR disclaimer somewhere visible.


Or you could just play the demo since it already includes the tutorial. The first sentence when you open up the page is:


it’s kinda your own fault if you ended up not enjoying the content when it’s clearly said you should try the demo first.


Lol wtf? No someone should not have to play through a demo to get an eyeful of content they do not enjoy. There is a very good reason DLSITE has tags such as NTR, Guro, scat, gay etc. The dev is trying to hide the fact NTR is in this game by not mentioning it anywhere in the description that is visible at a glance that way he can profit off of more people. And how about the people that bought this game before NTR was included like me? No where on the page did it indicate NTR was included, so to include it like that warrants a refund since I make it not a point to support NTR creators.
Listen you either make fetish content or you make vanilla content, there is no halfsies with this kind of stuff. If dev wants to get into fetish content like NTR then he can go ahead but he can't be shocked and annoyed when vanilla fans get annoyed especially when it blind sides them.

(1 edit) (+2)(-4)

I wholeheartedly disagree we need a NTR content warning in the game, because one of the main aspect of NTR is the exploratory aspect and the surprise element.

Furthermore, the main focus of the game is ghost-hunting, and the NTR aspect is just part of the story plot. Placing NTR disclaimer would only mislead players to perceive this game is a NTR-focused game in the first sight. Players only need to know this is a ghost-hunting game, adding any other unnecessary wordings would only confuse everyone.

It's like watching Goblin Slayer, if the audience saw there's a "Rape disclaimer" before the show starts, they will wrongfully thought Goblin Slayer is a hentai anime. But its not a hentai anime, its a fantasy anime about goblin-hunting, but also includes rape scenes. Wrongfully adding disclaimers will only mislead the audience.

It's unfortunate that western audience has a terrible culture of selfishly demanding authors/developers, to add something in a story that the author/developer doesn't wish to add.



Being a ghost-hunting game and an NTR game are not mutually exclusive. Games can have dozens of different tags that describe them. It is much more ethical to include all potential controversial tags in the description of a game; that way, customers don't purchase something they would not be into hence why Dlsite, the biggest online h-game store, has an extensive tag system.
Btw your example with Goblin Slayer isn't that great. Anime and Hentai are two different forms of entertainment that hardly exist in the same libraries unless you deliberately search it out. And a rape disclaimer for goblin slayer would not be incorrect as it occurs in the first 10 minutes of the show. So no misleading is occurring, if anything its probably a good thing to include that way it doesn't cause issues for someone that has experienced sexual assault irl so they could avoid it.
Like I said before a better example was purchasing a beef burger and receiving a vegan burger.
And yeah I guess the west is selfish since we live in cultures where customer rights are protected. I'm sorry if your country doesn't have that, getting scammed is not fun.

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No, both of them are part of future game. There are here because I want to link most of my game stories. This game is about only about fucking ghosts and these recruits are just extras. For the love of God stop assuming I'm into NTR. By your logic I must love murdering random people on street because I love playing GTA games.

Ted doesn't care about Luna. I had to make it more obvious with dialogues. Especially in Spoilerish. Don't you think I would have added a simple dialog of him saying something about this like how he changes his dialogue after he knows about Harleen and Mac.  And there will be an update in the game where you will be able revive Wendy to be your actual girlfriend and act as your assistant.

I did tagged the game NTR it just attracted some shitty NTR saviors to the comment section. I have decided to simply ban anyone talking about NTR stuff but since you don't post shitpost like them I'm replying you.


Don't worry about these fools, just focus on doing this game well. They are all designed to manipulate your mindset

Why are there so many people complaining over the tone of a game? Its a game. Plus, what even is NTR?? 

Also please don't ban me for saying the acronym,  I'm genuinely asking because I don't know!

NTR is Netorare. It's a tag that is commonly used in Hentai/Doujins/H-Games to indicate that MC has their girl stolen from them.  Aka, cheating or cuckoldry. Some people really get off to it, while others REALLY despise it.

Thank you!


Your game is awesome LAGS!!!  Honestly can't wait for all the ghost and assistants you got planned, also if you could add more things like the delivery service that would be awesome. ;)


I feel bad that you keep getting flak but its not your fault. Make your game the way you want to, I'm here for the journey and enjoy seeing this game evolve. The fact you're thinking of future titles already gets me excited too, I love your characters and I hope the later games flesh them out some more. Will we see Ted and Wendy in your future games as well? Keep up the great work LAGS, don't let the haters keep you down!


why do people care about ntr in a video game

(1 edit) (+5)(-3)

Because they're losers, it's a porn game about fucking ghost why would ppl even care about ntr? not to mention and I may be wrong but lags has even said there isn't ntr and  ted doesn't give a shit about Luna at all.


