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This game has an "adult" tag, is this a sex game?

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Here's the thing dear fans like us have to understand, 

The bigger the game is, there's more bugs to consider about.

More features = More time needed to implement it + Figuring out and fixing the bugs

Therefore deadlines are just an unrealiable way to measure time in game development, or more accurately, in any kind of programming projects.

If you have some spare time to try new things, you may download Unity creator for free, research on Unity tutorials and explore how Unity works!

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Here's the thing you have to understand, 

The bigger the game is, there's more bugs to consider about.

More features = More time needed to implement it + Figuring out and fixing the bugs

Therefore deadlines are just an unrealiable way to measure time in game development, or more accurately, in any kind of programming projects.

You can't pay with PayPal?

That would be endless amount of updates lol

Later on someone in the future will ask again, "Will the shopkeeper and Sugar&Cane able to lay eggs in the future"?

Furthermore, if Annie is able to lay eggs, then the ground surface would be crawling full of insects in 5 minutes xD. 

Gonna break the game if Annie gave birth to hundreds of em on the surface xD

And I saw "Annie-Maker",

Must be a monster that spawns Annies 🌚

1. This game is awesome! Is this game still updating?

2. Will there be gangbang scenes or body writing outfit?


3. Does this game have a demo version? Or the demo version isn't complete yet?

This game is very well-made, I can see there's a lot of potential in this game.👍

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I have found a 16-bit music artist who doesn't mind his songs being used in an adult game for commercial-use, as long as you credited him in game. His name is dullsworth.


This is the rest of the list of his songs allowed for commercial-use.


So far this game is under development, there are no game overs added yet.

This game has some secrets here and there, its fun to explore, so I recommend you to explore the game more to discover things yourself.

I afraid you have to wait

You can get your first H scene if you managed to survive the tutorial part of the game.

And most of the content, non-story related, or story related, is full of H scenes.

This game is not an easy meet & fuck game, so treat it as an actual RPG game so that you can properly enjoy the H scenes.

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The Rebirth mechanic is one of the main aspects in the game. It unlocks lots of gameplay content.

Have fun exploring that mechanic 👍

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Yes, just get her preganant, then give birth to a "rebirthable" baby (as long as its not a pure goblin, you can't rebirth as pure goblin).

After that, you are able to rebirth as the next Lona. If you managed to escape the island, then you will get extra talent points in your rebirth.

Note: You are able to rebirth by killing yourself instantly, but you getting lesser points for the rebirth Lona.

There is one way to start over honourably, which is give birth to a baby, buy a ship ticket then escape out of Noer Island.

That way you can rebirth with higher base level.

For now, the only way to see Annie's scenes is get Hailey impregnated by monsters, then lay eggs in front of Annie.

Yes, you're not encountering a bug.

Its part of the intended gameplay to buy the costume at the start of each level. Annie is kinda "renting" the costumes from the shopkeeper ♥️.

Do you mean the goblins? There's no kobolds in this game

The goblins are only available in the purchased version.

Ghost is too easy, please make a harder character 👍

Git gud gamers, just keep countering her shurikens until she breaks 🥷

Where are the boobies in this game?

Cars are fun, but car girls are funnier!

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Hi LAGS, I would love to inform you when you are adding translation suppprt in the next update,

I would like to participate the translation effort, I'm a native Chinese speaker and have a lot of experience in putting both English and Chinese into practical use.


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Learning how to read and write♥️

May I ask which language you often read? 

Or which language do you wish to be included in the game?

So far I have never heard of any translators volunteers for this game from development updates.

Dev said new PC version will be released ASAP

Unfortunately no.

Does anyone know who did this art?

Its Wednesday everyone!

Please enjoy some pictures of Japanese cherry blossoms! 👍

Have a nice day!

Art by This_Retch


No, you can't bully blind people! 😭

Dev has announced purchased version will be updated as soon as possible 👍

There are a lot of new content to be added, and major bugs to be fixed in the next update on purchased version.

So far the most complete purchased version is

It contains animations that demo version doesn't have it

Were you playing on the purchased version, HTAv.0.2.1.apk?

The purchased version will be updated soon.

If I remember correctly, the Annie swimsuit attire is available in HTA-Android.Demo.apk 

Dev will merge all old aspects and newly released aspects into purchased version ASAP.

For now Annie sex is only available in Demo(Rebuild).zip

The purchased version will be available soon in the next update

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Yes, you will have full access to all latest updates after buying the game.

Download itch launcher for automatic update everytime you load the game.

If you can't download itch launcher, then you have to manually download the game again, then manually move the save file, everytime it has updated.

The development of this game is pretty fast, almost always an update per week on time, so I recommend using Itch launcher.

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Tap the green area repeatly, tap as fast as possible

Until the white bar on top is full

When you get her health to zero, press molest.

Then tap on her lower thighs repeatedly, gonna tap it so fast until her panties fell off.

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Yes the blackscreen version worked for me

I'm using a different phone this time, old smartphone works fine with old and current game version. 

But the new phone only works with blackscreen version.

By the way, I have completed easy stage and saw the secret ending 👍

Would be perfect if the scene included sex sounds 🥵

Too tired to play normal mode😢

This is a great game!

Hmm.... that's really weird.

I should be more specific, I'm actually using Funtouch 11, not Android 11.

But by theory Funtouch 11 and Android 11 are basically the same.

Maybe the bug can be replicated on Funtouch OS instead?