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For now, you will have to make Hailey lay an egg near Annie.

What photos you have trouble unlocking?

Please be patient, I'm mainly focused on ghost game right now. Once it's updated will shift my attention on this game.

I can't provide any certain date until some more work is done. Right now working on the ghost hunting game but shift my focus back to HTA once an update is done.

The game is going to stay 2$ and if you buy it anytime you will not have to pay for updates again.

I think I have removed it but I have stated earlier that remake will replace this version so if you have purchased it you don't have to pay for normal remake version again. This old version will be available to in demo section after remake is uploaded.

Yes, it's playable. Upcoming version will be v0.1.

They are passive abilities. You have to purchase it's effect each time you complete a level. In the case above, if she has sex with any creature if will heal Hailey's health

You have complete hunting mission with those girls.

Hoping to get this current update by the last week of Feb.

Yes, you will be able to download it without purchasing it again as long as this game is available here.

After updating the version, it will be worked on but not as much as I am doing now until HTA 0.7 is done.

You will find it during exploration if you encounter a npc called Sam. Leona have higher chances of finding her.

Please be patient. I want to update the new ghost game first then will shift my focus completely to this game.

I did not get want you mean by original server.

Yes, I want to complete current version of the new project then will focus on this game only.

You will find it on the contract board.

Yes, it's still being worked on.

You have to press 'Stomp Key' to jump off the rope or release it. It's explained in the tutorial in first level but it is easily missed when people slide down the rope.


I was trying a path finding solution so they would follow players on ropes and cliffs but it failed so replacing it with some other enemy.

I am improving on second language system so that players can translate game themselves (I would be simply using machine translator) or write dialogues themselves.

I can't do much about difficulty because it wasn't planned in the first place. I will try something in the future for spike up the difficulty a bit.

People are going to find ways to get around copy protection so it's best I don't waste time into that. Besides I have examples of people liking this game so much bought it after playing an unofficial version.

It is a sprite that will come along with the 3rd missing girl. I was not suppose to be visible if she is not found.

There is no gameplay of her in current version but you can lay an egg near her.

Well, thank you for reporting it. Will have it fixed in upcoming update.

I will make an Android version but as I have two projects at once so must wait before it's complete for PC.

No, it's just taking me longer to update.

I have a YouTube channel where I will make a community post before an update.

Thank you! Will make changes but they will be reflected in upcoming update.

Will solve that in upcoming update.

Well could do that but my intention here was player would be able to read the whole conversation while moving or doing something. Maybe assigning 'Run/Space button' would do the trick.

More 20 days maybe. Added more stuffs to upcoming update.

It's really good idea but it will make it stand out more. Could use is for a special ghost though that doesn't appear in ghost list.

It is being worked on please be patient.

There is no way of doing that. They must have edited save file or modified game.

Thank you very much for reporting them I will address some in right now and update the game.

I've strictly made it for 16:9 ratio so you might face problems while playing it on anything less than that.

Thank you for reporting it, will have it fixed in the upcoming update.

Yes, but it will take some time to make changes to Android.

I will be posting info in a devlog with what is changed and what stuff is added. For now it will be added in existing devlog with the title ' Extended Demo and v0.1 Plans'.

I meant that time period for the ghost hunting one. Not this game.