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Thanks for the idea. I hope Hailey will feel the same way.

Unfortunately, the first update of the rebuilt game will have only one level to test it on android.

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Planning to have two purposes for masturbation. First, if Hailey's  caught by enemies while masturbating, she will not lose any health. Second purpose will be she can avoid laying eggs(which reduces a bit of health).


Yes, will increase the agro range whenever she's masturbating.

Don't share ideas yet. I might forget them later. I will let everyone know when I'll be working on the remastered.

Unfortunately yes.

Currently finishing HTA. Once that is finished will work on remastered version of this game.

Yes, development is finished for this game.

Are you playing demo? If yes, you will need to set monitor refresh rate to 60Hz. This issue is resolved in the latest update but I haven't updated the demo yet.

There are two honey makers at close range in level 18 and 19. Honey makers in level 18 would be easier to trigger the animation.


That achievement is not implemented yet. If you have potions in your inventory, when Hailey loses all of her health you will get an option to "Revive" on game over screen.

Yes. You need to copy the data and achievement files to "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\Haileys' Treasure Adventure\". But make a backup before overwriting files.

I didn't know that. I make them like that because sometimes they die after stinging.

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Can't tell the exact date, rebuilding levels and scripts again to make it compatible for more Android devices.


C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\Hailey Teasure Adventure\

Not implemented yet.

You can get a 3p (2 honey makers and player) in level 21. For goblin's you have to find a secret place in level 19.

2) Gameplay is good but these puzzle will make it even better. And there will be specific theme for some level which will make game more challenging.

4) Zoom feature will return for PC version.

5) It will be removed for PC version. Just need to manage the jump and rope function while on ground. 

3) I have seen the editor.log after exporting a build. Almost 95% of game size was taken by images. The reason for that is I have made levels on Krita. Sliced them into smaller images and resized them so that they will appear sharp. So by default if unity is using size 2024 I have to double if for some level sprites to 4048. Same with characters sprites.  I used the image below for idle animation in last build. The size of the image is 400x700 while actual sprite size is 70x300 or something. So even though there is no information in the blank space the image is going to consume larger space(and there are 1000+ frames like this including all skins and sex animations). This time I have cropped image to perfect size and making a tile set for level so that I will be able to design a level in unity.

Don't know, may be until Christmas.

Going to make a group for testing the builds when remaking CB Remastered. Will tell you and few others when I do.

I'm going to rebuild the game adding new level sprites, more puzzles and better control.

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I agree that they were useful features but while playing it on Android I find it difficult to grab ropes while in air. And the drone zoom feature is removed as I do not want anything that is out side of the camera view.

These feature will come back in PC version where it is lot easier to use them.


There is no difference between v1.0.1 and 0.3.x. There is a save/load window bug which is resolved.

I'm rebuilding scripts and map for PC and Android. Characters and enemies sprites will be same. Levels sprites will receive improvements and there will be more puzzles in game. It will be available for android first(As I'm sure PC can definitely run this game). Only thing that I'm planning to scrap is drone zoom mode(camera view range will be a little wider).

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The game is not well optimized for all Android devices. It does run well for me without any problem. Plus the levels load early compare to my laptop. Give me sometime, I'm remaking it with better graphics(background)and more puzzles.

Download the files with .apk extensions. There should be 2 variants of apk files. If you want this game only for android and haven't bought it yet. Please wait until a newly created game is uploaded. I will let you know when it's ready.

What issue you are facing?

That will be done in remastered edition.

Yes. It will work but still make sure you backup your save first.

There seems be some confusion here. 2P means player and enemy bot 2 enemies. 

The only difference is that 0.2.2 is using 16 bit and canvas is low resolution.  If your device support version 0.2.1 then you don't need 0.2.2.

The demo version only has three levels.

The game crashed for me at the first level too when the Graphic API were set to manual. I think I need to optimize the game properly. 

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Yes all animations available for 0.2.1 version are there. I have tested that repeatedly, I was able to unlock AssAssIn animation. Let him finish with your PC.

Please check the 16 bit version again. I have reduced the size of canvas gem stones were using when you crack them.

Once first level loads full version create same number of cache files as demo. Try the 16bit version and let me know if it works. Bruhnut reported that it works until breaking a stone.

Hello, could you check the 16 bit version just uploaded. Let me know if it works.

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The game works in my device but doesn't seem to work in other people's device. I have reuploaded it. Please check and let me know it works.

Oddly enough the game is loading on my older phone. But it has it's bug such as some images don't load, PC flashes when moving and game crashed after a while.  I have uploaded save files. Extract them to your Android data folder. If that doesn't work I would like to know your device model and specs.

That should not happened. Are you sure you are not using demo version by mistake?  If you are using the correct version then can you share your device model number and specifications?

That's odd.  Does your device has enough space? There was one user who faced similar issue for survive game.

If you have enough space, then try downloading the zip file containing android version.