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It's like FTL but multiplayer :) · By Spektor


A topic by Spektor created May 18, 2016 Views: 5,427 Replies: 64
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Version a0.4.3 is out

1. Hopefully the crash bug is fixed(needs testing)
2. In piloting system interface you can now cycle tabs with tab key
3. Jackpot removed, The selling bug should be fixed now.
But if there's still something wron with selling - trader will just tell you that he can't buy it, and give some info about the transaction.
If you ever see that special message - pelase post it here.
4. Shop drop treasure fixed - if a shop system is droped now it will be fixed 500 scrap
5. Fixed credits a bit
6. You can now hold shift when charging or decharging systems to do a full charge discharge
7. Shops should now contain Battle ships and ships with preinstalled systems.(was suspposed to be there last time, but I forgot to include some files :))
8. Fixed some minor bugs.

No server wipe needed. But make sure that all new files are used(models files, worldgen files, config.cfg).
I would suggest to just use the new server folder but copy the database folder to it from the old one.


Released a0.4.4 in yet another attempt to fix some annoying bugs.


Had to release a0.4.5 because I had left some debug code in the last version.

Also this new version does have something new.


1. Chat is now visible in the server console.

2. You can now send global chat messages from server console


And hello a0.4.6

Added some more bug fixes.

Also the ancient door bug is fixed now :D

(Edited 1 time)

the new verision is even more bugged. When we enter hyperspace our character disappears and the screen goes black (we can only see our ships). When we try to zoom in and out, we litterly scroll up and down on the picture.


I can suggest only 2 things:

1. Post some screenshots(or a video if possible) on the FTL forum, so I can check it out.

2. If you are using jrb's launcher. Try running the game without it.

Just download the archive, extract it and play. Then tell me if the problem still occurs.

Cuz jrb sometime ago was messing around with client resolution, which is not yet fully supported.

Today it works... Both me and my friend had this same problem yesterday...


Might be related to resolution playing-around then.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Alpha 0.5 is out.

Change log:
1. Press F1 ingame to show help screen
2. Added admin commands kick, ban, mute
3. System screens no longer close during jumps
4. Added missile consumption configuration in sys models
5. Added possibility to jettison in specified direction. (There's now an arrow button near all the jettison buttons)
6. Overall scrap drop is increased
7. Press F2 to show/hide player names
8. In target screens (Sensors, Missile weapons, Laser weap, Weap control) added a button to show/hide ship rooms.
If it's off, you can see weapons on the ships, and if your sensors level is high enough - you can see the weapons charge level.
9. Some level BG changes
10. Added a kill button near reset spawn button
11. Rebalanced weapons
12. Rebalance Pirates and RAI
13. Fixed some bugs
14. Added ship tracking.
In sensors system screen there are now 2 modes - Radar mode(the old one) and Trail mode.
When a ship makes a hyper jump it leaves a jump trail with difficulty level = max HD charge rate.
In sensors screen' trail mode you can scan the sector for last 10 jump trails.
But you will only see the ones that your sensors can pick up.
Sensors can pick up trails with dif level <= sensors level*3
This means that if a ship has maxed out HD with max charge rate = 15.
On his jump he will leave a trail with dif level = 15.
And only sensors upgraded to level 5 (5*3=15) will be able to pick it up.
Focusing on the jump trail - you will see the ship name, class and the sector that he jumped to.

Server wipe is very much advised.


a0.5.1 is out

1. Fixed the hyper jumps on the server side.

2. Wipe NOT needed.

Lost main server i need ip and port


You mean the Alpha server that is hosted by jrb.

You can find that info on the forum:


For some reason the game won't launch on my computer. I open the application, and nothing shows up. The only thing that works is the Tachyon server file, and that doesn't open the game.

Please help.


Please run the game from the command line (cmd)

Example: java -jar d:\Games\Tachyon\Client\Tachyon.jar

It should show the error message.

Post the error message here, then I can try to help.

(This is what shows up...)

[Client] Loading client parameters

[Client] Client config file C:\Users\Owner\config.cfg not found!

