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The ghost you mentioned in first line are not part of the game yet. There are 12 ghost you can catch in current update. There are being (if using English not Spoilerish)  Powerghost, Kupper, Shy, Countlanak, Bloody Mariam, Bansheep, Weseen, Tall Lady, Willy Wisp, Conjurer, You-rei? and Thunder Girl.

By changing I meant making images as same resolution as in the post.

Hello, I am intrigued by some ghost you mentioned. Right now I only decided to change Pisadeira with Kunekune. Reason being I could plan a secret animations based on her behaviour. Kunekune on the other hand doesn't feel that creepy unless I add it's idle animation which makes it obvious.

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I could do Deogen. The ghost will come to your location regardless if she sees you or not. Or maybe releases multiple eye that locates player even if Ted is well hidden. But there will be little delay before ghost catches player if running. 

But not Red lady or White lady. I had both of them in the list earlier but Red Lady is replaced by Tall Lady and White lady with something else.

It was fun compare to Rock-Paper game but I was not sure if anyone in Japan know about it. So it is permanently replaced.

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There will not be such animations for Annie.

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I'm a man. Just using her Regina's image because she is most important character in my game universe and my favorite one that I have created so far.

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Only Annie levels are more difficult but as long as no upgrade is done. There is still option to change the difficulty in options menu.

There is no gallery in the new version. It will be there in upcoming update.

The new version is not that hardware intensive compared to old version. I had a Motorola Power device which ran all levels but with some frame drops. I would like to know your device model to check with similar devices.


All of the ghost in this game are the one I came across on various YouTube videos. I haven't seen one mentioning a Brazilian ghost. If you know an interesting ghost you share it's name with me.


My final game Magic Ring will be based on fictional city of Japan so I'm learning more about Japanese culture. I can't say I have deep knowledge of it but it's better than what I had some years ago.

To be honest, You Rei? one is a coincidence. These are just made up names that match pronunciation of ghost names. Since this game is taking inspiration from Phasmophobia some ghost are just how hot girl version of those ghosts will look.

For a long time, I had assumption was Tall Lady looked like fashion model from Mr. Ito's horror collection. This tall lady is not the original Hasshaku-sama but an evil clone of a character from future game. I have made the real Hasshaku-sama for an alternate version of this game that will not be released publicly or not until Magic Ring is published.

I haven't visited Japan yet but I'm planning to in future.

Regina is my favorite character too. That's why she has control over events happening in this game's universe.  Unfortunately I have no plans for her sex animation in this game.  I might do that for Magic Ring but I have to see what's DLSite's stand of such content.

Thank you. I am working on other project right now. I will try to get back this game soon.

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All of it will there in upcoming update.

There's only Liz's animation in Raven home.

For Judy 2 you must have Irene in you team. Make sure she doesn't help you when you are attacked by ghost. After that catch the ghost, find the bell, cut it and wait on the second floor for 10-20 second. Then go back to dojo.

For now I have postponed boss fight for HTA so I will be able to work in this game again.

Whenever you go to other world observe the pattern on the wall. Now interchange those signs to access another world.

That is because from the new update some ghost afflicts curses for having sex with them. Find Dr. Blight in the asylum. She will cure it those curses for a price. Her door is near Harleen Mannequin but not visible. If you press W like you enter a new area you will be able to find it.

Let me finish current update for other game then I will do that.

I wasted so much time on the boss fight which turned out to be fruitless. So for now they on hold and I will be back to adding regular content.

I'm sorry but boss fight will have to wait until final version of the game. I tried my best to get a boss fight to work but failed so for now will focus on normal content.

Boss fights are not completely scrapped but I will try to add them in final version of this game.

Yeah, the update will be coming soon. I was trying to make good boss fight but it's not working so the update will come without them.

Probably not. After current two games are done will work on CB remake, zombie game and magic ring. After that I'm planning to focus on non erotic titles.

Try software like winzip or winrar.

Must unlock level 11 first. Then try following the cloths.

Yeah, it is planned to have overlay of creature she has game over with.

That's her elder sister. Her quest isn't coded yet.

Depending on the flame color you see, blue = two candles, red = dagger. Candles must be used before the ghost begins moving once it's hunting. In only You-Rei's case dagger can be used any time.

Click on her card a few times.

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Reach the part above and find the secret path.

There will not be any.

I don't. There will be a lot of work and I will not be able to focus more on original plan.

Patience. I am working on HTA right now. Once level 19 is done and it's ported to Android will be back to working on this.

Yes, they will have one questline. You help Regina and Mason capture Elder Thundergirl you unlock animation with Dr. Blight.

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There will be not be any more Tall Lady animations. I'm planning to include her in a Magic Ring in her ghost form. 

Hello, you can try disunity program. It will extract all files from the game including all the images. 

Unfortunately can't use google drive because they delete such images and ban the email address.

Well, after seeing how much my attempt at making a boss for HTA, I'm surely not ready to make this remake yet.

Also there will be two version of this game. One will replace the original and other will be as a separate game with extra character story.

I think that's what made this game more visible. It was not that popular when it had only Ken's campaign.

Yes, the new boss is not working well. The codes are messed so no choice but retry the whole thing again.

I will probably make a csv file that can replace those dialogues.