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i have it like that due to the sale bundle other games i have are in

it seems i have a problem my game (400 rooms) when you go to download it  says this

but i looked and there is a file for download there

my game has been out for a while now but i just found out about this area of!

the game is my first commercial game that is a Turn-base stragity were you can command two different factions each having 5 different missions for each faction and a bonus mission for the last each faction also has a lot of different units for-example - the US Faction can build Destroyers Frigatres and Cruisers while the other faction can build Missile submarines and Attack subs

right now the game is at a 100% off sale up untill chirstmas then it is back at full price

P.S should i change the full price to $1?

i created a ship and everything following that do i get to the last screen shot? were it shows all systems and the ship in the shipyard like thing?

i got it my last question do i add systems to a custom created ship?? because i made a dread nought like thingy but all i could do is make the hulls and doors how do i put on the systems that make it work?

i want to start my own server..useing my own custom created do i start a server?

is this game still being updated?

here is a video of gameplay