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my total of camera video or picture is always 1 at the start of a match. even if i bought 4 earlier

in the second mode of text. she as the wrong description. that the conjurer . i check and it repeted for the conjurer.

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she still move around after been captured

you can have sex with tess and the ghost at the same time 

"soulOrb":0 va enlever wendy et remetre luna

oui si tu veux la ravoir va falloir editer le save file

luna s'en vas que tu a wendy 

weseen if your knock  her out with candles and dont capture her . she will be immune after

nina go see her right after investigation, tess at university

i cant figure how to find her
i got tall wendy and doll wendy

buy a lot of food and honey

is there a place for change logs between updates ? 

Rose will tell you the code after winning the poker game. it change after each reboot. 

if you already won use the poker gallery

if your having sex with tess robot and tess leave to have sex with the other guy in asylum. you will be hard lock and cant do anything after. need to altf4

if you press E 

here i redo it just for you :P while capturing the ghost. a delivery girl si waiting in the van

if you have the delivery girl in your truck and you capture a ghost . you will have progress bar

it happen if you dont select the ghost on the evidence page. you dont get the point if you dont select it BEFORE banishing 

Gloria thermo buff dont work with willy-wisp

on  Sunflower City Streets , you dont have Gloria 

How do you unlock tess ?

if you are too late you can also use a incense stick to stun the ghost during her hunt and stab her

the temperature on the second map is incorrect. i had a freezing temp for a powerghost . not freezing for countlanak and an other ghost i forgot with one where the the only temp different was 1 room at 8c . and it wasnt the ghost room 

i think we are missing the voice recorder in the last patch 

or you can just stab her when she start to hunt. before she teleport to a mirror 

there a bug with EMF reader, if you own more than one . sometime you will have the beep of the emf but not the value on the emf reader. you need to throw it down and pick it back up for it to work