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It's like FTL but multiplayer :) · By Spektor

Can't launch game - crashes while loading

A topic by created Jan 01, 2022 Views: 237 Replies: 4
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Whilst attempting to open the jar in the new version 8.31, it renders the "Loading" text for a second before closing the process and giving up without an error message or anything. I am unzipping the downloaded archive file and going into "Client" and attempting to launch TachyonsCE.jar directly by right clicking, is this incorrect? It doesn't appear to be a systems problem. I am running macOS on M1 with Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_311-b11)

All assistance is appreciated.


try java 11 or 13

Tachyons uses lwjgl but doesn't bundle M1 natives, which means it won't run on a M1 macOS computer regardless of java version. Can you please add support for M1?


Well I know of several players that are playing on mac. So I'm not sure. But what is this M1 thing anyway?

M1 is an Arm-64 chip powering the next generation of macs that makes them run entirely separately from existing Intel i5 macs and means that a lot of software needs minor alterations to run on M1