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Tachyons community · Created a new topic Steam Version

I saw that you had put free development on hold to work on the steam version. When possible could you link that someplace? I looked around a bit and didn't see the game on steam so I'm assuming it's not up yet.

Added the exclusion and it still has the problem with crashing as soon as I boot it up. It looks like a great game so I'm a little disappointed but at this point I'm going to assume it's a hardware issue on my end causing the problem. Older computer and all that.

I figured that it was an issue with my antivirus as I couldn't find anything wrong myself but thanks for the confirmation and the prompt reply, I'll see about getting it to work through exclusion. Thanks for the help

Hi, I tried booting up the game and the window appears to automatically close upon starting the game. I can never get further than the title screen. Also my antivirus claims to have detected a Trojan but I'm not so sure about the reliability of that as It's base Windows Defense.