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Secret animations

A topic by MikeGR845 created Aug 13, 2023 Views: 2,208 Replies: 5
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Does anyone know how to get the animations:




Haunted Doll animations




Help please

For Mac-Tess animation you need to hunt a ghost in Tess' house, but before capturing the ghost you need to go to the parents bedroom and use the closet there (it should be locked). Then you banish the ghost and come back to that bedroom.

In my game the parents closet is not unlocked, even after resetting the data it still unlocked from the start.

you have to repeat the contract several times until it appears closed

I don't know if it's just that one or there's another one because in the gallery there are two with tess

Alright grinding time then


Pour mac-Tess ses une animation après la chasse dans l’asile. Il faut d’abord parlé a Mac qui baise dans des toilet puis capturé le fantome et ensuite cherché mac qui est sur un canapé mais attention il est possible de débloqué d’autre animation que celle de tess donc il se pourrait de le faire plusieurs fois.