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Try asking on discord.

Maybe someone there will be able to help you.

Other option - just google it ;)

Well, good news for us sci-fi nerds.

Check the dev log ;)

  • Technically this is possible.
  • To do this you need to board the ship, hack the Piloting system, go to the Crew tab, Claim the ship.
  • Current story mode, provided in the a0.8.8 version prohibits this(because most events are tied to the Falcon ship)
  • You can re-allow it by changing the model files of the piloting systems, in Server\models\systems\piloting\ folder
  • Change the NO_TAKEOVER=1 to NO_TAKEOVER=0
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I only know of one more or less public server.

And you can find the info about it on discord.

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You can't.

But you can change how they look, by replacing sprites.

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Once I'm done with the underwater version, I will do my best to make another variant of it - in space.

Cuz I'm one of you sci-fi nerds too ;)

Replied to vokoust3 in Help tutorial

You're a funny guy ;)

Try to do it like this:

1. Go to the room where you have initially spawned.

2. Scroll the mouse wheel down until it zooms out as much as possible.

3. See the ship that is parked above the station.

4. Go to that ship - that 's the one you need to take over.

5. You don't need to take over the station - it's not possible.


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You need to claim the ship that is parked above the station.

Hi. Best way to get help is to ask on our Discord channel.

Your med bay needs to be powered. Then your bots will go there to heal when their hp is low.

Replied to Crazeybull in Updates

You just run the server.exe(a miniature window should show up) or the startServerWitchConsole.bat (a console should show up)

And then you can connect to your server by ip.

Server uses ports (by default) 30303 TCP and 30304 UDP

This is not a finished version yet. But it is being worked on.

Final version will be not in space but under water instead. And it will be an MMO.

It's gonna look like it does now(mostly).

Just with new UI and new sprites.

AFAIK You don't need to have it :)

Just check out the link to our discord channels on the main page here.

From time to time I'm posting stuff on discord.

But it's quite rare atm. Because right now I'm mainly busy with refactoring the ui and attaching the new(underwater themed) images.

I think once I finish all the ui stuff, there will more to show.

I played it on windows 10 with no issues.

Can you pls provide some details on the issues you're having?

Run the game with the console, prefferably from cmd.

And post here if there are any exceptions in the console.

I am mainly focused on the development of the Underwater version.

As for the Space version - better ask the modders on our Discord channels.

You just run the TachyonServer.exe

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Check on our discord channels

Try asking on discord

Replied to LinLo in Updates


About the WIP submarine version:

I'm still working on changing the art stile.

No release date is still set.

About the space version releases:

I just released a new version for the space version. It contained an important bug fix.

No other releases are planned in the near future for the space version.

About the bandwidth optimization - this is the already optimized version that you are describing :D

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Version a0.8.7 - Release notes:

  1. Trailing mode bug fixed(essential for final boss in the story mode).
  2. (For modders) Modify ship event can now rename ships.
  3. (For modders) Sector_ships_present/absent conditions now have the ignore_class field, to ignore certain ship classes


Join the Discord channel for more info and help.


Starting sector is always the same for the default a0.8.6 story mode.

It's 12:26

Fullscreen will be fixed in the much later version.

As for your friend's problem - I can't really fix it untill I see it my self.

Maybe he's using fullscreen too, and that causes problems?

Also let him try clicking the cells that are right next to him, and tell me if his char does go there.

If you mean the piloting system of the station - you don't need to access it.(it's meant to be unaccessible)

You need to access the Falcon ship's bridge.

If you can't access the Falcon - please provide a screenshot of the problem here.

Thanks :)

Replied to LinLo in Updates

The underwater version is stil a WIP, but in the end it is planned to support other resolutions.

The fullscreen option should have worked for your resolution, not sure why it doesn't do anything - as you say.

I guess there must be a bug in there somewhere. :)

And you can't pass the fullscreen parameter in the command line yet.

