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I get the whole copyright thing but the models beings spaceships seems essential for the sci-fi style of the game(The whole jumping from sector to sector thing). Why do you need steam to sell the game? If the FTL devs won't allow you to use the sprites if you want to go on steam. I'd say just sell it without steam. Or maybe find someone who wants to make models for a space game if you NEED it to go on steam. I have to say that I am very disappointed. I guess I will look at the game but I can't say that as a submarine game I will be buying it.


I personally like that Spektor is trying a new approach to the art style. Even though I love the space theme as much as you do, I understand completely why Spektor is letting it leave. As he said before, it will help make the game more distinct by having it underwater rather than in space. And since this game is still early in development, it wouldn't hurt to change the direction of the game, as the community of this game is still rather small. I hope that the new artstyle doesn't drive away new players once its revealed, because I want the community to grow even more.

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I can't sell the game at all, anywhere, while it has art from FTL. If I do, they will just sue me.

It's hard to explain all the details behind the descision to make the game underwater, all I can say - just wait till it's out, and then judge. Also I might release a space version of the game after the first one. (I also like the space theme very much).

Also, while I'm looking for the artist, I will keep making updates with new feature, and will be releasing them for Tachyon.

I understand you want to make money with it. You should do what you have to do I guess. If you can find an artist a space version that would be great though. Hope it looks a bit like FTL though.