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How to make my game page better?

A topic by Flyinglegends_Studio created Jun 27, 2018 Views: 638 Replies: 13
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I have been trying to make my game page more appealing. I have added a trailer, some screenshots, backgrounds, etc., but I think it could be better. I would appreciate some tips on how to make it better.

The game page is here:



Using images as section headers is cool, but yours might be nicer if they weren't blocks of wall. Like maybe you could do pieces of wood bookended by those torches or something?

The wall pattern is cool as a background though, I like that.

Thanks for the reply, I'll try to experiment with different style of images.


I think a different button/link color would look better. Also, you can try this collection of cool game pages for inspiration:

Tell me if you want CSS support enabled on your account.

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Do I need CSS support enabled if I, for example, want to make transparent the section where all the content is?

Edit: I just noticed that I can do it from the BG2 alpha setting.  But what I could do with the CSS enabled, for example?


A lot of stuff. But it sounds like you don't know CSS, so it might not be that helpful.

Can I get CSS?? Just a request..

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For starters I would:

- change the text font to pixel so it matches the text in the images. 

- remove the banner image. If you can make a big beautiful game name text image put it there, otherwise just don't use the banner image.

I think it doesn't look good without any banner image, so I'll probably try to make a better banner, with the game name.

I have used your tips to edit my game page and I think it's better now. What do you think?

Hello? Do you think the game page is better now?

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yes, it is way better the average steam games you see online.


Way better! Well done.

That's good to hear. Thanks!