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A topic by cyGO_ED created Aug 15, 2023 Views: 1,054 Replies: 7
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How can I access the delivery girls animations?

buy a lot of food and honey

Scene for BJ requires 400 worth food delivery. But, if you don`t engage with the girl, and spend another 400 (Total 800) you can get another scene. If not mistaken, there are 5 different girls with 2 animations each, but they`re all the same

what food should i get

I don't remember exactly, but 2 last positions, like sushi and honey

On les achète ou?

On peut les achèter si on interage avec Wendy, en deuxième lieu on appuyer "buy items", et on les achètes dans la 3ème page (pardon pour mes erreurs ortographiques, je ne suis pas français)

ok merci