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In the currently available public version of the game it is not possible to add new races.

It might be possible to do in the steam version of the game which is currently in active development.

If you have more questions or want faster answers you might want to try our discord.


To be honest I have no idea how paypal handles different cards.

I can only suggest that if you don't manage to somehow solve it - save it for when we release on steam ;)

Well, current tutorial is temporary. And later on we plan to replace it.

NPCs don't respawn.

You can buy new ones from some slavers or from some trade stations.

There's a group on our Discord for finding players.
You might want  to check it out.


I'm sorry but I don't have the time to help everyone out when there are some issues not directly caused by the game itself.

When people are having trouble related to their Java version or to some other OS related settings, I can't be there all the time to help them fix it.

This is the reason why I always divert everyone to our Discord channel, since there are more people and chances to find an answer to your question are a lot higher there.

Try asking on our Discord.

True. There isn't.
I have disabled it for now. Since it has bugs atm, and I'm currently busy working on other more important things in the game.
But, you never know, maybe one day ;)

Hi. Thanks for the bug report.
If you would like to get answers to your questions (and more), please ask them on our discord.

You can force any resolution through the GameData.dat file.
But there might be issues, since the game is oriented for 16:9 resolutions mostly

Best if you ask this on our discord.
IIRC someone already did/tried to do this

Info about this is available on our Discord.

Better ask on Discord Modding channel

You need to destroy it.

At the moment, killing it, marks the end of the game.

For someone to be able to help you - you need to provide more details on what is failing for you.
Also to get more possible help - it is better to ask on the discord.

Hi, would be nice if you would post these ideas in the Brainstorm channel on our discord.


Suicide NPCs is a known issue, still working on a proper fix for this.

You can buy new NPC crew from slavers(the ones that are not hostile) or from some trading stations(they might have a guy there who has engineers for hire)

When you loose the Falcon ship - it's GG. 

You can restart the play-through from the in-game menu - Press escape and select Reset server(you will need to reconnect)


The font is not the best indeed.

In the final version there will be a much better font.

Run the StartClientConsole.bat
And post here if there are any exceptions in the logs

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Thanks for reporting, I'll check it out.

Most probably you have started your playthrough on an older version, and then upgraded to a0.8.11.

Then you copied the database folder from the old version into the latest one.

This would cause all random enemy ship generations to fail and result in all enemies having no weapons no shields and missing other different systems.

Also if you run the server with console, then in the console you can see if there are any errors.

Please try restarting the run, and keep an eye out for the console.

If you notice any error messages - please post them here.

Try asking on discord.

Maybe someone there will be able to help you.

Other option - just google it ;)

Well, good news for us sci-fi nerds.

Check the dev log ;)

  • Technically this is possible.
  • To do this you need to board the ship, hack the Piloting system, go to the Crew tab, Claim the ship.
  • Current story mode, provided in the a0.8.8 version prohibits this(because most events are tied to the Falcon ship)
  • You can re-allow it by changing the model files of the piloting systems, in Server\models\systems\piloting\ folder
  • Change the NO_TAKEOVER=1 to NO_TAKEOVER=0

I only know of one more or less public server.

And you can find the info about it on discord.

You can't.

But you can change how they look, by replacing sprites.

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Once I'm done with the underwater version, I will do my best to make another variant of it - in space.

Cuz I'm one of you sci-fi nerds too ;)

You're a funny guy ;)

Try to do it like this:

1. Go to the room where you have initially spawned.

2. Scroll the mouse wheel down until it zooms out as much as possible.

3. See the ship that is parked above the station.

4. Go to that ship - that 's the one you need to take over.

5. You don't need to take over the station - it's not possible.


You need to claim the ship that is parked above the station.

Hi. Best way to get help is to ask on our Discord channel.

Your med bay needs to be powered. Then your bots will go there to heal when their hp is low.

You just run the server.exe(a miniature window should show up) or the startServerWitchConsole.bat (a console should show up)

And then you can connect to your server by ip.

Server uses ports (by default) 30303 TCP and 30304 UDP

This is not a finished version yet. But it is being worked on.

Final version will be not in space but under water instead. And it will be an MMO.

It's gonna look like it does now(mostly).

Just with new UI and new sprites.

AFAIK You don't need to have it :)

Just check out the link to our discord channels on the main page here.

From time to time I'm posting stuff on discord.

But it's quite rare atm. Because right now I'm mainly busy with refactoring the ui and attaching the new(underwater themed) images.

I think once I finish all the ui stuff, there will more to show.

I played it on windows 10 with no issues.

Can you pls provide some details on the issues you're having?

Run the game with the console, prefferably from cmd.

And post here if there are any exceptions in the console.

I am mainly focused on the development of the Underwater version.

As for the Space version - better ask the modders on our Discord channels.

You just run the TachyonServer.exe