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Hope you did back up your progress every week.

Do not worry,  please take all the time you need 馃憤

Is there an android version?

I finished this game too, V.0.0.1.

I think hard enemies like flowers, scorpions and ranged skeletons are not a big issue because it makes the game a bit more challenging to play. Furthermore, there is a reliable way to defeat the ranged skeletons without losing health and ground. 

Impregnation from scorpions is a great scene for me too. If you don't like scorpion impregnation that much, well our heroine hates it too xD

This is a good platformer adventure game. 

There is a bug in the game, in Pyramid I, if you go right from the start, you will fall endlessly.

The only problem I have with this game is the music themes is rather too high-pitched and repetitive. I suggest changing or adding music themes.

Can you add body writings on Hailey, in defeat scenes after she was gangraped by goblins or orcs? This brings more context on how much she had to go through after she was being defeated. Pic reference,

Thank you for willing to listen to my suggestions in College Brawl! I enjoyed your games!

I noticed your patreon page has been taken down. My condolences, I suggest you create a Cien account so that your patrons can pay you.

Things are safer in Cien

I played both of your games, I think this one is better since it has gangbang animations.

Can you add Masumi was being fucked like cumdump meat toilet, with lots of 姝f姝 writings on her, after she was defeated by Anko?

The thugs queuing up to fuck restrained Masumi one after another, and writing 姝f姝 on her would be pretty good.

Adding body count for Anko how many times she got cummed inside is great too.

Nice Work!

Before playing this h-game, may I know what kind of erotic contents it contains?

For example, does it contain lesbian, interspecies or gangbangs? What kind of poses or kink does it have, like spitroast, bondage, body writings and etc?