Awesome game.
Gameplay is good, but probably some additions will make it even cooler. Maybe adding mechanics to update your equipment like with thermometer? For example audio update for cameras, ghost provoking for incense stick, update that duting hunt if ghost comes along  motion camera/video camera then player will get notification (it will help a lot at Asylum map and other bigger maps). For ghost`s mechanics can suggest something like totems that you need to destroy to weaken ghost or looking for special item on map that connected to ghost.  Second one can even even more interesting things for example you need to understand what is it that keeps ghost here, you need either make ghost talk or get writing with answer.

Level Design is cool. Last two maps was really interesting to explore. Will there be something like revision of Luna`s house and Croydon Mansion? Like adding new secrets to them or new rooms with new notes?

Story and Lore is interesting. I really like how you make character`s stories and that they are connected between themselves. TL origin story is looking very interesting. Looking forward to see others ghost`s stories or something like that.

Assistants/recruits design are cool.  Additional dialogs and appearances on locations after ghost hunt will be good ways. Maybe some more random encounters with them like Nina appearing sometimes at Sunflower City and telling us story about her, location and other characters. Will be cool to see Sabrina appear somewhere or is she hikki? There are the clocks in Ted`s house that gave me a idea about adding some time-related events for example waiting home will cause a new dialog or if you a spend long time after hunt at locations.

Ghosts have cool animations and visuals. I personally prefer visuals of TL, BM, Countlanak, Bansheep. Having a clothing rather than be naked gives a little a bit more story and more interesting, but it probably my kink or something. After capture pose a telling probably should be visible a little more after hunt. Adding third scene for TL  and adding transition animation for entering  alternative loop was generous (thank you). How long does it take to do one animation loop for you? What is the most hard task in making game?

Audio aspect of game currently is the weakest part of the game, but it not so much big of problem. It can be easily advanced to adding more ghost habits that you can hear (singing, heavy breathing, flash sounds and other) or some location-connected sound like trash bags sounds, rats, thunder during rain, some rustles, howl, dog barking, cat noises, radio.

Overall game is quite good. Sorry if difficult to read, English is not my native language and i didn`t write so much for a long time. Looking forward to see more updates and games from you. Good luck, LAGS.



There is a way to provoke a ghost to hunt early. For current update it's removed. The ghost mechanics is going to be same as it heavily taken from Phasmophobia. But there will be a ghost which will be different from these ghost that will require such method to capture.

There will not be much changed in older maps but I may add some pages that player can collect. These pages will have stories about ghost's origin or a way to get there secret animation.

I know but drawing ghost with cloth is little dreadful. It took me so much time to draw Bansheep , Countlanak and Weseen as they have long cloths and Bansheep has two layers of transparent cloths. Compare to them other two were way to easy.

I will see how I can improve on audio aspect of this game.

Is there a way to buy this game from Russia ?

Due to the war sanctions, its unfortunate there's no legal way to obtain the game from Russia at this moment.

I heard rumors there are people who support game development by donating in Bitcoins. Maybe supporting the game development via bitcoin transfer?  Just an idea of my own.

(1 edit)

Hi LAGS. It's very awesome game.and i have some questions. I search all maps but cant found password for locked sex room in Asylum and dont know what to do with girl in Sunflower City Streets after u catched the ghost. Then i click E to talk with her i just saw her name and empty dialog cloud . Oh yea and never catched Conjurer and Casa-obake. Is it possible to find 'em in this version? 

(1 edit)

The locked sex room in Asylum hasn't complete its development yet.

Regarding the girl in Sunflower City, you have to unlock the secret in Asylum first before able to take her quest.

Hint: Take a look at the mannequins.

Ty bud. I already unlocked mannequins' secret in Alysum and got a reward. So my path lies in Sunflower City


js throwin it out there because I had the same issue u gotta play on English and not spoilerish to interact with the girl in sunflower city. That was my original problem hope it helps


oh gosh dude its really helped! ty very much

Weird, I play in spoilerish and yet I didn't encounter such bug 🤔


Sex room is not suppose to be access at the moment. The empty dialogue box glitch is fixed in the latest version. Those ghosts are not yet implemented.

Out of curiosity, do you ever plan to add these games to a bigger platform like steam?

Getting on Steam platform is a good choice, but Steam is known for being very biased against anime-style adult games. Many Japanese adult-genre game dev tried to get onto Steam platform, but they often get banned outright in reviewing phase.

