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Gawd dang it, I'm translating the game now, that means more lines for me to translate...

You may refer to this development log, most of the development progress is at 90% now.

There's no ETA so far, because the animation and coding is very complex, its hard to determine the exact ETA.

The download for purchased is on top of the page, scroll up to access it.

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Remember guys, light up fireworks to show em who's the gigachad. Flex to the Brits to take the L about the 13 colonies. I'm getting fucking whammed tonight 馃憤

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Do you plan to add tally marks and running makeup in the game? That would fit the theme a lot!

No, I mean I just received a new update of the game from my feed here. I already know about the 1.1 update. Maybe its just a itchio bug?

Just the tutorial picture in this page?

What's the content of new update? Any devlog to read?

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Why the game did not proceed when I placed 10 knowledge cards onto my invention area? Is this the end of the showcase?

Very fun to play, do you plan to develop this game more? Like vs battle?

Annie's Expedition is part of new version for $2. It comes together with the $2 version

If you install itchio app, it auto updates like Steam engine, otherwise you have to install it again.

You can know more about the latest news here

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I saw the update just now, but I would love to inquire what kind of update it is? Is it bugfix update or content update?

I always imagine the character used as a profile pic is the person themselves.

May I know which what new model of Android tablet are you using?

The gallery in the full game is currently undergoing remake to implement more functions.

It takes time to research how to implement these extra features.

The game is not hard enough, should have more aggressive monsters. huehuehue

LAGS has a full time job, and she's working as game developer as a hobby. So it will take some time, since the game is developed in her free time.

It takes a month or so, since LAGS is currently facing difficulties coding the final boss.

Rescue the missing girls, they are hidden in the cave

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This game is fun when its short and frantic, but so far the builds are pretty the same since the enemy component is the same all the time.
I suggest more variables to increase replayability? For example, at every playthrough, the types of enemies appear and don't appear are always different.  Same goes to rooms,  sometimes you get different monster rooms instead of lizard room.

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Its festival day, Eid al-Fitr. So its a family gathering week I speculate?

Life has been busy it seems 馃槶

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After Update 0.7.2 is complete, dev will start working on Android

Do you plan to sell this on itchio? Please respond?

Are there more monsters or more enemies planned for this game?

Like dragons, mages, thieves? Or having enemy AI that retreats when getting injured, which accumulates the threat of the next wave?

A porta 茅 apenas uma decora莽茫o, voc锚 n茫o pode entrar

Happy Tuesdays everyone! 鉂わ笍

Can't wait for the HTA next update!

I discovered something interesting today! Nippara Limestone Cave

The map of the cave,

A small river stream in the cave.

A staircase in the cave. The cave is known for staying 17 Celsius all year round.

A small shrine in the cave, build by Yamabushis (Medieval Ascetic Mountain Monks) during Edo period (1603-1868). They lived and carried out Buddhist-Shinto syncretic hermitic practices in the cave.

The idols from Edo period,

The statue of Enmusubi-Kannon (goddess of matchmaking), the goddess who bless a love couple, or assist any single to meet their other half.

There are signs that Goddess of Matchmaking is still worshipped by locals in Tokyo nowadays, the locals pray, then toss a 1 yen coin near the statue, wishing they will find their other half soon. So the surroundings of the statue is full of shiny coins. 

The stalactites and stalagmites of Nippara Cave.

The scenery after stepping outside of the cave.

Lara Croft's level, Candy level, and Deepest level. 

The gallery is coming back in the next update, it takes months to make game content, the boss fight, its animations, coding, bugfixing and etc.

Need time, because translating the game script to Android is complicated. Depends on workload on full time job, I personally think the android version will be released in late May.

Play the tutorial stage in Annie's Gameplay first.

If I remember correctly, basic WASD movement controls, F/J is shooting, C is ground attack, Spacebar is turbo boost.

The orange clothes lets you one shot enemies.

Annie will go there by her own supposedly.

Level 1 secret, you can try something with the barriers.

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Where and which girl should I save to unlock Annie level 4? I can't seem to find it, or it has failed to trigger the unlock? I already saved 4 girls and a laptop secret.

Bug report: When the last survivor was captured, the game over summary doesn't show her end. So, the game over summary did not end.

Do you plan to sell this on Itchio?

Bug: Warriors won't attack creepers after their barrack is destroyed. 
The creepers are attacking my sawmill in the west side after the barrack is destroyed. The warriors only moved to the location where the barrack is originally located, and never attack the creepers.
The healers are healing the sawmill and the creeper are attacking the sawmill, so it has turned into a loop.

Love the game so far!
Please keep the chibis! They are very cute! 鉂わ笍

Dev has a main occupation, and developing games is her hobby, so she has difficulties estimating the exact date to release the android version, since sometimes her work schedule clashes with game development schedule.
Considering its the first quarter of the year, many businesses is entering busy season, so OT is common.
When the first quarter of the year is over, dev has more time to develop for android version, so it may be released in late April or early June, could be longer if she decides to add more content to the game.