Exception in thread "LWJGL Application" com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: OpenGL is not supported by the video driver.

at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglGraphics.createDisplayPixelFormat(Unknown Source)

at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglGraphics.setupDisplay(Unknown Source)

at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.mainLoop(Unknown Source)

at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$1.run(Unknown Source)

Caused by: org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated

at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.nChoosePixelFormat(Native Method)

at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsPeerInfo.choosePixelFormat(Unknown Source)

at org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsDisplay.createWindow(Unknown Source)

at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.createWindow(Unknown Source)

at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Unknown Source)

at org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Unknown Source)

... 4 more


Exception in thread "LWJGL Application" com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: OpenGL is not supported by the video driver.

Well that's pretty clear - your video driver does not support OpenGL.

I have the same problem on my old NetBook.

Sadly I don't know how to solve this. Because it is not code related, but rather related to the video driver.

I can only suggest that you search on the net for solutions for this problem.

If you find one, please post it here.

Developer (Edited 2 times)

Hi all! :)

Here's the latest update.

Version a06 is out.

IMPORTANT: a06 only contains events for a tutorial. Nothing more.

For the a06 I've added lots of new mechanics, AIs and other event related stuff.

And right now I'm workin on a full playable coop scenario.

So if you want to play an open wolrd MMO style game, like it was for the previous versions,

you should either stick to the version that JRB's server is working on, or wait for the later version that will have this kind of events.

OR you can take the latest version of the game and make your own events and everything else for an MMO server.

In any case - your feed back on the tutorial would be appreciated.

Change log:

1. Added NPCs

2. Evasion % is now visible in the engines system screen

3. Added full screen support - changed in settings menu

4. Reduced local and hyper jump time

5. Decreased O2 replenishment time for players

6. When any ship enteres sector, all ships in that sector(including the entered one) now loose stored energy in weapons

7. HyperSpace time limit set to 30 sec

8. Tutorial (Note - tutorial ends when you can leave the starting sector)

9. NPC_TALKER (sends messages to chat)

10. NPC_REPAIRMAN AI (repairs systems and breaches)

11. NPC_FIREMAN AI (puts out fires)

12. NPC_LIFESUPPORT AI (Makes NPC go to med bay when low on health and to O2 room when low on oxygen)

13. NPC_WORKER AI (Makes NPC go to system rooms and look as if he's working there)

14. Player <-> NPC dialogue mechanic. Click on an NPC to start dialogue.

15. NPCs that can talk have an icon above them.

16. To talk with npcs you need to be in the same room with them, in 1 cell range.

17. Comms page added to piloting system screen. From there you can remotely access shops and talk to NPCs(if they have a remote dialogue configured)

18. Added Chained events mechanic (events when triggered, trigger other events)

19. Added Events trigered by dialogue mechanic (Events that happen when you talk to NPCs)

20. Added Sector conditions mechanic (used in events and dialogue reply options)

21. Added Ship conditions mechanic (used in events and dialogue reply options)

22. Added Mob(NPC/Player) conditions mechanic (used in events and dialogue reply options)

23. Server variable condition mechanic (used in events and dialogue reply options)

24. Added Level affecting events mechanic

25. Added Ship affecting events mechanic

26. Added Mob(NPC/Player) affecting events mechanic

27. Added "Set server variable" event mechanic

28. Refactored event loading algorithm

29. Made engines and HyperDrive charge faster when ship is out of combat

30. Remade example.xml2 for events (Event file that contains all possible commands)

31. Created example.xml2 for dialogues (Dialogue file that contains all possible commands)

Who is interested in making own events and scenarios - check out the example.xml2 files.

Also a bit later I will make the model.xml2 files for events and dialogues that will contain details on new event and dialogue mechanic possibilities.

And don't forget to check out the config.cfg file in the server folder. It has new server parameters that you can tweak.

If you have any questions to hesitate to ask.

any chance I can help with the writing?


Sure. Any help is appreciated.

What did you have in mind?

I've got a few events in mind. for example, an abandoned shipyard and a few mechanic based events pulled wholesale from FTL... Because of the ability to populate sectors you've got way more narrative flexibility than the original FTL had. I'm not saying Tachyon should try and turn every dialogue box into a thing, but... Giant space spiders are no joke.

