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It's like FTL but multiplayer :) · By Spektor

Steam Version

A topic by E_Bagel created Oct 18, 2020 Views: 4,239 Replies: 5
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I saw that you had put free development on hold to work on the steam version. When possible could you link that someplace? I looked around a bit and didn't see the game on steam so I'm assuming it's not up yet.


The steam page is currently in development. We already registered the game on steam but the page is empty atm.

All news and details are posted on our Discord.

ik this is a year old but is there any sort of way to get updates without joining the discord? Just something like following the steam page would suffice

Developer (1 edit)

Sadly no changes in this area so far. The page is almost ready though.

How are you able to create a commercial copy of FTL? Arent there laws against it? Just curios.

Sadly i wont be able to join your discord. Is there a chance u could update news here aswell? Maybe a road map or something.

it's not technically a commercial copy of FTL it's more of a copy like when you make fan art of something someone made. it falls more under fair use  i think because it's more of a copycat image rather then  copy and paste of the original game