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Hello DHSFX,

May I ask can this soundtrack be used in adult themed games? For example,  Off The Cuff and Detected After Dark? 

The adult-themed games that I mentioned are down below,

Or as long as DHSFX is being credited, and not redistributed all according to the license, its okay to use this soundtrack?

There's already same sex relationship in this game.

Fun fact, try recruit Goblin Slayer, then "accidently" making him lose to a fight against the goblins via stamina depletion, then see how goblins propose their same sex relationship to Goblin Slayer.

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Hello PhatPhrogStudios,

I really like the watery sound of this ambience, it sounds solid and dynamic, captured the beauty of the Atlantic.

One question,

Do you mind if your music is used in adult-themed games? Like Peachbounce and Coco-Nutshake? 

The mentioned adult-themed games are down below.

Or its fine as long as PhatPhrogStudios is properly credited?

Hailey is very soft and flexible, she can take it as long as its wet enough 😔

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I completed this game in this game on the first try, and abused the game a bit later on.

I found out there are events and features that are rather unrealistic,

The rebels doesn't seem to be doing meaningful damage to political capital, rebel events should deal from -10 to -100 depending on hostility from each political nemesis.

The Authoritanian faction seems to be left aside, and the lack of political purges in the politburo made it seem unrealistic. For an example, should have an option to purge other factions like the consumerists and fanonists like for instance, by setting up concentration camps like in Xinjiang, and that way, rebel threats will go lower. It really worked in real life scenario, Uighur terrorism used to be very common in China before 2014, but after the concentration camps were set up, terrorism in China has plummeted to the ground.

My suggestion for Authoritanian faction would be, Hukou system, Mass Surveillance, Entertainment Sector Crackdown, Nationalize Social Media, Mass Political Purge, Anti Corruption Purge,Global Botnet, Global Security Act,Concentration Camps, Revolutionist Revisionism and Orwellian System.

Authoritanian policies should be able to increase public content and allows players to purge certain factions, and also greatly reduce the chances and severity of rebel event.

Meanwhile in order to balance the game, each of these authoritanian policies should slightly increase the net political capital cost for each card, for each unpurged political factions.

Its a fun game overall! I'm very glad I finished the game on the first try!

I have no trouble running other recent games in Unity.

My system specs is Windows 10 x64, Processor 2.90GHz, 4.00 GB RAM

Can you sell this game on itch?

I prefer the UI on Itch more than Steam.

Is it possible to destroy buildings? I can't seem to destroy any redundant buildings to build my ship.

Yes, fictional characters are based on real people, but they aren't related at all in the end unless specified so. A piece of art, whether its based on something, or its directly related to something are two completely different things. 

Claiming that making a hentai game about female adventurers getting fucked by monsters, is directly related to objectifying woman in real life is just outright a ridiculous claim. 

This is a clear example of apophenia, you are perceiving there is an connection between two completely unrelated things.

Let's use real pornstars as an example, since its more solid than fictional characters,

First example, when we are watching gay porn do we relate ourselves to the gay pornstars on screen? Like Dreamybull?

When Dreamybull masturbates in front of cam, in his car, while saying "Ambatukam", as men ourselves, do we feel related to him? Or we just having our own opinions not connected to his opinions about this act at all? 

If somebody perceive this behaviour relates themselves to him, then claims he's promoting internal sexual objectification of men, do you think such a claim is well-established? Or just a form of outlandish apophenia?

Second example, when we take a look on Nikocado's Onlyfans content, do we perceive such an act is related to our sex and gender? Or do we relate their behavior with fatphobia?

I refuse to elaborate what I have seen on his Onlyfans. But still, if there's any claim about Nikocado's act is being related to promoting objectification of our own sex and gender, or related to fatphobia in general, is just a classic example of apophenia.

The similarity between these two porn content creators are, despite of their work, they have their own individuality and complexity outside of their job/hobby. Whatever they do during the filming, its all an act, with fictional scripts to create content for their audience, as a piece of art. Therefore, it is apophenic to connect their acts with promoting objectification of men. 

They are objectifying themselves on film, but they sure aren't promoting objectification of person in real life.

If real life cases aren't considered objectifying person, then same goes to games that include sexual contents on female fictional characters. Its goal is to satisfy audiences with fictional sexual acts, following pieces of written scripts. It is indeed apophenic to connect sexual events in games, which is purely for entertainment purposes, with real life events.

