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There seems to be a discord channel for Tachyon who's link was posted on the FTL forums. For everyone's convenience, I am posting the link to it here: https://discord.gg/uveVvNj

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I personally like that Spektor is trying a new approach to the art style. Even though I love the space theme as much as you do, I understand completely why Spektor is letting it leave. As he said before, it will help make the game more distinct by having it underwater rather than in space. And since this game is still early in development, it wouldn't hurt to change the direction of the game, as the community of this game is still rather small. I hope that the new artstyle doesn't drive away new players once its revealed, because I want the community to grow even more.

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I have school and such, but it does sound like an interesting prospect. Perhaps while im working to build events for a07, I could give you some of my work. I don't know much about actual server control, but I might think about it.

Replied to Spektor in MMO SERVER

I mentioned in another thread about this same idea. Perhaps I can get to work on that. I have good knowledge of how events work, with the Conquest mod that you saw earlier being an example.

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I could work on the events for the a07 MMO server if you want to move it up from a05.

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Also Poke, are you still planning on opening up your server? The more servers to choose from, the better!

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I might host a Hamachi server for the game (probably in v07 with some events made by yours truly), if anyone is interested. If I think it will be a good idea, I will provide the information for it in a different thread.

In order to host a server in this game, you have to open the TachyonServer.exe or TachyonServer.jar file inside the Server folder. When it opens, there should be an empty window that opens up. This means that the server is currently up.

Once its on, you just play the game, connecting to the computer running the server. If you are connecting to your own computer, use the address . Otherwise, if you are trying to connect to another computer or server, I would suggest using hamachi to host over the internet.

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I have built together the first version of the gamemode. It can be downloaded here:


There are many problems with this version of the game, but the initial idea of the mode is complete. I will try to optimize anything that can be improved.


Created a new topic Tachyon 'Gamemodes'

I haven't seen any event mods in the community yet, so I plan on changing that.

I have created a 'gamemode' for Tachyon 0.7 named Conquest. The gamemode is meant to be played with 2 or more players, although Im building the gamemode in a way so that it would be interesting in single player as well. There are 2 teams, the red and blue team. Each team has 3 different Command Posts, or CPs, that are marked on the star map. The objective of the game is simple, destroy all 3 of the opposing team's CPs to win.

Once Im completely done with making this gamemode (aside from glitches to fix), I will release the download for the event files onto this forum thread. If this goes well, I was thinking about creating a CTF gamemode afterwards.

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Is the server open yet? And what version does it use?

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I know there are already 4 xml files that contain most of the tag information for events and dialogue in Tachyon, but they fail to elaborate in detail what some of the tags and their parameters actually mean (such as the specifics of what types of server variables can be placed, and what the nonstop event parameter is). Is there a place I can look that goes into what every single parameter and tag means?