Then there's a main quest line unless you're already working that angle. In which case, anything I can do to help?

Basically, anything that needs text or editing. I'm a sometime freelance writer when not working my day job.

I'm not sure what all events are on the alpha server (yet) but if you're game I'm thinking a procedurally generated event system could start filling some of space's void. Any of these ideas sound fun?

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I already have a mini script for the main story/quest line.

And for the side quests/events. I have over 50 ideas for now, they just need to be created as events xml files.

I suggest you look into the example.xml2 file in the Server\WorldGen\Events folder.

And see what you can do with it.

I haven't added a model.xml file for a0.6 version yet. But you can check out the model.xml_ file in the a051 version of the game.

Though it doesn't have all the new features and the format of the event files has changed in a0.6, still you can find some explanations there.

(I will make the model.xml for a06 version a bit later)

Also check out my tutorials on the FTL forum.

Fullscreen doesn't work...


What exactly doesn't work for you?

Becaus I just checked and it works fine for me.

I go to settings and click the fullscreen button, then the game goes fullscreen.

Only thing that I've noticied is that after restart the fullscreen parameter is reset and you have to enable it again.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Hello everyone.

Here's the latest update:

1. I recently received an email from one of the developers of FTL.
I won't go into details, but the point is that I can't use most of the graphical assets I have in the game right now if I want to go for Steam GreenLight.
2. Initially I wanted Tachyon to look exactly the same(or as close as possible) as FTL.
But apparently that was a wrong thing to wish for. Because in this case I can't go with this game to public as a commercial project.
3. So I've decided to stop developing Tachyon(As a multiplayer version of FTL).
4. I have released the latest version of the game a0.7 with the full story-line scenario, so you can have a try at it.
5. But this doesn't mean that I'm going to stop developing the game completely. ;)
6. I've decided that I will now dedicate most of my time to finding a pixel art artist that will want to join my project.
7. Also, since I no longer need to have the game looking like FTL, I am going to redesign it, and move the whole theme from space, to underwater.
8. I'm gona have my self some submarines instead of spaceships :)
9. The core mechanics will stay the same(most probably), I might add some new features related to water though.
10. Also I will need to rename the project to something original that is not used by any other game(like Tachyon: The fringe).
11. This also means that I will most probably move my dev log updates from the FTL forum to some other place, not yet sure where to exactly.
12. If you have any suggestions - they are as always welcome.
13. If you have any ideas on how to move the whole space theme/sector jumps/hyperspace/and so on to underwater - they are also welcome.
14. If you know any good pixel art artists that might be interested in joining the project - send them in: Skype: kcd.Spektor Email: kcd.Spektor@gmail.com
I am willing to pay off their work after the game sells, or we can agree on some rev share.
15. Many thanks to everyone for the support so far.
16. And any donations would also be much appreciated, maybe I can gather enough to hire an artist :P

oh i liked space ;( well i hope its good!


Small update:

There was a small bug in the latest release, that prevented you from finishing the tutorial.

I've fixed it and reuploaded the game in a new archive: Tachyon_a07_fixed.zip

The version of the game remained the same a0.7

(Edited 1 time)

I know there are already 4 xml files that contain most of the tag information for events and dialogue in Tachyon, but they fail to elaborate in detail what some of the tags and their parameters actually mean (such as the specifics of what types of server variables can be placed, and what the nonstop event parameter is). Is there a place I can look that goes into what every single parameter and tag means?


I used to have a file with all the explanations(in earlier versions of the game).

Didn't have time to make one for the latest version though.

As soon as I make one for a0.7 I'll add it to downloadable files.

is this game still being updated?


Right now I'm focused on finding a pixel art artist.

Who will help me finish the game and get it on Steam Greenlight.

Hey Spektor! Please please PLEASEE keep this game space themed!
I'm sure i can find you a pixel artist that can help you give it a unique look aswell!

But i beg you ; ;, please leave it in space > < Or release a vote to the people!
It plays so smooth and the idea of being surrounded by the vacuum of space makes it so much more exciting :)




The final game (the one that will be released on Steam and such) will be a submarine one.

