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It's like FTL but multiplayer :) · By Spektor


A topic by Poke created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 3,298 Replies: 23
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Offline until further notice

I decided I wanted to take some time to learn more about the game before hosting to make sure I can be the best Host. I am also very busy with creating a sound track for the game (which will kick ass) Sorry that it isn't up yet! I promise we will be an amazing server once we are stable.

Hey everyone! I found this game only recently, but noticed a Lack of servers. I Decided then that I needed to fill this void myself by making a new server. Enjoy!

Server Always uses the latest version

Server Times

As I take my hands to the keyboard, I hate the idea of a server only being online at times as much as you do, Believe me. I would love for it to be 24/7 but as of now I have no means to. That being said, the server will be online from 7:15 AM-2:00 AM (EST) Which I know sounds okay, but it might not be. That is currently Ideal times, but I cannot guarantee that the server is even online by 6:00 PM, or off at 2 AM. However I may have that fixed by next Monday (11/7/16) since a family member has an old PC that is not being used, and the servers are fairly light on a PC (That PC has nothing special, made in 200X.


1. Do not be a dick or spam in chat

2. Don't ask for permissions, they don't exist...

3. Keep a Semi-RP in the chat (use **[text]** around your chat for OOC)

4. Tell me (Pokeguy56) if anything is wrong or needs help! I'll be sure to get on top of any problems!

IP: Port: 30303

Please Comment If you Join! I love to see people joining, and it helps me Fix your issues. Send a user name!

Is the server open yet? And what version does it use?


Unable to connect.

Unable to connect.

Unable to connect.

I present to you, the Biggest

Nope, the database of my server currently has 474 players.

and best


(and onlyest) Tachyon Server!

I played on at least 4 different servers: My old one, my current one, the CBT one and one from another player to check issues / bugs.

Server Always uses the latest version

My current server runs on a0.5.1 because that's the last one which allows players to join later. The a0.6.x / a0.7.x series is strongly story based and thus unusable for an MMO type of server.

In case somebody else finds this threads and can't connect to your server, the address to mine is "tachyonuniverse.692b8c32.de" (Port 30303). There is also a automatic launcher: https://static-692b8c32.de/tachyonuniverse/

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1. Where is your server? I would love to see it, I haven't seen any others.

2. No need to be rude :p And it is hard to not be the best when you are the only one (I didn't see any others at the time.)

3. Thanks for posting your server, I am very busy with other stuff right now and can't host.

1. The server has been listed in the OP in the megathread on the FTL forums since a0.1.

2. How can you tell it to somebody that many things he wrote are wrong without being rude? I hate marketing bla bla so I had to write such a (rude) reply. I see that you modified the OP and all wrong information is gone.

3. As a server admin, you should always inform your (future) players about important things. If the server is down for more than a few minutes, you should announce that as soon as possible.

4. If you need any help hosting the server, just ask me.

5. I think the biggest problem is that the community is split into two parts: The megathread on the FTL forums and the forum here on itch.io. I didn't check this forum in the last 6 months and some / many players don't know about the megathread at all.

Thanks for the reply. I completely agree about the split server community. Maybe you or I could host a forum as a central place for server stuff. (Spektor is probably busy with all of the work on the game.) I would also love server hosting help, I kinda just hopped into this game and decided I wanted to host before I knew that much about the game as a whole (I still don't know everything). I would love some help hosting.

p.s. To answer your question about responding to false information without coming off to be rude just let someone know that, "Hey, by the way your server is not the only server, here is another (link) thanks!" I had no clue about the mega thread until your first reply.

how long does it take to connect?

It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to get to the login screen.

I joined your server, bought a free ship but nobody seemed to move! They all had seemingly player names and it was as if they were all AFK. I chatted too. You know the cause of this problem?

That's probably because nobody was online and a0.5 doesn't have NPC's.

Does anyone know when people are usually online? Whenever I join nobody seems to be on

I might host a Hamachi server for the game (probably in v07 with some events made by yours truly), if anyone is interested. If I think it will be a good idea, I will provide the information for it in a different thread.

Also Poke, are you still planning on opening up your server? The more servers to choose from, the better!

Very quick to reply on your self! Anyway, to answer it shortly, yes. I plan to have the server open before Christmas Time. I am currently busy with making some music for the game, attempting to solve the pixel art problem, and a very busy life outside of the community. Once everything has calmed down for me I hope to be able to host the server!


It would be cool if someone would make event's from a0.5 MMO in a0.7.

Then you could host an MMO server with the newest features.

I mentioned in another thread about this same idea. Perhaps I can get to work on that. I have good knowledge of how events work, with the Conquest mod that you saw earlier being an example.

If you have a good idea of how the events work, I would love to partner(?) with you. You said you could host a hamachi server (which is never good), I could let you put events into my server once it is up. I may (if I can) start hosting and let you take control for a while (since I am busy with life)

I have school and such, but it does sound like an interesting prospect. Perhaps while im working to build events for a07, I could give you some of my work. I don't know much about actual server control, but I might think about it.

I could host the game for you. I have no idea how playable it is on my strong server, but I could also run it on the tachyonuniverse one (which works as long as there aren't 140 inactive + 1 active players at spawn). All my servers are running 24/7 but the strong server will have a scheduled downtime this weekend because of a hardware upgrade.

Sure i'd join if i could!

Have you guys made any progress on making an MMO version for a0.7, I am going to create a version for jrb0001's server, but if someone else has already done lots of stuff I dont want to start from the beggining