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1. Where is your server? I would love to see it, I haven't seen any others.

2. No need to be rude :p And it is hard to not be the best when you are the only one (I didn't see any others at the time.)

3. Thanks for posting your server, I am very busy with other stuff right now and can't host.

1. The server has been listed in the OP in the megathread on the FTL forums since a0.1.

2. How can you tell it to somebody that many things he wrote are wrong without being rude? I hate marketing bla bla so I had to write such a (rude) reply. I see that you modified the OP and all wrong information is gone.

3. As a server admin, you should always inform your (future) players about important things. If the server is down for more than a few minutes, you should announce that as soon as possible.

4. If you need any help hosting the server, just ask me.

5. I think the biggest problem is that the community is split into two parts: The megathread on the FTL forums and the forum here on I didn't check this forum in the last 6 months and some / many players don't know about the megathread at all.

Thanks for the reply. I completely agree about the split server community. Maybe you or I could host a forum as a central place for server stuff. (Spektor is probably busy with all of the work on the game.) I would also love server hosting help, I kinda just hopped into this game and decided I wanted to host before I knew that much about the game as a whole (I still don't know everything). I would love some help hosting.

p.s. To answer your question about responding to false information without coming off to be rude just let someone know that, "Hey, by the way your server is not the only server, here is another (link) thanks!" I had no clue about the mega thread until your first reply.