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Luna's big sister is back in the town. She wants to confront Ted for deceiving her little sister in the name of KTE.

Let me make this recruit thing clear. So basically you will find few NPC around the maps which can join your team. Once you talk to them on site, they can be interacted at your house. Each girl gives you different rewards. You can chat or have sex with the recruits.

1) Sabrina:- Luna's elder sister, captain of national volley ball team.

She is in your team, you will get 2x subscriber on VideoTube and 25% more running stamina.

2) Tess:- A novice ghost hunter, she is your biggest fan. She even copied player's style but unfortunately never captured a single ghost in her life.

She have two rewards you can choose from. She will either accompany you during the investigation with 0-5% extra reward money or leave her home and get 15-30% more reward money. Her passive 'Sex Ritual' also have a chance to make ghost hunt early.

3) Rose :- Nothing much is known about this girl. But she is so innocent, Ted don't see any harm in sheltering her in his house.

She give you one time reward after she is recruited. You will need to maintain 80 coins in your inventory if you want to keep her recruited.


cant wait :

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So finally had time to play this again. And I must say it is fun, and thus far no bugs that I encountered - nope I lied there is one minor one, in Ghostpedia Freezing temperature text goes to next line and makes third evidence unreadable.
My only current gripe is that you can get same ghost multiple times in a row...
So thus far I like where is this going.
Good wind

ou peut on avoir Rose ?


Sorry... Rose is scrapped for her questline in Magic Ring game.