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Your games are amazing

what will be the next game you will update

you have to repeat the contract several times until it appears closed

I don't know if it's just that one or there's another one because in the gallery there are two with tess

Can the gallery animations be unlocked from the game files?

some animations were not given to me the first time I found them and I don't know if the events can be repeated

how did you get the animations of haunted doll, melanie, tess, jennifer and tori?

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Does anyone know how to get the animations:




Haunted Doll animations




Help please

Does anyone know how to find the code for the sex room?

how do you get kara loft video and what new things were added

should it be before or after catch ghost?

how can i make the easter egg of the mannequins in the asylum?

I don't know how to play poker, could someone tell me which cards or combinations have the highest score?

and could someone give me some hints of the easter eggs of the new update pls

how to uninstall the game?

I think it has an incompatibility with another game I have and I want to try uninstall

Help please!

I moved the game to another directory and it was solved

Thanks for the help!

I love your work and am looking forward to future updates

I see Japanese as a secondary language

I already downloaded it again and it is not solved

just starting the game when I start to move is when it bugs

when I start a contract it also bugs too

when I start to walk

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Just game is open

with previous versions this does not happen

I ned help please 

in the new demo version ted walks when i don't press any key and i can't stop him

the ghosts will be able to interact with the assistant if they catch her?

Do you already have an estimated release date for the final version?

I love your games especially HTA and LSH

where can i farm gems for skins?

Does anyone know if they have a social network where they post the status of their games?

If I buy the bundle will I have access to future game updates?

Where can I find out about future updates?

Ayuda pls, como consigo el traje de vegeta para la mision de bulma