Are you able to switch platforms? Itchio app has better UI than Steam app.


I don't have plan to put this on Steam.

I have a question. Do you plan on working a new update or something else...? (Just asking)

Yes, the new update is on the way, here's the link:

I think Itchio has a bug, players can't seem to be notified of new updates. Try following LAGS to get updates of game development?

Go spread the word around, the new update is on the way.

Is the MC's name Ted, or Tachi? So many names lol, I think a couple of girls I am mixing up too


Call him Tachi, Spoilerish is like, SUPERCANON

lol ok, I kind of just go with the flow at this point. I only know of that assistant everyone keeps talking about lmao

LAGS, if you don't mind me asking, how is progress going along for 0.1.2, or how close are you to its release

(2 edits) (+1)

0.1.1 only been updated 2 weeks ago, 

Considering the time needed to create new animations, write new storylines, bugtesting, bugfixing, coding experimental stuff and etc. Need to put some considerations on figuring out the release date.

The art progress of new characters is currently at 66%, 

But some aspects of the new updates haven't started it's progress yet, like the game mechanics of new characters + Jennifer Foster's Poker game + Tablet content + Luna's new outfit & animation + the new map creation of Evergreen Academy + New scenarios in Evergreen Academy,

Realistically I think 0.1.2 will be released in late October, or slightly earlier than that.

(3 edits) (+1)

It’s nice to see that despite adding a content waring to the page and people saying “it will sell less if people don’t like the content”, the bundle is still selling really well. Over 4000$ at this point and it’s still going. Really goes to show that the game will continue to sell regardless of the content added. It’s great that LAGS gets rewarded for the ammount of effort he has put into making this game.

how i can get the soul of wendy?


It's just a spoiler at the moment.

Lags, can you update the gallery next update? I mean I know of the ghosts to the left at home base, but I read a lot about secrets and hidden messages lol. I am a simple guy and like to make sure I unlock everything and easy access to it after I unlocked it ;)


It seems you missed my post where I mention Sabrina giving you a software like animation gallery.

Sorry I didn't comb through everything. How do I get that?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

This is the software you will be getting from Sabrina. Any time you see an animation and interact with one it will be unlocked. It will help you as a check list of animations to unlock. Although 2-3 animations will be super secret and will only be revealed if interacted with it.

(1 edit) (-1)

Where do you get this from Sabrina, I unlocked her and cant find the software.

I believe Lags means it will be coming in an update.

Thanks LAGS, I appreciate that. Will continue to buy your games!


So just a question, is there a way to turn the page on the gostpedia? i only have a short list.


think i got it figured out, those aren't implemented yet, and i still kinda suck at ghost hunting.

(2 edits)

Remember everytime when you found out what type of ghost she is, go to "Conclusion",

And pick the type of ghost you have deduced. For instance, click "Powerghost" when you deduced this premise was being haunted by "Powerghost".

When you deduce it right, you earn a good amount of coins as reward. 

However, if you guessed the ghost type wrongly, you won't get any reward from "Identify the ghost".

But still, as long as you pick the right ghost in the "Conclusion", before the identity of the ghost is revealed, the reward still counts even if the ghost knocked you out.

Therefore, that's how you identify the ghost, have fun playing "Lustful Spirit Hunt"!

Deleted 111 days ago
(1 edit) (+2)(-14)

How absolutely heartbreaking that this brilliantly executed in its simplicity 2D Phasmophobia game, where you sexo the ghosts to exorcise them,  is polluted by cuckshit. Even worse is how hamfisted it is -  from what I garnered in the comments above you shamelessly admit that you added it solely as a selling point for the game.
I had such a high estimation of you as a lewd games dev,  LAGS, I followed you silently since SurVive, but decided to delay checking this game out until it's about halfway into development. So I did it this week, because I got tired of waiting on news for Hailey's Treasure Adventure.
I really had a plan for buying this game and HTA after they're finished. But now I simply... won't. I can't stand cuckshit, no matter what flavor/who's cucking/who's the one cucked/what are the relationship implications etc. Cuckshit is cuckshit and it's all just an awful, morally masochistic, pathetic numale fetish.
I'm more likely to tolerate you adding scat to the game. I'd rather have the ghosts literally SHIT on the player character than see this inane cuck nonsense with Chad Thundercock - sorry, Mac - and all the other instances of hamfisted cheating (including the MC doing it). 
You may not even realize this, but you've already mired yourself within a downward spiral of catering to cucks now, because they fly to NTR like flies to shit. And like flies on shit; it's veeeery hard to chase them away. So you're a NTR developer now.  Congratulations! There's no going back. Enjoy whatever money you make from this brilliant financial decision.