But till it's done, I will be making updates to the current setup.

I get the whole copyright thing but the models beings spaceships seems essential for the sci-fi style of the game(The whole jumping from sector to sector thing). Why do you need steam to sell the game? If the FTL devs won't allow you to use the sprites if you want to go on steam. I'd say just sell it without steam. Or maybe find someone who wants to make models for a space game if you NEED it to go on steam. I have to say that I am very disappointed. I guess I will look at the game but I can't say that as a submarine game I will be buying it.


I personally like that Spektor is trying a new approach to the art style. Even though I love the space theme as much as you do, I understand completely why Spektor is letting it leave. As he said before, it will help make the game more distinct by having it underwater rather than in space. And since this game is still early in development, it wouldn't hurt to change the direction of the game, as the community of this game is still rather small. I hope that the new artstyle doesn't drive away new players once its revealed, because I want the community to grow even more.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I can't sell the game at all, anywhere, while it has art from FTL. If I do, they will just sue me.

It's hard to explain all the details behind the descision to make the game underwater, all I can say - just wait till it's out, and then judge. Also I might release a space version of the game after the first one. (I also like the space theme very much).

Also, while I'm looking for the artist, I will keep making updates with new feature, and will be releasing them for Tachyon.

I understand you want to make money with it. You should do what you have to do I guess. If you can find an artist a space version that would be great though. Hope it looks a bit like FTL though.



It's your game but I feel like scifi games are on the rise the last couple years, look at Star Citizen, FTL, Elite Dangerous, Starbound, Stellaris, Endless Space, X-Rebirth, EVERSPACE, ect ect

I'm not sure making it a submarine one will net you a lot of users/customers since to be honest I would never go out looking for a water based game, I found this game yesterday by looking for a multiplayer space game since my Star Citizen organization (Clan) is waiting for the next patch and I've stumbled upon this game.

So my advice would be to keep it Sci-Fi orientated, since you are probably planning on keeping the current engine you could very well add the ability to allow spaceship to land and submerge into ocean planets (requiring specific parts or upgrades) or have a smaller craft go to the planet and submerge.

Underwater planets could contain dangerous life forms but allow for extracting rare minerals from the sea floor or exploring underwater constructs that hold tech.

This would allow you to give a creative underwater twist while still having the ability to jump between systems using space ships. You don't have to put a planet in every system make them feel special.

Just my suggestion after reading your post.


(Edited 1 time)

Hi Spektor

Me and my friends fully support your game and will be making it our next major LAN game. I had a question about what your priorities are for the next update right now. My friends and I would really like to see skills and races in the game as well as on board combat. We also would like to see some different tasks that can be done on the ship because we don't always have something to do for everyone on the ship(Edit: drone controll, hacking, cloacking, crew teleporter systems?). Maybe new enemies like rebels? Anyway, that's just some ideas but you don't have to do anything with them.

Keep doing what you're doing,



Me and my friends fully support your game and will be making it our next major LAN game.

That's always nice to hear :)

I had a question about what your priorities are for the next update right now. My friends and I would really like to see skills and races in the game as well as on board combat.

My biggest priority for the next update is to add mob to mob fighting. And perhaps skills. Doubt there will be new races any time soon though.

We also would like to see some different tasks that can be done on the ship because we don't always have something to do for everyone on the ship(Edit: drone controll, hacking, cloacking, crew teleporter systems?).

Yes this is someting I'm constantly thinking of, from the start of development. Though I don't think I'll be able to add anything new (drone controll, hacking, cloacking, crew teleporter systems) in the near future. But I will add them eventually.

Maybe new enemies like rebels?

This can be done using events and mob/ship AIs that are available in a0.7. But I don't have the time do do it myself.

I know there are some players that plan to transfer events from a0.5 to a0.7 to get a MMO server on a0.7 version.

Maybe you can contact them and together make new stuff(like rebels ;) ).

Anyway, that's just some ideas but you don't have to do anything with them.

All ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Keep doing what you're doing,

Thanks! Will do my best! :)


Small update:

In favour of simplicity and unification, and due to the upcoming interface changes:

Player movement will be changed from WASD(keyboard) to mouse clicking.