But you can set the fullscreen to 1 in the Client\Data\GameData.dat file.

But from what you describe - I don't think it will make any difference.

Replied to LinLo in Updates

Did you enable fullscreen in the settings menu?

Replied to LinLo in Updates

Fullscreen is available in the current version.

Different resolutions will be supported in the later versions.

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As you might know, Tachyon is currently in the process of redesign into an underwater submarine version.

So here are some fresh images of the game's future looks:

Replied to Reavenbroke in Updates

Thanks :)

Well the possibility to own multiple ships is there - it all depends on the way the game events and model files are configured.

For the story mode I intentially made it impossible to own more than 1 ship.

And that is done for 2 reasons:

1. The story itself implies the players to have just 1 ship.

2. If players would have had more than 1 ship, then probably some of the event's of the story would break.

If you wan't to play the MMO version - check out the discord channel, modders that are working on the MMO mod, discuss it there.

If you wan't you can modify the model files for the Piloting systems and remove the NO_TAKEOVER=1 flag from them. This will allow you to capture pirate ships.(But if the story events break - it's your fault :P )

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Version a0.8.6 is out.

Release notes:

  1. Lots of bugs fixed.(Includeing the one in tutorial)
  2. Loading gen ships now support folders
  3. New ship class added Mothership
  4. Multiple event, dialogue and condition changes for modders. For details check the example.xml in dialogues and events.
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Yep there's a bug in the tutorial right now, to fix it you need to open the server's config.cfg file and change

Other issues I need to look into.

Check the server's config.cfg

there look for _WEIGHT_AMP

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Version a0.8.5 is out

Release notes:

  1. When a ship has no AI(meaning it's a player ship) and no online players on board, it will auto retaliate when being shot by other ships.
  2. Mob sprites are now also modable for all 5 races(Human, Pirate, Cyborg, Spider, Rogue AI)
  3. Race selection is now available on char creation
  4. Races that are available for players can be configured in the server's player_races.cfg
  5. Different races can have different start locations on the server.
  6. When you spawn it will be on one of your race spawn points, if there are no spawn points configured for your race then you spawn on default start location.
  7. There's now a new event to create spawn points for races.
  8. Ship AI now has a new parameter - crewless. By default it's false, and if it's false then this AI will only work if the ship has crew onboard.(Meanin if you kill off all the crew - the AI stops working and you can safely salvage the ship)
  9. Scanning a sector now also shows if there are any traders
  10. When out of combat your engines/HD charges faster, now it also depends on the % of poer that you allocate to your engines/HD
  11. Cargo hold classes are now configurable in the server's config.cfg
  12. You can now rearange cargo
  13. You can now change weapons order in the weapons control system
  14. After exiting remote shop you the comms page will be auto opened with the same ship selected.
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Version a0.8 -is out.

Release notes:

  1. Game controls switched from WASD to mouse clicking.
  2. Added Mob combat.
  3. Added Boarding.
  4. Added Hacking systems while boarding.
  5. Added Ship take over.
  6. Added Bots that defend your ship
  7. Added Boarder bots.
  8. Story mode Star map increased to 100x100
  9. Added EMP weapons.
  10. Added new AIs for NPCs and NPC controlled Ships.
  11. Added Sector scanning and Scan triggered events.
  12. Added hazardous sectors (FIRE, EMP, STORM, HULL DAMAGE)
  13. Added music
  14. Lots of story mode bugs fixed.
  15. Lots of code bugs fixed.
  16. Refactored network logic a bit, so it should work faster.

That is if you are playing the a0.5 version.

In the a0.7 version, by default there's only the story mode. And in story mode you aren't supposed to get another ship.

Replied to Xpali in Updates

Sadly, no.

New controls fully override the old ones and lot's of other mechanics are adjusted to the new controls.

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Run the game with the console(there are .bat files for that)

if there are any errors - it should show them there. Screenshot them and post here pls.