As a final nail to the coffin, you should add a final-final scene where Wendy, after getting returned to life, gets impregnated by Ted and promptly has her fetus crushed in the womb and aborted by Mac's superior, gigantic cock.  It's the pinnacle of NTR - your new audience will love it!


you shut up, fucking man


I aren't reading allat essay 🗿


How absolutely heartbreaking that people whine and cry so vehemently about things they don't like in porn rather than just moving on.  It's kinda hilarious how pathetic people are, or it would be if it weren't just plain sad.  

(2 edits) (+1)(-9)

What an insipid, recycled answer. Obviously the reason for the "whining and crying" is a single ingredient spoiling an otherwise great experience. But it's clear you lack the imagination to relate and can instead only regurgitate the same, overused "argument". By they way; things are perfectly capable of being both pathetic and sad - exactly how  cuck apologists desperately defending the NTR shit that spoils this game are. 


Imagine actually self inserting in porn LMAO.



You're watching someone else fuck somebody that you're not. All porn is "cuckshit."


I'm convinced you played the game thinking it was vanilla  only to get a face full of NTR. In which case that's hilarious, I've never seen someone's ego be so distressed over a game, you make the worst of competitive game players look like saints. Keep being you man, I should print out one of your essays and hang it on a wall to help remind me that I can never be as pathetic of a person as you.


Bruh, In the first place Ted just sees Luna as an onahole. Its canon that Ted prefers Wendy over Luna. So take a chill pill, because A. Luna is Ted's bitch not his SO and B. Its a game. If you want a sense of superiority play something else ffs. 


Friend will treat himself... talked a lot and talked shit... day to day life is enough, now he wants to come to dictate rules, enjoy the game if it's not your thing, follow your path.

(1 edit) (+5)
I discovered a sex toy shop in Taiwan that has a sexy ghost theme that closely resembles Lustful Spirit Hunt!


 The religious chants on the giant yellow ofuda 

1. "Lusting is fapping, fapping is shooting"

2. "Oh the heavens, Oh the earth.  Haiyaku, Please do not stop!"

3. "Accumulate Yin Yin morals" (note: in Yinyang theory, vagina belongs to yin, so it means accumulate vaginal powers)

4. "Breakthrough the purple palace!" (Purple palace is the pun for womb)

The Ring Sex Toy ad,

1. Suppress your semen tension in ghost month!

2. Purchase to a certain price, you will receive, Virgin Urine Lubricant ( Note: A virgin's urine is believed to have exorcizing effect)

                                                                                                        Exorcizing Water Gun (It's a blurred squirting dildo)

3. Free ofudas for customers!

The ofudas,

1. "Having a desire? Getting hard is guaranteed!"

2. "Gaining good luck everytime when encountering boobs!"

3. "Be submissive and breedable!"

4. "Unleashing desires!"

5. "Banish and fuck devils!" (A pun for "Do you want to fuck?")



Why Wendy suddenly became hotter?

Please fix poker mini game. How does a pair beat a straight. Like wtf. It's hard enough that the opponent are apparrently psychics that always know where you have Butt Queen card, but to also get beat when you have the winner hand.

You can beat the psychic by clicking a certain area repeatedly

Beat cheaters with cheat!

What function does this have?

Developer (1 edit)

Let's say you have set it to yes and you get Banshee which you have already caught, the game will run another code to select ghost one more time and this time whatever ghost is selected (including) Banshee will be there in the map.

So, is it correct to understand that if I caught a ghost called “a” in my last mission and this ghost “a” appears again, the random ghost selection code will work once again, increasing the probability of another ghost?

How can i get Luna x Mac after i got Wendy's Vessel, by the way i have already seen and did the animation in the previous update in this new update , but i couldn't unlocked in the gallery.  Tess too i  sow her animation in Hillford Asylum but i couldnt trigger her animation in Croydon Home 

what should i do ?

sorry for my poor english 


You have erase possessed items data from option menu. It will delete soul orb and haunted doll data. About Tess's croydon animation, that was coded a long time ago and I forgot that animation existed. I will increase it's odd of appearing in upcoming update.

How do you get Wendy’s vessel idk were to look are were the clues are

Deleted 109 days ago

I'm actually adding stuff related to story of my future game. In that game your choices will affect the availability of the character. I'm just using all my other project like a walkthrough for their quests.

is there a place for change logs between updates ? 