Clicking somewhere will make the character go to that location, chars will be opening doors automatically.

New interface will have onscreen buttons for opening system screen, dragging scrap, and toggling combat mode.

Reparing broken systems and extinguishing fire will be automatic.

If cell that you are standing on is part of a room that has a system installed and that system is damaged, your char will auto repair it.

if cell that you are standing on is on fire, or any adjacent cell is on fire, then your char will auto extinguish it.

What do you think of these changes?

Any feed back is appreciated.

I dont know about that update.. just sounds like FTL to me.. me and my friends enjoy the WASD and having to hit F and R

I do like some ideas, but some, not so much. I would personally like the WASD movement to stay, and having the mouse movement as an alternative in the options, and also having the doors auto-open and close in WASD mode. I also think the auto repair/extinguish could be optional as well, for those who want more immersive gameplay.


Happy new year everyone!

Here's the first update in this year:

Some of you thought that I was iddle, but actually I was working hard on the game.

I've found the artist for the game, and am currently working with him on the new design.

Here's a small preview of main ingame interface design.

It's not a final version and might change, but you can get some ideas from it ;)

While the artist is working on the art, I was working mainly on 2 new features (and fixing some bugs):

1. Changing the game controls from WASD to mouse clicking.

This is done for 2 reasons:

First of all new players find it hard to grasp the current controls, and simple mouse clicking should make it easier for them.

And second is that in future we plan on making the mobile version of the game. :)

2. Adding the mob fighting mechanic.

Meaning - shooting mob to mob, break-opening doors and breaking systems from within.

And I can tell you that the hardest part for both of them is done.

What's left:

For the new controls I just need to add the auto repair/extinguish fire.

For the mob fights - add the possibility for mobs/players to break ship systems from inside the room. And add the new mob AI for boarders and defenders.

Also want to add the systems hacking, and ship hijacking before I release the new version.

For now all mobs/players will probably have the same weapon and gear.

And later I will add the mob inventory, together with new shops that will sell mob gear.

As always - any questions, feed back, ideas and suggestions are welcome. :)


Was anyone able to make a video playthrough of the a0.7 version?

Hi again,

1. Great it's easier for new players to understand clicking with the mouse.

1.5 I would suggest to refrain from making a mobile version since it might require you to simplify the game down a lot or might take up a lot of valuable time learning how to make it for iOS and Android that could have been spent on making the game first game for Windows, my suggestion would be finish the game first then port.

2. Great to hear! Boarding and being boarded is something that is very exciting and would love to see that patched in.

@Pixel Art.

Looks great I know it's a preview but it's very grey when it's further along and the background is filled in and there is a ship decal it could be pretty lovely!

Which version of the game should I use? My friend and I are very interested, but we don't know which version to use or how to play together

If you want to play on a private server, a0.7 is the way to go. My server (looks like it is currently the only public one) is on a0.5 but a a0.7 server is WIP.

Hi Spektor,

On mob to mob combat, I think WASD would be much better. Can you leave the option to use WASD in the game?

The art looks cool. I am sure you can expand well beyond it eventually though.




Sadly, no.

New controls fully override the old ones and lot's of other mechanics are adjusted to the new controls.


Version a0.8 -is out.

Release notes:

  1. Game controls switched from WASD to mouse clicking.
  2. Added Mob combat.
  3. Added Boarding.
  4. Added Hacking systems while boarding.
  5. Added Ship take over.
  6. Added Bots that defend your ship
  7. Added Boarder bots.
  8. Story mode Star map increased to 100x100
  9. Added EMP weapons.
  10. Added new AIs for NPCs and NPC controlled Ships.
  11. Added Sector scanning and Scan triggered events.
  12. Added hazardous sectors (FIRE, EMP, STORM, HULL DAMAGE)
  13. Added music
  14. Lots of story mode bugs fixed.
  15. Lots of code bugs fixed.
  16. Refactored network logic a bit, so it should work faster.

