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Excuse my ignorance, can you please tell us who's MantisX? 😳

I googled it a bit but I still quite confused about your suggestion

There's a huge betrayal from Unity lately, its anti-consumer practice is making game-development unprofitable.

Does this game based on Unity? If so, what's your opinion and plans after this?

Do you have any comment regarding Unity's recent decision to betray all Unity developers? To the point that Unity HQ received death threats?

There's programs that aid developers to switch from Unity to Godot.

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Emerald Vampiric Armour paired with Flawed Sapphire Weapons + Book of Light.

If the opponent has fast attacks, then Emerald poison debuff works very well.

Paired with Flawed Sapphire Weapons that applies freeze debuff + Book of Light that make use of excess mana. No mana orb is needed.

Sad to know about that...

I hope this can help with the script.

I discovered this Unity to Godot importer,

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Not sure how helpful this is, I found this on github, that claims it can switch from Unity to Unreal Engine.

The developer of ProjectExodus is still active

Found one more, 

Hey guys, do you have any idea how to move the code from Unity to Godot?

I heard that moving the Unity code to Unreal Engine solves the whole thing easily, but I don't know the details.

Unity CEO John Riccitiello sold his stocks before making this announcement, so he is receiving death threats now.

May I ask what's your opinion regarding Unity's recent debacle? I see lots of devs are swearing like a sailor at Unity

So far Godot is the only good alternative to Unity?

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You haven't unlock the secret portrait of Boss Mama, where she looks younger and hotter.

I'm talking about the alt portrait of Boss Mama, not the vanilla Boss Mama. 

...You made me accidentally imagined vanilla Boss Mama's sex scenes... I gonna go to toilet for a while 🤢

Do you have any plans about Unity's recent exploitative practices?

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In case you don't know, there's a STD update coming soon.

It's still on drafting stage, so there's a chance it might be got cancelled in the end.

Warts and herpes in Lonarpg.

Maybe bigger poop size isn't a bad idea...... 🤔

This guy wants more scenes of either Cecily, Fortune Teller, Seawitch or Boss Mama.

Big Booba gang

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Love the wardrobe update! Now the girls looks cuter!

Can you please add High Elf Archer from "Goblin Slayer" as a set of costume for Ranger?

Her name is called "High Elf Archer", the comic she's from is famous and she's very popular! ❤️

There's a 3D sculpture of her as rough reference

Having a Sapphire+Amethyst Falcon blade is quite effective against Omegaooze Primeslime.

Since it can apply freeze debuff and cancel buffs at high speed.

Furthermore, its rare to see both players are using chibi portraits <3

Full set armour with helm, body amour, and boots.

Unhealing staff pairs very well with Ruby armour slot.

The helm is a direct counter against lightsaber build. It helps your girl to survive the first few lightsaber hit at the beginning.

Gem build with various equipment, pretty resilient at late game.

Please keep the chibi portraits, they are very cute <3 Love the skeleton bikini armour design

LonaRPG community · Posted in Thai

จนถึงขณะนี้ยังไม่มีนักแปลภาษาไทย แม้ว่า LonaRPG จะมีผู้ชมชาวไทยจำนวนมาก แต่คุณอยากจะเป็นนักแปลภาษาไทยหรือไม่?

What kind of bug your friend has encountered? Can you provide explanation and screenshot for insight?

She already said she can see your cards from the beginning.

If you try clicking a certain spot repeatedly, you will know what to do when you discover it. Use cheat to fight cheat if you like it.

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Separate model for addiction mechanic? Hmm...

If Lona can use potions without much penalty, then players would use potions more often.

Turning off addiction mechanic would be friendly to new players who are trying to grasp the mechanics of the game.

Switching off addiction mechanic in hard mode should be a good idea, but I afraid changing that might cause more bugs. Since I assume addiction mechanic is deeply intertwined with other mechanics too?

Asians look like this,

Being a 146cm A cup adult female is the common sight in Asia.

For instance, this girl,





Her name is Himeno Ran, she's a Japanese pornstar. A cup 146cm, an Asian adult female.

This is the size of Asian adult female.

If you are interested in Himeno Ran's work, here's the site that showcase her work.