Check devlogs. They usually have all the changes made in an update.

Will one day down the road be a cheat to unlock the full gallery? I am losing my mind with some of these locked animations >.>


More efforts being put into Mac then the MC or ghost hunting now. What a shame that its actually just become a NTR focused game 


says the guy that asked a dev to add an “option to change skin color” because the protagonist had dark skin. Not gonna lie, out of all the weird shit i have seen you guys post that one is the worst.


Oh no, how dare someone want to play as someone who looks like them.

(1 edit) (+3)

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe the character you're playing as wasn't intended to be a self-insert but instead their own character?


just imagen this argument on any other game… “Man i wish i could change the skin color of the MC in The Walking Dead, otherwise i can’t enjoy the game if he doesn’t look like me”.


LAGS, dude. I'm blind af, and can't see your patreon. Do you even have it? Or how can i support you? Except buying your games, cause already did that, and i think that's too little of a support

(1 edit)

Iirc, Itchio allows users to use the donation button by configuring payments.

Otherwise the other way is buying the game again.


I think they are talking about Payment button.

Will this game come to android at all?


Once it's done 100% for PC.

Will there be some cheat for the coins? Not that I really like to cheat but the money system was really weird, sometimes I got 2000 for no reason and now I am at -350


You lose money if you trigger tall lady's secret animation. I think it also happens with You-Rei? but I gotta confirm that.


You don't know the aspects of your own game? xD


I add stuff and make changes to them frequently.  I remember I was planning to get to game over screen after YouRei's secret animation but not sure if I went through with it. I have to check games code but my laptop is being repaired.


I really want to buy from Russia, the store does not accept Russian cards, how can I purchase the product?


I'm working on releasing it on DLSite. I hope that site still supports purchases from Russia.

Unfortunately it's still impossible to buy on  DLSite with a russian cards. I wish it could be on Steam.
Really enjoy the game, especially the character storytelling with more ways than just text, and the fact that the story is not just about you as the protagonist, which only deepens the perception of the world and characters

when will there be and android version

Yes, LAGS already told somewhere in comunity that android version will come out, when PC version will be 100% done

(1 edit) (-3)

I discovered Tall Lady cosplay! (supposedly)

Harmless and innocent in the bathtub,

Her fantia account (Japanese Patreon),


Good God man that's not tall lady, that's big fat chubby no no no no no no!! NO!

People have their own depictions and they are free to do so but this is not my taste. 

Tbh I've faced a "Tall Lady" perse she was a volleyball player... They are fucking tall. 


Hi LAGS. Do u planning post ur game in Steam? I think it'll be great!


I agree on that. Consider spreading your masterpiece on multiple platforms in the future ;)


I might try when I will be uploading it to DLSite.

LAGS ... Quais são seus planos atualmente? Teremos mais LSH em breve ou você está focado em um novo jogo? Eu gosto muito do College Brawl, seria muito legal fazer uma versão com essas características que você tem agora ...


I will be working on HTA to complete Hailey's story then will add 3 more maps to this game. It would have been CB remake instead of this game but I was learning state machines and path finding at that time. It's going to be far better than the original.

(1 edit)

How do I switch Wendy's vehicles? I 've done the quest in college, and now the body of Faith lies in the empty room.I could investigate her, but there was no follow-up. My Wendy is still in the doll, how can I continue?

I solved it. The replacement method is to return to the position of the first vehicle and pick up the soul ball again.

By the way,how to unlock the animation of the haunted doll?I 've recruited Lust


You will need all two parts of the doll. One is in sunflower city and the other one is in the asylum map.

What scenes are you talking about, I wonder? I didn’t seem to meet, can you throw off a photo, if it doesn’t make it difficult?


There are three scenes with haunted doll. They will only happen if you have both part of doll, it's body and it's penis. Once you have both part it will have animations with a sex toy, Sabrina and Lust if they are unlocked.

Ah, as it turns out, I already discovered these scenes 🙃

Hey guys, do you have any idea how to move the code from Unity to Godot?

I heard that moving the Unity code to Unreal Engine solves the whole thing easily, but I don't know the details.

Unity CEO John Riccitiello sold his stocks before making this announcement, so he is receiving death threats now.

(2 edits)

Not sure how helpful this is, I found this on github, that claims it can switch from Unity to Unreal Engine.

The developer of ProjectExodus is still active

Found one more, 


I probably go with Godot as it has C#. I tried Unreal back when I was making a 3D horror game for mobile device but... I didn't understand a thing.