You said you are being supportive throughout this thread, when its clearly discouraging when you are claiming the game dev is disrespecting women for making this game.

Your quote, "But, objectification can be done respectfully or disrespectfully. The objectification happening in this game is of women, and I'm not a woman so it's not my place to say if the way it is done is disrespectful.  But I will say it seems to resemble very closely the same manner of sexual objectification that women have already said makes them feel disrespected."

If you perceive the creation of this game is directly connected to disrespecting woman in real life, how are you being supportive? You did pulled out an apophenia and claimed this game promotes sexism, for having sexual content.

So far the variety of bestiary is large enough.

And personally I would prefer to stay unspoiled for the roadmap of game development.

If dev wishes to keep certain updates secret for improved gameplay value, then in my opinion we should wait for it.

Maybe there is werewolves, mayhe there's not. Would be quite anticlimatic if it was completely revealed before the update release. 

Things are more interesting if they are more secretive.😍

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This game isn't objectifying woman at all, the only thing that's getting objectified here are the in-game characters, they are already objects from programming.

If conservative faux-liberals are accusing this game has an agenda to objectify woman in real life, with video game characters, then let them accuse. Any sexual natural depiction of woman, any sex work, are considered objectifying woman by their vague standards anyways.

This is just an erotic game, not a political agenda. Any form of objectification is projected onto fictional characters. 

If faux-liberal puritans think this is somehow a bad influence to gaming culture, then it just not only mean they aren't able to differentiate reality and fantasy, they are also a bunch of power-tripping assholes who places their dirty fingers on anything just to satisfy their fragile egos.

Are you the kind of submissive guy who will always submit to somebody's ego who are obviously power-tripping, in disguise behind an ideology?

Nobody in real life is getting objectified. Just look at the Japanese gaming and otaku culture, still business as usual without incidents. They loathe for the fact that power-tripping westerners are trying to force them to bend their knees just to fit their faux-liberal superficial ego.

I tried to launch it again multiple times, and this time I managed to see the startup logos and main menu, not sure is this normal, but the main menu appears to be static.

When I clicked the option button, it made a sfx then it crashed, popping up a window like this.

May I ask what is the minimum requirement to run this game?

I can't seem to launch the game properly on Itch app. Just pitch black screen.

I have encountered a bug, on day 27, either a fire spirit or a water spirit has gone past through Munehisa who equipped with lv2 water magic, causing the youkai in the middle of the treasure box to be attack by Munehisa and Spiderweaver. A Fire spirit approached Munehisa from behind but didn't attack him since Munehisa is attacking the youkai facing the treasure box

After the youkai at the treasure box is dead, Munihisa unable to face the fire spirit and start attacking, and the fire spirit is stuck as well. Neither can attack each other.

I am indeed an advocate of chaos

The 21st Nation-wide Referendum regarding lowering voting age from 20 to 18 will be held in Taiwan at 26th November.

Although there are fierce arguments and concerns from both sides, liberals and conservatives, regarding the pros and cons about amending the constitution for voting age, it will be decided by the referendum in the end.

Does US have referendums?

Meanwhile in China recently, unfortunately there was an earthquake in Sichuan with 6.8 magnitude. Sadly, there are about 60 people died during the disaster.

Due to zero covid policy, nobody is allowed to leave their houses to avoid getting injured by the afterquake. It was enforced by police forces in sanitary suits.

Excerpt from abc, slightly edited "Locked-down residents of the Chinese city of Chengdu have reacted angrily after security guards refused to allow them to leave their buildings or compounds during an earthquake.

Buildings in Chengdu and other parts of western China were shaken by the quake. No damage was reported in the city.

One video posted online shows angry residents gathered in a lobby confronting a government worker in full PPE and demanding to be allowed out.

Another shows a large group of people shouting behind a gate while a security guard on a megaphone says: "Let me ask you, has your building collapsed or not?"

"There is no other emergency situation except for COVID, is there?" residents said.

The user said their family ran down from the 9th floor to find the emergency doors on their building "nailed shut".

"They said if there are situations like that the government will make arrangements."

"I just want to ask if it is a more than 7-magnitude earthquake, and I wait for them, are they coming to collect my corpse?" the user posted."

This twitter video link below is showing the police are blocking or locked off the earthquake victims from leaving their residents.

