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a collection by leafo · last updated 2023-12-01 08:00:26

Here are some games that I think have cool game pages. Have a suggestion? Tweet at me: @moonscript

get a job, beat up some monsters, solve a mystery
Role Playing
Various 2D pixel art environments for your side-view projects!
a bullet hell card game where time moves when you do
Two disastrous detectives investigate your recent memory loss in the mysterious fantasy city of Falaisant.
Interactive Fiction
A tool for translating visual novels
Fun and fast multiplayer drawing & guessing game!
Real time auto combat card game
Card Game
A wonderous world of dreams awaits you.
A rapid arcade game. Avoid the swords. Find the key. Enter the portal. It's a migraine.
It’s a beautiful star shower, so grab a camera and immortalize the moment!
Play in browser
Travel far and wide, discovering the exotic landmarks that the world has to offer!
Play in browser
Markdown editor and organizer
Congratulations! You have acquired a gift!
A cute game where you care about a green anime girl!
Role Playing
Take a Short Surreal Swim.
2020 | kb+m shooting-platforming hybrid
Visual planning ideaboard, by indie devs, for indie devs and creatives
A full-featured multiplayer tabletop RPG. Subvert the hero's journey and embrace the OmniMyth.
Set of hex tiles and icons for fantasy maps in your video game or print tabletop rpg!
Add animations to your images to make them juicy!.
you find a dusty vhs tape, with footage of an old video game
Create your whole tileset instantly.
Close your eyes, fall asleep, and rediscover what's haunting your dreams.
Hex tiles and icons for game/print projects + island generator!
In today's world of modern home security, Santa's job of delivering presents gets tougher every year!
Play in browser
Anime-style parkour action!
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