I discovered this Unity to Godot importer,


Thank you, but it's just assets. There are many scripts, presets that used Unity based so will need to manually port it. A painfully slow process.

Sad to know about that...

I hope this can help with the script.

Any ETA on the new update?


Right now working on my other project so there is no clear ETA for this game.

question, i bought the game through dlsite, then i found out it's here on and uncensored.  is there a patch of sorts that could be applied?


I will create a patch after this upcoming update. As current version still has Poker game it's causing little problems.

Lags missing something new... How are the projects going? Looking forward to seeing something new, whether it's an already released game or something new.


I'm working on HTA with some part of Annie's story right now. I don't know how much time it is going to take. If Unity takes another dumb move I might wanna rethink about continuing development of these game on their engine.


The unity move was incredibly stupid. Take your time if you feel unsafe using the engine though its definitely going to take a while to to move everything to a new engine.


It's a real shame because I have learnt so many things on this engine that I was confident tease my future titles. Now if I think I may not be making or will make waterdown version them. Reflection, Magic Ring, HTA 2 and Survive 2.

(1 edit)

LAGS, so apparently unity announced that the fee will only be applicable to the next LTS version of unity so its safe to say that the future titles you teased, the games you've published/released are away from harm's way, this also means you wont be necessarily be learning C++ or what programming language you are planning on learn inorder to change studios tho its optional if you want to learn them just incase unity goes haywire again.


Yeah, they sent email to all users on few hours later it was announced.  With how the backlash was from big devs they had to do it or else everyone would have switch to another engine. With their decision to walkback, I'm considering staying on Unity because I want to make those titles as I have envision.

LAGS what will be updated first? LSH or HTA? Apparently this month of October we will have news. My birthday month, I'm happy about it...

(1 edit)

Happy B-Day month!

thanks bro


LSH with one new map and two ghosts. Then HTA with Annie Level 1.


My favorite game... I really like your work, waiting for the release to buy.

i have a question about the possessed mannequin at one of the levels, is there a actual way to capture or banish her in some way?

Yes, you may experiment with it

can you tell me? i've tried all my banishment tools and can't seem to do anything about it, or if there is a walkthrough page that would be helpful too

If I remember correctly, its the water?

Oh yeah, i did the demon one, i was talking about the people inside the store lmfao, i thought i could do something about them, thanks for the help though

Oh I think she's not being possessed, just carrying out her NTR plot routine

Oh- yeah i thought i had to save her or something lmao


They are only there because in Magic Ring, I was planning to add a sex mini game if you work part time at that store. If you work at night there was higher chance of Rebecca to come to the store demanding sex as she brought so many items. But this idea is scrapped now.

Deleted 61 days ago

It's actually a joke. They are visible for us, player. In Ted's POV they are obscured by darkness and he can't figure out if they are human or not.

cómo veo la galería??


You will get gallery app after finding Sabrina.

Cómo entro a la puerta del portal de evergreen university??


You must interact with them to change the combination. Using the correct combinations will highlight the portal. There is a hint you can find in Luna's bedroom, one text hint in class 4-1 or 4-2 and some hints can be seen under UV light in left wing of the university.

Si ya entre al portal pero lo que no sé es como entro a la puerta que está dentro de el portal, solo me pone que la puerta está bloqueada y se desbloquear en la galería si interactuo con ellos y no entiendo 😔


Do you mean the locked double doors? Yes, it's key is not available in any of the current maps.

Es esa la puerta a la que me refiero 😺

Yes, that one. It's not available right now.

aa con razón, Gracias 😅

Really sorry if you have been asked this like 100 times, but I was wondering if you ever have any plan to release LSH or HTA and future games on Steam (even if not until there 1.0). I remember seeing you say something along those lines for LSH buried somewhere in these threads and hoped you would as it would be nice to have them on there for multiple convenient reasons, plus you would reach a wider audience thus receive more support (I believe so anyway). I you're not, that's alright. I just wanted to know if I should wait for them there or buy them here. Keep up the beautiful work and don't burn yourself out.

Steam has a large monopoly and getting into it requires reviews from strangers. The Steam review team has a strong bias against anime-style hentai games, many Japanese hgames were permanently denied access in Steam as the result. It takes luck mostly for anime-style hgame to get into Steam.

My best advice so far is switching to Itch app when playing this game. The chances for a anime-style hgame of getting into Steam is rather low, due to strong bias against Japanese culture among the review team.