Translation of the tweet, 

"Earthquake is a small matter, Covid prevention is a big matter; Death due to earthquake doesn't really count as deaths: Luding, Sichuan was hit by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake, eventhough alarm has raised in Earthquake Alert Website, but since the doors on resident units are physically locked, residents can't evacuate themselves. Even if they managed to evacuate themselves out of their homes, they get blocked by police forces in sanitary suits at their home entrance, then get shoo'd off into their homes again. The earthquake has caused 46 lives, 16 missing, about 50 are injured. How many of the casualities were caused by lockdown like this?"

Even firefighters who came to rescue have to go through a long line of Covid test before starting their rescue operation. Video link below,

In order to defend the party interest, which is keep the Covid numbers low for their precious stock market, even residents have to be locked inside during earthquake, and firefighters have to waste their precious time on conducting covid tests.

I wonder if democratic systems like referendum and initiative exist in China, would CCP even dare to do these kinds of things?

Under Sun Yat Sen's ideology of democracy (Three Principles), he advocated China should adopt a democratic system better than European and American system, which he emphasizes that the system included election, recalling, initiative and referendum. And this system still actively practiced in Taiwan today.

Meanwhile in China, through intimidation and selective preference in the academia, his ideology has reinterpreted by the CCP to argue that the communist is a necessary conclusion of the Three Principles of the People and thus provide legitimacy for the communist government. 

I don't think there are missable quests, but there are story related quests with expiry dates.

There's animated pixel sex scenes and still CGs

The music is very well done! May I ask do you create and distribute looped version?

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Hey LAGS, I just found sfx of burping and farting, made by Rupert_Spore. I personally think its suitable for ugly bastard enemies, or zombie who shoots projectiles from burping, or zombie boomers who farts a lot due to extreme internal pressure.

Or adding them in just for some good ol fart jokes 😎

Hey Rupert! I love your work! Great job on the burping and farting! Do you mind if your work is included in adult themed games like Lustful Desires and Robin Morning Wood Adventure: The Whellcum's Secret?

The links of these examples are down below (Warning: Not Safe for Work!)

Here's the hint to unlock Annie, 


A horse riding Lona?? Big Pog indeed 

The game play and story script writing is very good.

Would be great if there's time-lapse of her being free-used on her appearance as time goes on, like hidden tally marks or used condoms under her skirt and shirt accumulates everytime she got fucked. All while maintaining a cool expression on her face.

May I ask you what are you trying to release?

You can buy clothes for Annie from the shopkeeper.

There isn't lack of ideas for mobs.

Hi LAGS, I found there's 8-bit royalty free music tracks, made by Fracesco Frabrizio. It has both "loopable" version and "ends with a tail" version.

The music creator said he doesn't mind if his work is used in adult-themed games.

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Hi! Love your music! The carefree ambience is really good and on point!

Do you mind if your music is used in adult themed games like Peachbounce and Coco-nutshake? The music really fits in well with the cute themes of these adult games.

The two games I mentioned,

For those who haven't vote yet, vote here! 👍

Come on guys vote!

Do you want Bikinis to win? Me neither!

I'm obviously biased against bikinis but you can see Bikini is too OP, Mime and Zombie is much more balanced imo.

So guys, vote to change the results!

Use Mega to send save file?

Isn't Google Pay only works on Google Play Store?

As far as I know, Google Play Store doesn't allow adult games.

Hmm yeah maybe equipping restraints with one click is too risky for the players.

I suggest maybe prompt up a screen and ask first before equipping restraints.

Since this game doesn't distribute in hard copy form at the moment, I afraid credit card and debit is the only way to pay it for now.

Are you able to use Paypal? If so, maybe there's a way to pay.

Download and install itch app so that it auto-updates this game everytime you launch it.

Few days ago, someone posted something probably under heavy influence of alcohol. Mentioned about collaborating but the way he expressed himself is very erratic. So some assumed he wants to steal idea. Probably a lowly scammer, or a drunken poor chap who got near to a keyboard.

I got it from random street encounter, saving women from bandits.

You can find actual dildoes in the game, not anything else vaguely resembles it.

So are you here to demand 2D-focused game dev to switch to developing 3D games just to suit your personal preference?

Being 3D doesn't mean bigger project, and getting to Steam doesn't equates to going mainstream.

Are you saying dev should contact you whenever dev has created a "Bigger" 3D game that was sold on Steam?