LAGS will keep doing this until 2077......

LAGS will become a MACHINE GOD

There's no ETA date announcement yet.

But I speculate the update might arrive in late December. If LAGS decides to add more animated content before releasing the update, then maybe February next year. This is purely my speculation.

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I'm asking Juan corredor to draw that as fan art 

Not suggesting the dev to add aliens 😳

Oui, en effet

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When you play LonaRPG , do you think the game is not hardcore gay enough? Even if you saw the gay animation in the game where Indiana Jones was getting 3-way gangbanged by goblins? 💢💢 And it wasn't hardcore enough for you to relief your pent-up stress?!

Well, here you go! You can try,


Conquer the heart of your bitch-faced manager by rhythm-spanking his meaty backside!🍖🍖🍖

My guy really needs some good lesson on those buttcheeks!

Show that pretty-boy face some colour!💢 Spank that ass according to rhythm, turn that shitface to ahegao face!! 🍑💢

This game, Poppopbutt is very effective at relieving your stress! 💢🍑

If you want to support this Taiwanese game further, here's the link,

Outside of US, 

Rishi Sunak's car has been suspected to be installed a tracking device by CCP spies.

Accusing Beijing of being behind a plot to monitor Mr Sunak’s journeys, he said the Chinese authorities have the capability “to be able to throw the switch, as it were ... as and when they wish”.

He told LBC: “Those devices that they’ve been putting into Downing Street cars, although they won’t admit it, tracking where the prime minister was going, knowing who he was seeing, this is exactly what they can do with batteries and with their cars.”

“It was never absolutely confirmed – of course they wouldn’t do for security reasons – but I’m pretty reliably told that they had to strip out the cars to find the devices based in the little SIMs, and they were capable and were tracking the cars and the car journeys,” said Sir Iain.

The i reported in January that a government car had been “dismantled surgically” and “rather disturbing things” – a hidden tracking device – was found inside.

An intelligence officer said the device was found inside a part imported from a China-based supplier.

The source said it would allow someone to “survey government over a period of months and years, constantly filing movements, constantly building up a rich picture of activity”.

Another news,
New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service has published a report that says China is a notable security threat to New Zealand society. 

CCP has been found out they have conducting transnational repression on the local Chinese diasporas.

The report was among the first to show in detail how Chinese leader Xi Jinping launched an accelerated expansion of political influence activities worldwide, much of which rely on overseas community and business groups, under the aegis of the United Front Work Department.

Brady tweeted at the weekend: "It should be noted that NZ did not change, it is China under Xi since 2012, which has changed.

"NZ, like other countries in the world, is facing up to China as it is under Xi," she wrote.

If you are a fellow Chinese living in US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, be aware of CCP spies trying coerce you to do their bid. Report to the police immediately when they did this to you.

Hailey getting gangbanged by demon dogs and werewolves? Three holes at once? 😳

Where's the seggs scene with the aliens?

Hailey saw unknown lights coming, then aliens abducted here, and give her a lot of semen

Are you able to illustrate that?

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LAGS gonna to work on Manhattan project.


Oui, les noms sont au-dessus des modèles. Et le tableau d'affichage du premier étage indique depuis combien de temps les infirmières sont là.

De l'infirmière qui a passé le moins de temps dans le service à l'infirmière qui a passé le plus de temps dans le service.

Au premier étage, à gauche avant les toilettes, il y a un tableau d'affichage rempli de photos représentant des infirmières.

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I discovered Tall Lady cosplay! (supposedly)

Harmless and innocent in the bathtub,

Her fantia account (Japanese Patreon),

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Non, il faut interagir en fonction du temps passé par les infirmières dans le service.

De la durée la plus courte à la plus longue.

Quelle est l'infirmière qui a passé le moins de temps dans le service ?

Non, les mannequins s'allumeront lors de l'interaction si la séquence est correcte.

Les mannequins ont été déplacés à cause de l'activité des fantômes.

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She said she can see your cards from the beginning. So she's cheating.

You only can beat her by using cheat to fight cheat. If you repeatedly click a certain place long enough, you will know what do when you discover it.

Le comité du personnel infirmier est la clé

Du service le plus court au service le plus long.