I don't know where you got that idea from because I can list like 15 games of the top of my head that fit under "Anime-Style hentai games" on Steam. Matter of fact, I can name 3 publishers that do just that.

(1 edit)

Which three publishers?

You mean like Kagura? That's grey area business operation.

They take out the hentai element out of the game, then publish the game as non-hentai game on Steam.

Players then download the hentai version dlc from Kagura website.

Of course, Kagura take commissions from providing service like that.

It's very shady because Steam gives a blind eye when there are publishers doing this. Then bans indies for doing this without publisher.

I also mean like Critical Bliss and Mango Party, who provide what you pay for. Then there are other games who use neither of those publishers or publish their game themselves.


I would like to get them out of work in progress state before thinking about releasing it on Steam.

Fair enough, take your time, can't rush perfection. Either way, thank you for your contributions to the dgen market and keep up the great work.

LAGS... It is possible, whenever there was an update for those who buy the game to have an option for character images. With good image quality, like wallpaper?


Sorry, I don't plan on making wallpapers for game yet. Maybe sometime in future.

LAGS I can't wait for the update, after about how long it will be ready

Don't worry, my dear, if the LAGS admin taught us anything, it is that if the wait is long, the succulence that the next update brings is perfect =3 ... plus it takes time to program, design and have the inspiration to do that, personally I understand that, so it is better to wait for a job well done than to deliver something with many errors =v

Hi, great game, just want to know how safe is the payment for the game? Any other people had any issues or such? Just wanna be a 100% sure is all. 


Yes, I think itch also have app on Epic Game store.

I checked it does, thank you!

Are there any other places I can follow you on (ie Twitter, Patreon, etc.) ? Really like your games/art but this seems to be the only place I can follow you on.


Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have other social media platform and don't intend to.


Hey LAGS, it's me once again.

I'm looking for all the secrets behind animations and so on.

But I would like to know if the secret animations are available in the gallery or not, I have already unlocked some but from what I noticed I can only see them when I activate them, in the case when I defeat the ghost under the necessary conditions. Anyway, are all the animations available in the gallery?

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Yes, my point of them being hidden so player would find them and share there secrets with other but almost all of the secrets were unveiled in just 3 days after update released.

Yes, all animation are there except the love cabin ones. I have made far more animations considering Mayscape in this update but later only made Shepherd's house and launched.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hello, (using a translator as always XD) Just to thank the LAGS admin for his good and hard work, as he provides us with very good content and correcting the errors. I admit that it was difficult to get the characters since I don't speak 100% English but I understand the basics.

I think the change in the dynamics of the mini-game was a good idea, since it was difficult for me to beat the penultimate character (Could it be possible that an ejaculate option is available in the victory animations? It's my recommendation XD)

¡¡¡THANK YOU FOR THE CHARACTER WENDY!!! (I love tall women XD) PD: I hope this information is canon since it will save you controversy XD

Now LAGS, I recommend that you relax for a long time since if I understand correctly, the canon update is approaching and that implies many things, since the characters and the story will already be official (and I already see the controversy coming again XD). So ignore the messages for a while since they don't always bring something good, maybe take a look at the good comments to get inspired because if it's tiring to make a video game, just for now, I say goodbye, have a good Halloween =D



Yes, so anyone wanting soul orb can just beat one opponent and get the code.

Wendy was always going to replace Luna but it was suppose to happened after you complete Rose's quest. Originally you were suppose to beat her in poker game which will make her appear on Mayscape apartment level. She would task you with getting the letter you find in the asylum safe. After that an NPC would appear on Sunflower streets giving you more info on what she is looking for. After that she would leave a note behind with passcode to the which has soul orb.

The tall lady is one of my favorite characters I have created. As I've said, I have already planned Wendy being Ted's wife in future. You will also appear as cameo in a quest in Magic Ring.

Those who have problem with NTR content and decided to voice their opinion in that way only have made me cut a lot of content such as Rose's quest, Melanie as recruit, Luna's animations after you replace her, Ruth's doll as Wendy's vessel and parody porn website.


this is your story and your game no one else has the right to tell you whats right and whats wrong NTR or not im till going to keep playing, thx for all of your hard work


Don't listen to anyone, do as you want. It’s only the offended who react to NTR this way.🙃  After all, it’s really just a game, not real life... I don’t understand such people...

(1 edit) (+5)

You can't satisfy everyone. Today they don't like one thing, tomorrow another, it'll be endless, as everyone wants to see their own perfect game. Nor fan or hater of NTR, but I surely like how it make characters in your game unpredictable in their action, while their interacting between each others, as well as characters background and some mort of character development through the game.