Version a0.8.5 is out

Release notes:

  1. When a ship has no AI(meaning it's a player ship) and no online players on board, it will auto retaliate when being shot by other ships.
  2. Mob sprites are now also modable for all 5 races(Human, Pirate, Cyborg, Spider, Rogue AI)
  3. Race selection is now available on char creation
  4. Races that are available for players can be configured in the server's player_races.cfg
  5. Different races can have different start locations on the server.
  6. When you spawn it will be on one of your race spawn points, if there are no spawn points configured for your race then you spawn on default start location.
  7. There's now a new event to create spawn points for races.
  8. Ship AI now has a new parameter - crewless. By default it's false, and if it's false then this AI will only work if the ship has crew onboard.(Meanin if you kill off all the crew - the AI stops working and you can safely salvage the ship)
  9. Scanning a sector now also shows if there are any traders
  10. When out of combat your engines/HD charges faster, now it also depends on the % of poer that you allocate to your engines/HD
  11. Cargo hold classes are now configurable in the server's config.cfg
  12. You can now rearange cargo
  13. You can now change weapons order in the weapons control system
  14. After exiting remote shop you the comms page will be auto opened with the same ship selected.
Developer (Edited 1 time)

Version a0.8.6 is out.

Release notes:

  1. Lots of bugs fixed.(Includeing the one in tutorial)
  2. Loading gen ships now support folders
  3. New ship class added Mothership
  4. Multiple event, dialogue and condition changes for modders. For details check the example.xml in dialogues and events.

Thank you (and your artist) for the hardwork and updates! keep up the hard work. <3


Thanks :)


As you might know, Tachyon is currently in the process of redesign into an underwater submarine version.

So here are some fresh images of the game's future looks:

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you for the update.
I can't wait to try this underwater version :).

Also, could you tell me if high resolution(1080p+) and fullscreen will be available ? (because it doesn't work with current tachyon version).


Fullscreen is available in the current version.

Different resolutions will be supported in the later versions.

Thank you for your response.
Fullscreen is not working for me. My desktop screen is only 2560x1440p. The game is launched inside a small not re-sizable window.

Thank you for continuing developing upper resolutions :)
Have a good day.


Did you enable fullscreen in the settings menu?

Hello Spektor,

Yes I tried to activate in settings menu, nothing happen, so I restarted the game, and the same.

I don't know, maybe because my screen does not have other resolutions available than 2560x1440. And the game tries to "fullscreen" with a lower res.

Does the new version underwater suffers the same problem ? It seems more "polished" than Tachyon on your screenshots.

Can we start the game with resolution parameter/argument in command line ?

Thank you.


The underwater version is stil a WIP, but in the end it is planned to support other resolutions.

The fullscreen option should have worked for your resolution, not sure why it doesn't do anything - as you say.

I guess there must be a bug in there somewhere. :)

And you can't pass the fullscreen parameter in the command line yet.

But you can set the fullscreen to 1 in the Client\Data\GameData.dat file.

But from what you describe - I don't think it will make any difference.

(Edited 1 time)

Hello Spektor,

Do you have any news about the WIP submarine version launch date or beta availability ?
Also, do you have any info about the next space version release ?

I notice that with two players on current 0.8.6a version, when many items (ships, units, ...) are in the sector, a huge bandwidth is necessary (more than 100KB/s). Then the game is not playable for the distant player. Is there any bandwidth optimization scheduled or possible ?

Again, thank you very much for developing a FTL like game with multiplayer co-op.



About the WIP submarine version:

I'm still working on changing the art stile.

No release date is still set.

About the space version releases:

I just released a new version for the space version. It contained an important bug fix.

No other releases are planned in the near future for the space version.

About the bandwidth optimization - this is the already optimized version that you are describing :D


Version a0.8.7 - Release notes:

  1. Trailing mode bug fixed(essential for final boss in the story mode).
  2. (For modders) Modify ship event can now rename ships.
  3. (For modders) Sector_ships_present/absent conditions now have the ignore_class field, to ignore certain ship classes

can i ask a question? how do you make a server?


You just run the server.exe(a miniature window should show up) or the startServerWitchConsole.bat (a console should show up)

And then you can connect to your server by ip.

Server uses ports (by default) 30303 TCP and 30304 UDP