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It's like FTL but multiplayer :) · By Spektor

How do i start my own server?

A topic by navy3000 created Nov 04, 2016 Views: 3,399 Replies: 10
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i want to start my own server..useing my own custom created ships..how do i start a server?

In order to host a server in this game, you have to open the TachyonServer.exe or TachyonServer.jar file inside the Server folder. When it opens, there should be an empty window that opens up. This means that the server is currently up.

Once its on, you just play the game, connecting to the computer running the server. If you are connecting to your own computer, use the address . Otherwise, if you are trying to connect to another computer or server, I would suggest using hamachi to host over the internet.

I'm on mac and how do i get to the server folder?

how do you know what the port is

i got it working..now my last question is..how do i add systems to a custom created ship?? because i made a dread nought like thingy but all i could do is make the hulls and doors how do i put on the systems that make it work?


There are some tutorials here:

i created a ship and everything following that but..how do i get to the last screen shot? were it shows all systems and the ship in the shipyard like thing?

what the sever id and port


You need the Gen ship tutorial: Here

can someone put up a step by step idiots guide to using himachi to host a server please as i am trying to host a friendly server for a few friends and i do no understand himachi at all it would be much appreciated.