(1 edit) (+4)

I havn't stood still at all with the NTR thing, I've been more busy enjoying some ghost Pussy/ass to the point I kind of forget Luna
Wendy so far has the better poses  and more appeal to me. Only in hentai doujin where NTR really hammers on said person who gets NTRed I don't like it but in Lustful Spirit I find it barely  note worthy.

As others have said it's your game, make it how you want it, Main thing you should listen/read are bug feedback.
I rather have a game that works/functions proper than starting a fight over the contents. People need to learn to ignore things they dont like or just take the loss and still try to enjoy it best you can.

I am glad to know that the majority of us present have a completely stable perception of reality =v. So my dear LAGS, take a break, develop the game your way and don't forget that you have people who support you ;D. And dear non-toxic player, do not forget to support the development of the game with your positive comments/constructive criticism.  PS: Team Wendy forever >=D

How did you get len ? I have never seen this character in my playthrough.  


Because she is in the secret version of new map. You will need to cause a power outage in the city map with different means.

Lo intento comprar pero cuando le doy a pagar no pasa nada y se queda así, ayudaaa


For this issue, please contact support.

ok gracias 

ya lo pude comprar pero no se como traducirlo al español ayudaaa xfa

De momento no existe la versión al español, solo esta en su idioma original (Ingles) y Chino (creo) mas idiomas serán añadidos en un futuro (eso espero XD)

Alguien sabe cómo conseguir el código de la caja fuerte del asiló esq lo llevo buscando pero nomás no lo encuentro 


It's in the map itself. Specifically in one of the nurses room. It's not directly written like other codes so you have to decode using the photo.

Is there a guide to all the secret animations?

There`s beautiful person who`s working in wikifandom page, most of information you can find there

Thank you so much <3

how to own sadrina ????

Have you seen this?

this game is really cool. 

(1 edit)

Hello LAGS, i've noticed that some people have len/liz in some of their screen shot, how can i unlock this character ? I've read that their is a thing to do with a secret of the Sheperd household but i can't find this "secret". Can you help me please ? 

Edit : On the wiki we can read 

What is this secret version of the map ? 

Go to Sunflower City Streets and pour cum water at the powerbox, it will change the Shepherd Household map. You can do it again to revert the change.

Hey LAGS, could you let me know how things are going? What will we see this month or maybe this year? I like the interaction you have with fans of your work.


Sorry! Work on this is on hold until I drop few updates for HTA.

any social media like twitter (X😒)..?

I only found YT

(37) LAG Studios - YouTube

question, i know youre not programmer but all ilustrations are from you? are you graphic designer or something like that? i want to learn :)


As a kid I used to draw better than others so it came in handy I could say. My pixel art was no good though and it took me a while to get it better. If you see my video about a game called Magic Ring and compare it's sprite to this game and you will know.

Is it possible that this game is for android?

It will be, after PC version is complete

If I buy a game, will it be updated?


If you buy game, you will have access to future updates. The game doesn't update itself like Steam so you will need to download the new update to play.

Hi LAGS... I don't know if you care much about the financial issue but I had an idea. I noticed that on the DL website, the people who create games are making simple games with the theme where the main character is in a mansion, school or something like that and has enemies that prevent him from escaping from there. Something similar to LSH but the character remains there against several enemies. A simple game, not too long or complex, even using a character that you have already created from your universe, a new protagonist. With the quality you have, I'm sure you'll make a lot of money there. I'm going to buy it myself to support as I always do, but it would be better for you to post it there and after a while you post it here on the website. A suggestion from a person who is a fan of your work.


I don't know because most projects I have come up with gameplay longer than an hour. But if the game is going to be exciting to make I will definitely do it even if it has short gameplay of few minutes.

Yes Lags... With the skill and creativity you have, I believe that this concept I told you about a simple game like you did with CB (I love the concept of beating everyone up and then doing what you want with the girl ) and his artistic style will be as successful as it always is. Like I said, I'm a fan, and I will always support.


Hi LAGS, I just wanted to make a post saying I really appreciate your efforts.  You're one of the best artists I've seen yet.


Thank you!

Will you release a version for Android?


I will try once 100% of PC is done.

Thanks for responding, I'll be waiting for it when it comes out. Hey, I hope you give my ideas for HTA a chance or use them for a new game with the same gameplay style (Platform, as you fight enemies and they try to fuck you)...

Hey LAGS, how are you? I miss seeing an update on one of your games. Let us know if we will have anything for the rest of the year or just for January.